Okay its time for the announcements!

First off, HoGW is now three months old. That's right, we've finished our first quarter. This public service announcement is just a means for me to catch you up with what has been happening. So first, the achievements;

  • In these three months, I have succeeded in putting out forty-three chapters and about 120 000 words.

  • HoGW has a 4.5 star overall rating.

  • We have reached an incredible level of accomplishment in terms of statistics. (Please check the fiction page for more details.)

  • We are now ranked 90 in the active novels listing.

  • We are ranked 88th most popular story of the week.

  • We gained two patrons.

  • I'd also like to think that my writing skills have improved in this time.

  • Finally we are reaching the end of Book One: Hatchling

However, despite our many successes there have also been some failings,  

  • The update times fluctuated

  • The many Tuesday issues

  • I nearly missed a release

  • Last month's side story release has yet to happen.

  • There have been no advance releases (for patrons) in more than a week.

The last of these is especially troubling to me. It means I have failed to deliver even though I made a commitment. I have no defence for this and my own neurosis is tormenting me on it. Mercifully, we are blessed with kind, understanding patrons. I will do my best to make it up to them. You guys are the best!

The main cause of all my problems is the fact that despite what I thought, I was not prepared for school. once classes begun and my workload increased I spread myself too thin and everything suffered for it. Hopefully, I've learnt from this experience and October will not be the same. (I keep repeating that so it would stick in my own head)

As for the side story release, that was intentionally withheld. Sorry! It is something sinisterSonnet and I decided on and I hope the reasons for our decision will make sense to you as well. The entire rationale behind the side stories was to provide you guys with an alternative look into Verre that was not as connected to the main story line. The first side story, "A Day At The Arena", was meant to portray the world of cultivators from a non-cultivating commoner's perspective and contrast that with a cultivator's one.

The reason it was held back is because it was not going to do the job we had in mind for it. Basically, it was not going to have the effect I wanted. Why? It's because we are in the Zebre arc. The main setting for the side story is the arena. The main setting for the current main story arc is the arena. Besides this, there are even more similarities between the two. We felt that it was too much and rather than add to what we wanted it would lessen the significance of the side story.

Due to this, I did not release it on the 25th like I should have. rather I begun work on Side Story II, which will remain a surprise for now. As a result, you will have two side story chapter releases this month instead of one. I hope this tides you over for now.

On to other matters, the update schedule has been officially changed. Since no one objected to the change, I went ahead and made it official. Those of you who check the fiction page often, like me, will see the new schedule but just as a reminder it is; Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

I am aware that I might have missed some things so forgive me if I did not address the issue you wanted. If you have any concerns please raise them. Same if you have any suggestions. Those are always great to hear. I will be stationed at my desk for the next two hours to respond to them.

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Tsubasa Raiko @Tsubasa Raiko ago

Thanks for everything I throughly enjoyed what you had written and hope you continue writing


LupineKing @LupineKing ago

01/10/2016 18:50:13 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for everything I throughly enjoyed what you had written and hope you continue writing

Thank you for your support.