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Hello everyone,

The year is ending and there’s some stuff that I’d like us to go through before that happens. Before that, Yay! Book One has ended and all that's left is book Two. Well, that might not be the whole truth.

You see, what we have is what I'm calling the first draft. Hatchling was fun to write and it just might be my best work yet but it is neither the best it could be nor is it something I can proudly put out on the market at least, not in its current state.

Becoming a successful author has been my dream for as long as I have understood what books were and how they come into being. I can’t wait to count myself as one but I really want to do this right. Now, I have got a draft so I am partly there but I need to turn that draft into a book and market it for it to be a success and for that I need your help.

It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a lot of work ahead of me. The editing alone... Thankfully, I have sinisterSonnet and the other guys from Fantasy-books to help but we aren't perfect. There will surely be things we'll miss and others that we might not handle to the best effect.

Besides spelling and grammar there is also also revision. Now by this I mean all the scenes, their portrayal, the characters, my style, etc. This is going to be the most difficult part. Personally, there are a few scenes I would like to rewrite and I know there are definitely some you guys would want me to work on. A few that come to mind are the "Hunting with Grandma" chapters. Some complained they lost some of their tension as they progressed and then became became boring. Another will be the fight between Valerian and Tirenael.

From what I gather, most were expecting a more drawn out fight. Apparently building the drama and suspense as I did and then ending the fight so quickly and clinically caused me to miss out on a lot of dramatic tension that would have made the entire battle much more satisfying to read.

What I am trying to ask is that you let me know of your complaints as well as suggestions for making things better. It's not just a matter of I didn't like chapter so and so. Please let me know not only the chapter or scene but also the problems or mistakes I made as well as what I could do to improve it.

Bear in mind that the story itself is not going to change. The plot elements (for Books One, Two and Three) were planned before I wrote the book itself and are going to remain the same. I just want you to go over how i presented these elements and tell me my failings and help me make it better.

Nevertheless, I am not only asking you to criticise me but also aid me in recognising where I went right. I have already begun writing Book Two. What things about my style would you rather I not change or would you like to see more of in Book Two?

I realise that I am basically asking you to review and comment on my story and yes that’s true. I am. However I’m asking you not to review the chapters but the story as a whole. It is not necessary to put it in the form of a review nor do you have to post it in the comment section. Feel free to send me a pm or email concerning your thoughts. I assure that I will consider each and every message seriously.

Additionally, I will be here monitoring and ready to respond to any comments, suggestions or queries you have. Feel free to reach out to me on royalroadl, patreon, fantasy-books or even discord.

Please help out!

Email: [email protected]

Discord: LupineKing #4970


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