Hello and good evening to you all,

I am back! Sorry for the wait. Even more sorry for disappointing you. I imagine that some of you might even be a bit angry (the abysmal rating I received in my absence and the near 90 place drop in the overall rankings made that pretty clear). I understand many have even begun to think I had abandoned the series. I'm afraid that is not happening. I both can't and won't do so. I would also like to thank the few who sent me messages inquiring on my health and condition during in the period as well as those who were understanding and reassuring. 

Honestly, I would rather just end the announcement here and continue with the story but I know that after being gone for so long and leaving you as I did that you deserve some answers explaining things. Perhaps even need them to move on. So I'll come clean.

I initially took the break because of a series of Interim Exams I had scheduled. However, once those ended, others begun. It seemed that with End of Sems on the horizon (they start next week) every lecturer was scrambling to pile work on us before then. I honestly couldn't catch a break. Following that, there was my grandmother's funeral. I took a week's leave from school (three weeks ago) so I could head to the village with my family for the funeral rights. Once that was done I had to play catch up at school to get back to speed.

Nonetheless, there is more. Let me first admit truthfully that I am not much of a sharing person. (Bottling is more my thing) However it supposedly helps. It would surprise you to know that I begun writing Heavenward on Golden Wings shortly after my Grandfather's final rites were held. I suppose it is a bit funny and fitting then that book one actually comes to an end right after my grandmother's funeral. For a while, I was not sure where my mind was at. I couldn't study or write. Thankfully, I can say that I am ready to continue and my issues are dealt with (Bottled, labelled and placed on a shelf in the cellar of my mind).

All that aside, we have reached what is pretty much the end of Heavenward on Golden Wings Book One: Hatchling. I will try to release a chapter a day till we are done. Again, I apologise for the last few weeks of inaction. 

The chapter will along shortly.


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Leafyeyes417 @Leafyeyes417 ago

I hope your chapters are better than ever! And maybe having taken the break was just what you needed to help it. :)

Thanks for the update and looking forward to the reactions of what the MC did. XD

Ade @Ade ago

Welcome back brother, i'm reeeally happy to se xou return :D

I have dreaded that you dropped it, but i know how xou feel...after my grandmoms death i was in kind of a ...stasis of shock...for like 2 weeks or so...i couldn't really learn or something like that

Be strong brother, and keep up the great work you are doing with this series of yours.