Heavenward on Golden Wings

by LupineKing

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural Wuxia

The world of Verre is a strange and wonderful place filled with strange, bewitching landscapes, hidden planes and daunting dangers. In the midst of this wonder and beauty is a harmonic anarchy. Earth and heaven lie opposed and mankind wars with itself as well as the fearsome beasts they live alongside. It is the right setting for myths and legends. Empires and kingdoms, heroes and villains, all rise and fall. Men, women and daemons compete on this stage seeking godhood, making names for themselves and establishing legacies of their own.

Born into one of these legacies is Valerian Steelborn of the House of Cragsveil. Blessed with keen acumen and remarkable abilities he steps into a world he expects a lot out of and it, him. How far would he go and what legacy would he leave behind?

Additional Tags: Qihuan / Xuanhuan, Magic, Politics, Cultivation, Team Battles, Multiple Realms 

Schedule: The update schedule is twice a week; Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10pm-midnight GMT. So twice during weekends and again on weekdays. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
BK I, Chapter One: The Magistrate's Grandson I ago
BK I, Chapter Two: The Magistrate's Grandson II ago
BK I, Chapter Three: Outstanding Talent? ago
BK I, Chapter Four: Clan Matters ago
BK I, Chapter Five: Essence Theory ago
BK I, Chapter Six: The Manifold Elemental Incarnations ago
BK I, Chapter Seven: Arcane Baptism ago
BK I, Chapter Eight: Harriers and Cluders ago
BK I, Chapter Nine: Complications ago
BK I, Chapter Ten: Complications II ago
BK I, Chapter Eleven: Left With One ago
BK I, Chapter Twelve: The Hope Not Lost ago
BK I, Chapter Thirteen: Commander Vorm's Visit ago
BK I, Chapter Fourteen: Commander Vorm's Mission ago
BK I, Chapter Fifteen: Let Loose ago
BK I, Chapter Sixteen: Contradicting Views? ago
BK I, Chapter Seventeen: ... Of Guile and Force ago
BK, Chapter Eighteen: Setting Out ago
BK I, Chapter Nineteen: Hunting with Grandma ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty: Hunting with Grandma II ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-one: Innocence Lost ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-two: Array Master of the First Circle ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-three: Hunting Solo? ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-four: Where Negotiation Fails ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-five: Blocked In ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-six: Widespread Destruction ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-seven: A Rescue? ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-eight: The Valley ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-nine: Into The Lair ago
BK I, Chapter Thirty: The Daemonic Inclination ago
BK I, Chapter Thirty-one: The Ancient Will ago
BK I, Chapter Thirty-two: The Awakened Legacy ago
BK II, Chapter One: Frightening Revelations ago
BK II, Chapter Two: The Steel Truth ago
BK II, Chapter Three: The Steel Truth II ago
BK II, Chapter Four: Motives and Drives ago
BK II, Chapter Five: The Zebre ago
BK II, Chapter Six: It begins ago
BK II, Chapter Seven: Wind Borne Troubles ago
BK II, Chapter Eight: Conclusions ago
BK II, Chapter Nine: Confrontation ago
BK II, Chapter Ten: The Wind Borne Cloud ago
BK II, Chapter Eleven: A Sporty Wager I ago
The Run Down [Announcement] ago
BK II, Chapter Twelve: A Sporty Wager II ago
BK II, Chapter Thirteen: Scattering The Clouds ago
BK II, Chapter Fourteen: Steelborn Affairs ago
BK II, Chapter Fifteen: The Exhibition ago
BK II, Chapter Sixteen: A Hateful Bow ago
BK II, Chapter Seventeen: Innate Phantasm ago
HoGW Returns + Explanations ago
BK II, Chapter Eighteen: Innate Phantasm II ago
Special Announcement ago
BK II, Chapter Nineteen: Grim Prospects ago
BK II, Chapter Twenty: Overwhelming ago
BK II, Chapter Twenty-one: Perspectives ago
Important Message To All Readers ago
Announcement: Here We Go Again ago
BK II, Chapter Twenty-two: ...Of Offers and the Lack Thereof ago
BK II, Chapter Twenty-three: The Stormhawk Summons ago
BK II, Chapter Twenty-four: When Before Your God... ago
BK II, Chapter Twenty-five: A Legacy In Doubt ago
BK II, Chapter Twenty-six: Gifts of the Divine ago
BK II, Chapter Twenty-seven: Dinner with Family ago
HoGW: An Uncertain Fate ago
Valentine's Day Special: Poems for Rebecca ago
