Age of Enlightenment: Deception of Misdirection

Age of Enlightenment: Deception of Misdirection

by Ryhean Chron

In times of when the world around people seems ordinary, A good stable world. In the world of Atlas the world seems balanced as it is, but when plots, deception, and treachery lurks around the corners of the world it bring chaos and disorder. The talk of unknown puppet masters about bringing plots into actions to the world brings people of curiosity and selected people into the unknown puppet master's maze. Whatever treachery that lurks in the shadows the cause and effect of plots will no doubt lead to chain of events that begins with a Deception of Misdirection.

Author's Notes:

Book One: Deception of Midirection is my starting book for the series called 'Age of Enlightenment'. 

Theme: The theme in my series is 'change', the story is viewed through mutiple point of views on how characters developing to change as the world around changes. Having characters adapt and react to the situation they're on and how will they survive, getting knowledge that completely changes their view on the world, and finally how a person could change the world with power. 

Setting:  A fantasy world yet I've set the time period alike to the 17th century.



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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Tools of schemes and plots. ago
Chapter 1: Elis ( Curiosity Spreads ) ago
Chapter 2: Tricia ( A Plan Speculated ) ago
Chapter 3: Thomas ( Fire and Smoke ) ago
Chapter 4: Tricia ( In the smoke of things ) ago
Chapter 5: Rowlan ( Silent things in the fire ) ago
Chapter 6: Elis ( Troubling Thoughts ) ago
Chapter 7: Thomas ( Tempering Passion ) ago
Chapter 8: Ciana ( The winds; whispers and ideas ) ago
Chapter 9: Tricia ( A Route to Travel ) ago
Chapter 10: Thomas ( A Theory Thought for a Journey ) ago
Chapter 11: Elis ( Another Luggage ) ago
Chapter 12: Ciana ( Dawning Light ) ago
Chapter 13: Rowlan ( A tale to tell a person ) ago
Chapter 14: Thomas ( The Black Midst; Crime ) ago
Chapter 15: Ciana ( Plans for Goal's End ) ago
Chapter 16: Elis ( To Judge a Person ) ago
Chapter 17: Tricia ( Predicting the Story ) ago
Chapter 18: Thomas ( Stories ) ago
Chapter 19: Rowlan ( Meddler ) ago
Chapter 20: Ciana (Ears and Eyes) ago
Chapter 21: Tricia ( Scar ) ago
Chapter 22: The Traitorous Man (Hunted) ago
Chapter 23: Thomas ( Discovery ) ago
Chapter 24: Captain of the Seaway (Task Given) ago
Chapter 25: Rowlan ( A Secret Revealed ) ago
Chapter 26: The Former Ranger Knight ( Fate ) ago
Chapter 27: Ciana ( Reason ) ago
Chapter 28: The Man of Opportunity ( Moment of Chance ) ago
Chapter 29: Tricia ( To Live with ) ago
Chapter 30: John the Traitor ( The Pleasing Thought ) ago
Chapter 31: Thomas ( Debt & Dreams ) ago

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