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Announcement: The Sun Emerges From Behind the Clouds!

What should I do with the Keeper's World side stories?
Leave them as a Patreon exclusive reward at the 20$ tier.
41.64% 41.64% of votes
Create an additional fiction on RRL and post them there to give us something to read while we wait for you! If you pick this, please leave a comment with a suggestion for something to replace the 20$ tier reward.
58.36% 58.36% of votes
Total: 329 vote(s)

Yes, the title is cheesy. I don't care!


I didn't want to make a third announcement within two days, but after getting the email that my account was back up, I couldn't help it. My account is back, my books can be sold once again, and I can keep earning royalties. HOWEVER! I am leaving the Patreon up. I removed all of my books from Kindle Unlimited, in order to prevent another issue such as this, so I still need the Patreon to pad my income and keep my bills paid. However, I can be a lot less nervous about it, which is a wonder for me!

Now! I will still be taking a brief break from posting chapters of World Keeper on RRL, so that I can fill up the backlog to give the promised rewards to Patreons. But now that I don't have to be so nervous about it anymore, I can share the Patreon link with everyone :)

ALSO! I will be including a poll with this chapter! I want you to read over it carefully! Now that I am taking my books off of Kindle Unlimited, the Keeper's World side stories no longer have an exclusive contract with Amazon. This means I can give them away either here or on Patreon!

A note from karami92 Once again for the Discord link. Come talk to me and the community!

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