BK II, Chapter Twenty-eight: Schools and Objectives ago
BK II, Chapter Twenty-nine: Strapping's ago
BK II, Chapter Thirty: A Decision Made I ago
BK II, Chapter Thirty-one: A Decision Made II ago
BK III, Chapter One: Richard, Richard ago
BK III, Chapter Two: Fitting ago
Announcement: Midterms are here! ago
BK III, Chapter Three: Fitting II ago
BK III, Chapter Four: A Lesson in Lethality ago
BK III, Chapter Five: The Tellurian Physique ago
BK III, Chapter Six: Progress ago
BK III, Chapter Seven: The Mercurial Orb ago
BK III, Chapter Eight: Cloudsteel Armour ago
BK III, Chapter Nine: The Man in the Shadows ago
Easter Special: The Epistle of Aganbar "Earth Scourge" ago
BK III, Chapter Ten: Leaving ago
BK III, Chapter Eleven: Grand Meetings ago
BK III, Chapter Twelve: Departure ago
BK III, Part II: Strapping's ago
BK III, Chapter Thirteen: Longhouse Four ago
[Announcement] Anniversary Celebration ago
BK III, Chapter Fourteen: The First Exam ago
BK III, Chapter Fifteen: The Pitiful People ago
Special Invitation The Pre-Open of Our New Site ago
BK III, Chapter Sixteen: Four Orbs ago
BK III, Chapter Seventeen: The Second Exam ago
BK III, Chapter Eighteen: Assessments ago
Invitation to HoGW’s Anniversary Celebration ago
[Announcement] An Apology From The Team ago
BK III, Chapter Nineteen: The Elite ago
BK III, Chapter Twenty: Team Selection ago
BK III, Chapter Twenty-one: Introductions ago
BK III, Chapter Twenty-two: Nine plus One ago
BK III, Chapter Twenty-three: Military Affairs ago
BK III, Chapter Twenty-four: Combat Drills ago
BK III, Chapter Twenty-five: Combat Drills II ago
BK III, Chapter Twenty-six: Enter The Lion ago
BK III, Chapter Twenty-seven: And The Winner Is... ago
BK III, Chapter Twenty-eight: General Cultivation I ago
BK III, Chapter Twenty-nine: General Cultivation II ago
BK III, Chapter Thirty: The First Commission ago
BK III, Chapter Thirty-one: Survival Training ago
BK III, Chapter Thirty-two: Camping ago
BK III, Chapter Thirty-three: Assessments ago
BK III, Chapter Thirty-four: Briefing ago
BK III, Chapter Thirty-five: The Siege of Valerian's Redoubt ago
BK III, Chapter Thirty-six: The Ever-present Danger ago
BK III, Chapter Thirty-seven: Valerian's Folly? ago
BK III, Chapter Thirty-eight: Meeting at the Barracks ago
BK III, Chapter Thirty-nine: The Skirmish ago
BK II, Chapter Fifty: Monarch Intent ago
BK II, Chapter Fifty-one: Auspicious Cloud Divine Body ago
BK II, Chapter Fifty-two: Valerian's Siege ago
BK II, Chapter Fifty-three: Curse Witch ago
BK II, Chapter Fifty-four: The Lady Bloodworth ago
BK II, Chapter Fifty-five: Unable to Refuse ago
BK II, Chapter Fifty-six: Dark-winged Vassal ago
BK III, Chapter Forty-seven: Farewell ago
[Announcement] Restructuring HoGW ago
[Announcement] New Side Project ago
BK IV, Chapter One: Home ago
BK IV, Chapter Two: Terse Talks ago
BK IV, Chapter Three: Patrons and Allies ago
[Announcement] Bad News ago
BK IV, Chapter Four: Steelborn Fighting ago
BK IV, Chapter Five: Ghost Goals ago
BK IV, Chapter Six: The Insulted Smith ago
BK IV, Chapter Seven: Secrets of the Orb ago
BK IV, Chapter Eight: Attunement and Artificing ago
BK IV, Chapter Nine: People of Shadow ago
BK IV, Chapter Ten: Lessons with The Smith ago
BK IV, Chapter Eleven: The Steel Heart Mantra ago
BK IV, Chapter Twelve: The O'be ago
BK IV, Chapter Thirteen: The Blood Rites ago
BK IV, Chapter Fourteen: The Problem with Blood ago
BK IV, Chapter Fifteen: Meetings ago
BK IV, Chapter Sixteen: Pointed Questions ago
HoGW's Second Anniversary Event ago
HoGW Anniversary Special: Relentless ago
BK IV, Chapter Seventeen: Lady Bloodworth's Gamble ago
BK IV, Chapter Eighteen: Trials & Tryouts ago
BK IV, Chapter Nineteen: News Gets Around ago
BK IV, Chapter Twenty: The Open ago
BK IV, Chapter Twenty-one: Two Witches and an Amazon ago
BK IV, Chapter Twenty-two: A Stand ago
BK IV, Chapter Twenty-three: The Sword Fury ago
BK IV, Chapter Twenty-four: Unexpected Aid ago
BK IV, Chapter Twenty-five: Spear Force ago
BK IV, Chapter Twenty-six Army Killers ago
BK IV, Chapter Twenty-seven: On the Fourth Day... ago
Please Help HoGW ago
BK IV, Chapter Twenty-eight: Soldo's Five ago
BK IV, Chapter Twenty-nine: Wynna of The Blazing Flame ago
BK IV, Chapter Thirty: Bhita ago
Announcement: No Book, No Launch! ago
BK IV, Chapter Thirty-one: Five Sacred Metals ago
BK IV, CH 32: River Hue ago
BK IV, Chapter Thirty-three: The Undying ago
BK IV, Chapter Thirty-four: Unveiled Deception ago
BK IV, Chapter Thirty-five: Reap The Whirlwind ago

