Welcome to another year and another book of Heavenward on Golden Wings. It feels a little late to wish you a happy new year so I will simply wish you the best in the upcoming months.

And now, here are the first announcements of the year:

  • Editing of Book One is going well. Finding the urge to work after the holidays was a little tough but we are making steady progress. I can’t give you proper timeline yet, but I am confident that things will move faster since we’ve gotten used to our roles and the work (even with me working on the regular releases). Expect an update on our progress by the end of the month.
  • Want to help? You can contribute to the editing efforts. Do you remember any scene in the story that you felt was poorly written or explained? Was there a portion where someone looked or sounded out of character? Perhaps, I did not make something clear enough? Or maybe a grammatical or spelling error disturbed your flow? Please tell me about them. It’ll make Book One a much better book thanks to your efforts. Either make a comment under that chapter, this one or even send me a private message or email.
  • Regular updates will resume on Sunday the 22nd of January, picking up where we left off. Expect a new chapter on the evenings of Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Although the schedule may be thrown off by things like lectures.
  • Lastly, since new years seem to come with changes and resolutions, I’d like to try out some new things. You can expect things like discussion prompts and polls, much like we had with the release of Chapter Seventeen, Guile and Force. I’d really appreciate hearing your opinions. We will have these discussions in the comment section or on the HoGW channel on the Fantasy-books server. That’s right! HoGW has a discord channel. Check it out!

And now, a look at things as they currently stand:

Valerian has just won second place in the Zebre and his feelings of triumph are at an all time high. However, his talents have drawn attention, not all of it good. The plans of the Steelborns continue to unfold. The winds of Cragsveil begin to bring strange tidings, and shadows peer over the horizon. Valerian’s place in all this is uncertain but with each revelation, his eyes open to the truth of Verre and himself. His own weaknesses now known to him, Valerian resolves to gather strength. Can he grow enough, fast enough? He better. He’s out of the nest now. The real Verre looms ahead. He either learns to fly fast or falls to the ground, never to rise again.

On a whole, I’m hoping that the year 2017 will be a great year for us all. It marks a new beginning not just for the series but in my life as well. Only one semester more to complete my bachelor’s degree. For me, that means three months with which to prove to myself and my family that I can make it as a professional writer. I can only pray that you see it fit to help me in my endeavour. Any support you can offer will receive my sincere gratitude.

My own problems and aspirations aside. I am glad that we’ve been provided another year. Additionally, I am very grateful to you all for continuing to support me and my work. It’s been great and it’s just getting better.

See you on Sunday!

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Leafyeyes417 @Leafyeyes417 ago

Woohoo I'm sooooo excited! :D :D :D :D