Another World and I'm still rich?

Another World and I'm still rich?

by Katsune

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Harem
This is the story about Colin Tyccus, a Pro-Gamer who also has an interest in the Otaku part of Japan... Colin Tyccus is a very rich person due to winning a lot of tournaments with high rewards.
Now... He is transported to another world. How will he react to this world?
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Just another writer.

Word Count (14)
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0. Prologue. ago
Chapter 1. New Beginning. ago
Chapter 2. Training ago
Chapter 3. Visitors ago
Chapter 4. Magic [Re-Written] ago
Chapter 5. Capitolium. ago
Chapter 6. The Seer ago
Chapter 7. Conscription. ago
Chapter 8. Battlefield. ago
Chapter 8.5. Memui's POV ago
Schedule Change, Thank You and A Question. ago
Chapter 9. The Battle begins. ago
Chapter 10. The Bloodshed Begins. ago
Chapter 11. Defeat? ago
Kind-Of-important little notification for the people interested in the new novel. ago
Chapter 12. Natives and Rogues. ago
Chapter 13. Meeting the people. ago
Chapter 14. The Truth of the Ritual. ago
And another notification about a schedule change... ago
Chapter 15. The Guild. ago
Chapter 16. Meeting the 'Crew' ago
Chapter 17. Foundations. ago
Chapter 18. The first trade cart. ago
Chapter 19. Myth. ago
Chapter 20. Creation of the Sword Technique, The journey begins. ago
Chapter 21. Siege and Warning. ago
Chapter 22. Capital. ago
Chapter 23. The Fight and saving Vivian. ago
Chapter 24. Reunited at last. ago
Chapter 25. Memui, searching for Silan. ago
Chapter 26. The Project and Memui. ago
Chapter 27. Suitable Locations. ago
Chapter 28. Starting the trip. ago
Chapter 29. The next town. ago
Chapter 30. Tour. ago
Chapter 31. To L'Aminne! ago
Chapter 32. L'Aminne, First Day. ago
Chapter 33. The Commerce Section. ago
Chapter 34. Towards the last option. ago
Chapter 35. Hjalionia's Lord. ago
Chapter 36. Connections. ago
Chapter 37. Beginning the HQ building. ago
Chapter 38. HQ Building. ago
Chapter 39. Finishing the HQ. ago
Chapter 40. Names and Plans. ago
Chapter 41. Old Deals and New Expansions. ago
Chapter 42. Falling into place. ago
Chapter 43. Starting the "War". ago
Chapter 44. Companions' doings. ago
Chapter 45. Emperor's side of things. (POV) ago
Chapter 46. Usurpation. ago
Chapter 47. Project. ago
Chapter 48. The First Detachment. ago
Chapter 49. Management. ago
Chapter 50. Hold firm. ago
Chapter 51. The Wave ago
Chapter 52. The Push. ago
Chapter 53. Hello There. ago
Chapter 54. Now or never. ago
Chapter 55. Epilogue. ago

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 Sooo... I saw all these good reviews... thought to myself, Hey this must be a good story. If not, I can at least give it a try...

Starts out a little rough but that is okay, that can be worked on.

Then as the story progesses the problems in the story become increasingly obvious, and the author either does not address the problems, or feels it is okay to leave them be... 

Lets tick off a few shall we....

No depth.... literally, every character feels beyond passive. in a sense of, Oh that happened, okay. Or What I have to do so and so.... alright.

Then, we have the MC... who is hard to describe... he is a "pro gamer" who became a billionaire playing games... then transported to another world keeping his money... He gives the money away, en-masse, frequently.. like, 60 mil to his brothers and sisters each year as allowance or something. 

Then in the new world, he mimicks fighting he saw in games, and kicks peoples butts.... okay, I can deal with that, nothing major there.... Add on that he is also OP. Again I am okay with this... except he is Uber passive... Like, hey your soul can be enslaved and that is kinda a common thing on this world,  you should strengthen it. Okay, then he does not do that, except for like 8 hours....

Random battle where 3000 people fight against 80,000 battalions....... 

Big surprise, he lost... bigger surprise, they killed a ton of the enemy.

Time-skip, survived, mysterious ritual, found OP teacher.... Montage....


time-skip 2-1/2years later... He is not slighty stronger... I say slightly, because in an 8 hour time frame he went from level 1 to 20. but in 2-1/2years he went from level 20 to 198. 