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Amazing Cultivation Story

tl;dr - amazing! you won't be dissapointed 

Overall/Story - As far as cultivation stories go, this one is a gem. Slow paced, and not a constant mish-mash of 'Mt. Tai' and spoiled masters. It keeps an amazing border of making the MC an OP individual, without taking him so far beyond that there is no real challenge. All in All, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes cultivation or fantasy genres. Great world building, Great character interaction, something I'm excited to see on my bookmarks list.

Grammar & Style - The grammar and spelling could use work, occasionally words are left out of sentences. The punctuation is kinda off at times, I'm not entirely sure why the quotations marks always seem to be missing. Despite that, its easily understood regardless. The style however is great, the story telling ability and placement of info-dumps is appropriate, and even across the chapters rather than so much at the beginning.

Character - Great marks here, though many of the characters may seem unrelateable at times, since we are very spoiled at very basic archetypes in most stories. They are genuinely fleshed out characters, with their own pursuits and ideas, and not just MC background characters. It might change (as of book2) when he leaves behind his family, and the characters come and go. However, in the initial stages of his 'school/academy' arc, the character building has already begun. It's obvious the author puts in an extreme amount of work on this point. 

 As of BKII, C27 (July10,2017)

Update; Book IV Chapter14

tl;dr still excited to see this in my bookmarks!

The previous review is still fairly accurate.

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

Everything comes too easy.

The writing is ok but the author realy needs to get over how awesome the mc is. There's constant mention of this all over the novel where people keep prasing the mc like he's the best thing that's ever happened to the kingdom. But the funny thing is he's not awesome at all, most of his deciscions are just stupid and reckless and he treats those lower than him like garbage (family guards, his grandfather). Basicaly he's a spoiled brat whose every stupid reckless decision gets rewarded instead of punished. And the crazy powerups that just falls onto his lap  without him doing anything to earn them makes the power system hiariously broken. So yeah this one's a pass for me.

  • Overall Score

First Review lets see if i can do this right

ok first review im doing but heres what i think about this story without spoiling too much honestly i like it the author tells the reader(us) a lot we know the back story of the family, mc for me is likable he is intuitive but at the same time doesn't act like a know it all from reading books in a library all day by himself.

close family is fleshed out we know why his uncles are so close to the grandpa and by grandpa lives away from the main family compound at the same time the author is telling us this theres an air of mystery like who is the mc's mom what legacy/background does she have that the mc inherited, what happened in the past that resulted in mc being raised by his grandparents, grandpa is nerfed from birth due to a legacy he has what is it and whats the history about it .

these are just my thoughts if i hooked you in maybe give the first few chapters a read to see if you like it and thank you for wasting the precious few minutes you have on this earth to read this review

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A slow, but fantastic story

This story is fantastic.  The characters jump out at you and you feel their plights.  Grammar is spot-on.  Another good thing about the story is that the author takes time to fix mistakes after they've been pointed out. 


