Master of Learning (Book 2)

Master of Learning (Book 2)

by Raigner

Original HIATUS
Kite continues his adventures in leading his army. With a war soon approaching, he does his best to make sure they are ready for it. In his quest for keeping those around him safe. How far is he willing to go?
Inspired by Re:Monster.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 Beginning again ago
Chapter 2 Inventions and meeting ago
Chapter 3 More inventions and meeting the mayor ago
Chapter 4 Training the humans ago
Chapter 5 First signs of war ago
Chapter 5.5 ago
Chapter 6 Wayne versus everyone ago
Chapter 7 First dungeon room ago
Chapter 8 Test flight ago
Chapter 9 Giving a gift ago
Chapter 10 New pet ago
Bonus chapter 1 ago
Chapter 11 Things happening around the world ago
Chapter 12 Visiting the farm ago
Chapter 13 New teacher ago
Chapter 14 Haunted house ago
Chapter 15 Deadly encounters ago
Chapter 16 Bad news ago
Chapter 17 Planning to get Red back ago
Chapter 18 Gathering supplies ago
Chapter 19 Surgery ago
Chapter 20 New pet and skills ago
Bonus chapter 2 ago
Chapter 21 Nami's new home ago
Chapter 22 Elemental lords ago
Chapter 23 Spark of emotion ago
Chapter 24 Preparations and departure ago
Chapter 25 Taking part in the meeting ago
Chapter 26 Strategy meeting ago
Chapter 27 Visiting a friend ago
Chapter 28 Entering the raid ago
Chapter 29 An interesting raid encounter ago
Chapter 30 Losing control ago
Bonus chapter 3 ago
Chapter 31 Two stories ago
Chapter 32 An arm and a leg ago
Chapter 33 Damage control ago
Chapter 34 Back to work ago
Chapter 35 ago
Chapter 36 Terrified for the future ago
Chapter 37 Last peaceful night ago
Chapter 38 The storm ago
Chapter 39 Snapped ago
Chapter 40 Confrontation ago
Bonus chapter 4 ago
Chapter 41 Meeting the monster ago

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Despite negative reviews (that I did not agree with) I really enjoyed Book One. I was surprised to come across this, but am very happy I did.  The characters and story have a life to them and  that is something hard to come by. Only a little over ten chapters now, but cannot wait to see how it grows.


I'm addicted to game/RPG elements. It keeps me invested in stories and gives me tangible handles on which I can grasp this world that Raigner has made for us. He's mastered the RPG elements and refined them to be consistent and exciting!


My review is mainly based on the preceding book as currently this part hasn't progressed a lot. If I were to say something about this fiction then it would be that this heavily takes inspiration from re:monster and turns it to something almost unrecongnizable. The characters in this fiction really do feel live and the story consist a LOT of development with either the MC or his army's battle prowess. The actions of all character are realistic too. Though I am not good at reviewing I still reviewed this because of how good it is.


This is a brilliant story. So well thought out. Such diverse cast of characters. I highly reccomend this story to any true lovers of good worldbuilding. 


Two hundred characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!