Gateway to Nexus (Dropped)

by BurningBookworm

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological Romance Martial Arts Virtual Reality
A story about a relatively normal young man named Sebastian Frost and his adventures in a new VR world by the name of Nexus. Unlike most he has a definite goal and that is to prove that his favorite class is also viable in this new world. The class? Well it's a mage of course.

Events not of his own choosing, ends up sending him down a dark path of growth and self-discovery, one that he never could have predicted.

The mature tag is there for several reasons, for now it's a precaution, but at some point there will probably appear both sexual and violent content.
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I always enjoy a new kind of magic system

I really like this one. The MC is interresting - a little extreme on the females though (in both directions it seems to me).

I really love the way the NPCs and the world enfold their own charm along the story.

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Unlike most VRMMORPG's this one has a purpose

It is a good start, but only when the story gets more developed will it truly be able to be judged.

For now i have to say, great idea, i like your main character

and if you are unsure if you want to read it wait until there are more chapters

i like it and i think you should read it

The Iron Dragon
  • Overall Score

I’m not into magic-based character much but this really piqued my interest.The story is incredibly interesting and the main character is very likeable (never thought I’d say that about a mage )

If you even wonder what to do and end up here, try the Fan Fiction out, you won’t regret it!

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 Its very good. And good plot. Also this is my first time reafing a ff about the mc being a mage. So far its very good. Plz keep it up and release more

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 This little gem here is in the simplest form... Brilliant.

We follow our protagonist down the path of the arcane and sees the Author's brilliance when talking about the various systems of magic and the arcane.

The style is a nice descriptive one, and the sheer detail put into it is certainly a plus. The many different systems in the world is spectacular to read about and if you look closely enough you find small things that could be worth "investigating" or pondering upon. The style here also revolts around things happening between the lines. We don't allways see what the MC gets from a certain hunt or what he gets to know until the Author deems us worthy of knowing - which I really do enjoy as it helps keep the adventure exciting instead of getting some information and then working out what is going to happen, before it happens.

Story is the good ol' VRMMORPG where we follow our 'at-the-time' novice mage. The world build is well developed and detailed so you don't feel confused when reading the story. A well as the systems used in it helps make the story go round.

Grammatics are quite good with only a missing word in a context very rarely. I haven't spotted anything else and that - of course - is a good thing!

The character is well made with reasons behind why they act as they do. Though character descriptions isn't my forde so I'll leave this relative empty. Just a good should suffice. I hope... *hehehe...*

This story can definitly be recommended to read as it is pleasant for the mind and a good read! xD


For the Author: Keep up the good work mate! Love your story!


PENGUINS! Read this story!


All hail the Penguin Empire!


  • Overall Score

Wonderful, Keeps the Reader going

Got HW to do so I shall keep this short, 10/10 on every category. PS I VOTE FOR LIBRARIANXMC

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The complexity of the magic system and the dedication showed by the mc make this ff one of the best. I enjoy the world and character building. The interactions with ai also seems very fun to me. I hope others read this story.

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 I love stories about mage mc. Usually its kind of a swordsmage or something like that. I hope he doesn't go that way. Pure mages are much better. And your writing style is very good. So keep it coming.

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 I love how this FF focuses on his development to getting stronger but not neglecting interactions with other people and it's not some short or boring long details but provide a real feel to it. 


Keep it up! We all love long chapters and fast updates.

  • Overall Score

Is really good read something where the MC is a true mage. Keep going