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Author's Corner: Huh? Wait, what am I here for this time? I'm not writing anything right now! *looks at script* Ah, yes.

"I'm putting this not-a-chapter here for everyone to see the character illustrations as they are completed. Also, it gives me somewhere convenient to put them where I can go ooh and ahh."

 First on the list: Leowynn!  By Oracle 125. He does the lineart, and like a kindergardener, I color it in! 


Second up: Terra!  Also done by Oracle125 
Oh no, looks like Terra's been playing dress up with Aurivy again! 


Since we already got her picture, here's Irena! 


We managed to get Udona to stick around long enough to have her picture taken before she got back to bed.


Accalia heard that we were taking pictures, so she stopped by for her turn! 


Ryone was more than happy to stop by for a picture after playing with her daughter for a little while.


When we told Bihena she could dress up for her picture, do you think she took it a bit far? 


And here's Keliope showing off her brand new look. Last of the goddesses... or is it!? 


Once she calmed down a bit, we were able to get Ashley's picture as well!


Someone forgot to let Tubrock know we were having pictures taken, so he ended up being late...


It took a while to convince Tryval to head to the Admin Room, but we finally managed to get his picture too!


And of course, the set wouldn't be complete without the big guy himself, would it?


Last, but certainly not least, we put them all together for one big family picture!


Aurivy relaxing in the afternoon



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