Okay, so I want to thank everyone who showed their support after the previous announcement. For those who didn't read the last one, I'll summarize it here. Due to some bots infiltrating the Amazon Unlimited system, a very large number of authors have been mass banned recently, including myself. Our accounts have been terminated, and we can no longer make an income from Amazon. I am currently trying to get my account back, but until then I am seeking out alternatives.

The first, and hopefully one that will see some serious use, is Patreon. Following the suggestions of a few of you who came to a new Discord I set up(link in the bottom note), I set up a Patreon with various levels of pledges. These pledges can unlock early chapters, a Patreon-only chat channel in the Discord, even the potential to suggest future systems, characters, and events! Of course, I reserve the right to exercise creative control, as this is still my story obviously.

I am not going to require anyone to pledge. This story will still continue to be posted on RRL, once I finish the five backlog chapters for the Patreon and can fully deliver on those pledges. I have just finished the first backlog chapter, so there are only 4 more to go!

A note from karami92

The Discord link is

In the Discord, there is a link to the Patreon, which I will begin posting on the chapters themselves once the backlog is complete. Right now, I just want to make sure that everything is taken care of.

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