Season’s Greetings Everyone!

This is a special announcement.

First off, Heavenward on Golden Wings will end tomorrow. That’s right, tomorrow. I will upload the remaining chapters together and we will finally draw the first book of the series: Hatchling to a close. Wow! This will be a first for me. My first complete full length novel and I’m glad to have done so. In addition, I am gratified that I get to celebrate its end tomorrow with you. You guys have been great! Writing this book has been great. Your comments, reviews, favourites, follows and subscriptions have made this a wonderful experience for me and I am all the better for it. I am definitely a better writer. This project has taught me so much as well as been a solace during the dark times of the latter period and I can saw I have grown from it and with it. Thank you all for your support throughout the writing of this book.  

Secondly, to celebrate the holidays as well as our six month anniversary (Yeah six months. My first major story is six months old. Who’d have thunk it?) and also as my gift to all of you this season I will be making a special release on my patreon page. For the entirety of Christmas day, as in from 12am GMT of the 25th to 12am GMT on the 26th all of the patron only materials will be available for everyone to read. But only for that twenty-four hour period. Ordinarily this will only include the short stories but there’s something more.

As part of my plans to publish Hatchling as a proper book I have been putting together some exclusive HoGW stuff that will only ever appear in the books and in my patron only content. That means that if you miss tomorrow’s event the only way you can gain access to these materials is to either buy the book when it comes out or become a patron. It bears mentioning that the materials are closely tied to concepts and events in the book and hold some insight (a lot actually) into the story, the world of Verre and what stuff I have planned for later.

As for my patrons, Dave and Stone Rose as well as any others that are thinking of signing up, don’t worry. I have not forgotten about you. The 25th is a day for sharing, gift giving and goodwill and so I felt it improper to exclude anyone or create grades in the “presents”. That does not mean that you will not get anything special this season.

Given that this is a holiday period, I will not be spending much time on fantasy-books or royalroad. This means that yes, you might have to wait a bit longer to receive regular updates. At least till the 5th of next year (I’ve got to chill as well. Then there’s spending time with family). That does not mean that I will quit work altogether. There’s a lot of work to do if I ever want to publish Hatchling and I mean to get started on that.

Nevertheless, expect my patreon page to receive bi-weekly updates. These will be chapters of Book two as well as any more extra materials for Book One that I might want to add. That means that any and all patrons of HoGW will the first people to read Book Two. Again, they will be for patrons only. This is your something special this holiday season.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Happy holidays everyone!


EDIT: Outdated Chapter. Due to the restructuring of the series, Hatchling ended eighteen chapters ago. This is Book Two: Nestling. There was, however, a mass release as promised and as well as the ending of the original Hatchling. Nestling, on the other hand, does not end for at least a dozen chapters.


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hao16 @hao16 ago

Woooo. At least one or two more fights where the MC can actually get a satisfying victory. That Tirnael dude seems about ripe for a beating. Hopefully its not another fight where the MC gets gimped in the end and attains a barely passable pyrrhic victory

Leafyeyes417 @Leafyeyes417 ago

At first when I read "will end tomorrow" I was almost shellshocked. I was about to cry. And then I saw that it was the end of book 1. Curse you for almost giving me a heart attack. >.<

Thanks for the free gifts (aka free patreon only viewing) and have a good holiday!

Leafyeyes417 @Leafyeyes417 ago

Currently 6AM GMT and I am unable to read the side story without becoming a patron. I can read the book one extras though.