This story is slow-going.  If you are looking for a MC that takes a potion or is given powers by a god and becomes OP, this is not the story for you.  If you are looking for an intelligent story with characters that make real decisions with real consequences, this is for you.


I highly recommend this story and will be following it closely.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Simply put... my all time favorite original novel. I love everything about it especially the mc. I like how he is doing his best to get stronger to take care of his family and doing it for himself and not for the cold hearted clan. One of the best things about this never is that there is no freakin harem it. I'm sick of harems.I also like the no romance and only focusing on getting stronger. Thanks for writing this book and hope to God u never drop it. 

  • Overall Score

Probably one of the better cultivation stories

If you wished for a not fully human MC this story has it. enjoy it like a novel it is with pure entertainment that is supposed to be and you will like it, give it a try.

Im not a good critic or whatever as i read for pure relaxation, but i wanted to give author a boost and show the love for this story, it deserves a lot more attention than it gets to be honest

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A very good story. Don't take the less than perfect score as a defect. The grammar can be fixed and just because the style isn't perfectly to my tastes does not make this story bad. This story is very good. I devoured it and was very disappointed when I caught up to the latest chapter. Great world building, amazing characters and great explanations. The philosophical aspects are truly interesting and I am sure you will continue to improve both the story and as a writer. This novel is worth trying.

  • Overall Score

This story makes me think of "Invisible Dragon"

So, this story makes me think of "Invisible Dragon" (it is one of forbidden korean texts), but with cultivation...

Like how the author remind us again and again how his 8th year old brat main character is so much awesome.

Like how he succeed everything he does and its so much awesome.

Like how the tiniest of things tilts the main character or like his grandfather, like some elder saying his gramps got no talent whatsoever or w/e...

I like just kept reading thinking about all these positive reviews and was like...well where's the good part man...where is it...it's probably in a few chapters...and well sigh...you know the rest, I feel like I got trolled again... I just didn't bother to continue after the end of BK I.

At least "Invisible Dragon" was so bad that it was actually funny to some extent...


In short, from the many positive comments, some peaple obviously liked this novel and I encourage the author to continue for his fan base, however it's obviously not something everyone will like I guess.

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Close to professional quality

This story is a slow burn type, rather than action packed.  Personally, I like that but your mileage my vary.

I think that it's very close in quality to being professionally done. There are only two notable exceptions, and they didn't occur often.

1) A few times the author put in statements as if a narrator was reading and warning us of a change to come. Instead of letting something in the story itself warn us.  For example the line: What he did know was that this was the first step on a path to greatness and oh how right he was.

2) The author violated the show don't tell principle occasionally.

For style:  It's consistently high quality with good pacing and vocabulary.

For Story: As I mentioned before, it's slow build so right now it has just been character growth and we haven't had a chance to see any real plots get started. But there are plenty of places for various plots and sub-plots to take off from. So it's a good solid base, and we just have to wait.

For Grammar: I think I only noticed 1 spelling error in the entire first 23 chapters. The sentences are well structured. There were a few British spellings, but I can't think of anything that could prevent this from being 5 stars.

For Characters: As I said before, till now it's pretty much been all character development and growth. None of the characters given any decent screen time come off as anything besides well rounded. I especially like the Grandfather, his character has been really well done.





  • Overall Score

The making of bestseller

Honestly I must admit that I am immpressed the story only has 12 chapters but I'm already hooked.

The story is well paced , the caracters each have there own story and have their  persernality .  There is also action which keeps us guessing what next and makes our imagination bloom

The MC is a genuis , not OP he does have his own difficulty to overcome , whitch make us love him all the more.

Their is only one thing left which is updates ! If the author updates regurly and keep  writing to the end I wouldn't surprised if he got published and becomes a bestseller  ^^

I have alot of expectations for this fiction