Finally back on track, MC will start showing us that he is rich, what money can do. Awesomeness maybe?


1st thing, he sees poor people begging for money, saying their guild is about to be closed... sounds like they are either really weak or bad at business. (merchants guild)

What does he do? He gives them 1mil silver... because they asked for it... (from a total stranger)

Then, big commotion, people questioning where the money came from... what does he do..... 

He pulls out another million silver... to show he gave it to them.... How is he not robbed/killed immediately? or at least soon?

They make him guild leader... okay, whatever.... Big surprise here... Guild is loaded with debt, that he now needs to pay off... which, of course, he does.

Noble/merchant/thug person comes to guild, complains that he wanted the guild. demands he hands over guild? (really? this is legal?) AAAAaaaaaand....

MC kills him, and all his guards... burns their bodies....

I read up to chapter 17.... I could not push on further into this mess of a story....

I recommend avoiding it... I mean. Everything is 1-dimensional, and at no point did I feel like there was any planning involved in the making of this.....


I didnt notice any spelling errors but you sorry needs fleshing out. Its very bare. I dont feel any connection to the characters at all. Your chapters are very short. You could easily double the chapter length by adding it details and making the scenes with chatacter interactions feel more real.


Okay now this makes me dizzy.

Typically, I don’t trust bad reviews that often since I know the story could be good and better than what is depicted, as far as I love Isekai’s, I would literally read anything even it is cliche.

I do love the concept, but...

I feel sorry about my mind.

I only managed to pass through several chapters since I could understand whatever english it is, be it gibberish or broken.

What I dislike about your story is, it is too linear!

From what I understand, protagonist seems to be TOO overly passive. It’s like he had never gained anything from the modern world except for games and stuff. Gamers are known to be highly aggressive but this one? Naaa... I don’t feel the ‘competitive’ professional gamer who won several thousands of billions just from gaming from this guy.

I get it that he is generous, but to what extent? Even God has his limits on his generousity (considering he didnt give us humans immortality.). But this guy, oh boy. He is much generous than God.

I find it really confusing for people in the town to not to try ROB him. He is clearly showing his money off!!! Commoners aren’t passive people except if they are facing a nobleeee aaaaaa

Second problem.

Cliche, unoriginal script. Nobles abusing their power and demands everything knowing money could do anything. Please stop that, it’s becoming and becoming much unoriginal.

Alright, recreation of 300 except its 3000 against over a thousand enemies. Grand battle right there, MC takes part.

They lost?hejenshahbabw then they managed to cull their numbers greatlyahanamawkoqm

Third problem is the time skip,

‘Time skip? That’s fine, so what happend after two years? Oh, you gained levels, what kind of monster you faced..?’



I don’t know, there is no in-depth explanation neither a whole chapter explaining about it, or I am too stupid because every chapter is cramped and hard to read. It’s like every chapter is just an en-masse of words. Clusterfunk.

Pacing is too much, linear characters is not a must in creation of a novel and isekais require more work than needed... I am sorry I hope you become a better writer from this.


Great potential but need a lot of work

  • Nice opening, but story feel like skipping around. From weakling suddenly become OP and kicking people around.
  • Story become worse after MC saved, suddenly become strong with mumbo jumbo ritual. Another char show up and gone from begining, and useless guild member??
  • I have no picture at all about MC summon, maybe some ilustration or explanation is needed, give them bluebox would be nice.
  • I wont say much coz only read to chap 25, too confused to continue

This "story" is more a collection of random thoughts not fleshed out at all.  Think a list of ideas for what is to happen but the rest of the details are never given. Zero character development, zero reason given for how characters act, zero reason given for events that happen...

I like the idea for the story but as this stands this isnt worth the effort to read.


needs some work but promising

you have a good story but you rush it waaaay too much like i mean






chapter mc is a stranger to vivian next chapter they ar best buds with no actually character progression

so i would suggest taking it alot slower


Great start, with lots of promise and it looks like it will only get better.


welcome, and some suggestions....

this is very promising novel... i just advice to put some spaces between paragraphs and conversations so that it will not look crowded; it will also make it cleaner to look... thank for the fun by making this novel...


Overall it is quite good but there is too much drama together with cliffhangers.

I also do not like the direction which this story is going. It started rather light but it is turning dark. 

I had fun reading it but after some consideration after reading last (22nd) chapter, I decided to drop it.


I also think that the story has potential. Although, don't you think that the plot is moving too fast and the transportation his furniture seems too random.