The Deadliest Blade of Grass

by LeftArmOfGod

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strategy Supernatural

Our MC was a basic worker in a vertical farm located in Houston. A recent virus had begun spreading to plants worldwide, it’s transmission vector unknown until it was too late. On the cusp of a discovery, a food riot breaks into the farm and kills our MC. After being 'greeted' by the deity in charge of reincarnation and 'judged', he is sent to a new world. Due to certain reasons, he is brought to life with most of his memories intact. His life of being a plant starts now. Also, Chapters here will be posted slightly after chapters are posted at my self-hosted wordpress site, Check it out, I also have plenty of other ideas/previews I'm currently working on.


PS I'm back

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch. 0 – Prologue* ago
Ch. 1 - Soul Stream* ago
CH. 2 - What am I?* ago
Ch. 3 - Where am I?* ago
Ch. 4 - Planned Defense* ago
Ch. 5 - Painful Lessons* ago
Ch. 6 - What's going on around the kingdom?* ago
Ch. 7 - Phoenix Quest Rewards* ago
Ch. 8 - Back to Survival ago
Ch. 9 - Forceful Takeover ago
Ch. 10 - Bug Domination Plan ago
Ch. 11 - Domestication ago
Ch. 12 - Feelers and impending Disaster ago
Ch. 13 - Most Difficult Challenge Yet ago
Ch. 14 - I Can SEE!! ago
Ch. 15 - I Have Mana! ago
Ch. 16 - Guidance ago
Ch. 17 - The Predator Purge ago
Ch. 18 - The Departure and Confrontation ago
Ch. 19 - Epic Battle ago
Ch. 20 - Change in Frame of Mind ago
Ch. 21 - The Inner Mind ago
Ch. 22 - Mana Field ago
Ch. 23 - Tree ago
Ch. 24 - Fake Tree ago
Ch. 25 - Pets! ago
Ch. 26 - Settling In ago
Ch. 27 - The Forceful Winds of Change ago
Ch. 28 - A Worthy Sin ago
Ch. 29 - Lax Watch ago
Ch. 30 - A New Birth ago
Ch. 31 - Appraisal ago
Announcement - Will be back starting next week! ago
Ch. 32 - Questions and Answers ago
Psssst ago
Ch. 33 - Elf Village** ago
Ch. 34 - Infiltration ago
Ch. 35 - ????? ago
Ch. 36 - Mana and GP Planning ago
Ch. 37 - The Journey Continues ago
Ch. 38 - Fire Protection ago
Ch. 39 - Wild ***** Appeared! ago
Ch. 40 - Magic I ago
Ch. 41 - Uh-Oh ago
Ch. 42 - Dragon Appears ago
Ch. 43 - Is it the end? ago
Ch. 44 - Ba thump ago
Ch. 44 - Thrumm ago

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Story with good potential but fails to deliver

When I started to read the story I was gladly surprised. It has a nice spin to the tipical reincarnation stories. The world is built quite nicely and the sistem looks really cool. I specially like how he can grow points to buy abilities, body parts, etc. It reminds me of a similar story in this website that was really good.


Unfortunately, after 16 chapters, I can say that the story has dissapointed me. The mc for example, he is portraied as really smart, and throws around lots of scientific terms and all. But every time he faces a problem, instead of taking the simple, easy and obvious way to solve it, he instead always tries to solve it in a "smart" way, like creating some complicated substance/poison and using it in a really conboluted way that ends up being very ineficient. I really don't know why he needs to make everything so complicated. It's like he is trying too hard to look smart when in reality he is as dumb as one can get.


Another thing that I don't like is that the author always gets so engrosed talking about compunds, drugs, gene manipulation, etc. that he completely forgets about the story. As of right now there are 16 chapters out and the story has barely advanced at all. Every chapter is full of ridiculous ideas like how to use cafeine to manipulate some bugs and things like that, but there is no real development.


Also, all the characters in the story seem to be retards. Yeah, retards. Like Rose, who was about to obliterate and entire city/kindome full of inocent people in a tantrum, for absolutely no reason at all. And don't get me started with the gods. Seriously, I think it'd be dificult to make them look any dumber. Even the owl and the rabit look infinitely smarter than them. Their thinking goes like this: If the mc thinks about creating some new drug, they start saying "Oh my god! if he does that it will be the apocalipse and the world will be destroyed!", or if the mc thinks about creating a body to allow him mobility they again all go crazy saying "Oh no! if he does that it will be the end and the world will be destroyed!". It's like it doesn't matter what the mc does, no matter how big or minuscule the action, in the eyes of the gods it will no doubt lead to the end of the world. I bet that if the mc were to fart, the gods would all go like "Oh no, he farted! that means the world is about to end". lol.


All in all, the story could be a lot better that what it is, specially if the author didn't waste any time with those changes in POV and simply focused in the mc AND THE PLOT of the story.


I never thought I would enjoy a story about a blade of grass.

It looks really good so far, I'm hoping that this story can continue to be awesome.


Had to do an advanced review after seeing Osborn's review. Yes, this story is slower paced than most other stories on here, but it's only because the chapters are short and he goes into depth trying to build other characters other than the MC.


I like the general way he's doing things, but I wish that he would do MORE POV's other than the MC's POV. I like the style where the author intertwines several stories into one. If you want an only MC point of view, there are plenty of others.


I like the direction right now, story is complex enough and not just a general MC is overpowered and is now going to go do a bunch of stuff. The MC is actually struggling, and trying to live when the gods are against him. I feel like in the future that the MC is gonna be badass as fuck.


No grammar mistakes for the most part, one or two looks like autocorrect mistakes for mispelling, but usually only one-two spelling mistakes a chapter. No actual grammar mistakes.


The author might be biting off more than he can chew with the several different POVs, I think this will read a lot better when its completed vs when it's released on a sporadic basis. The differing POVs will make a lot more sense than, and it seems that's what this author is going for.



It is slower paced, and looks like it'll need ~100 chapters to conclude, so be ready for a long haul.

A more in-depth characterization of other characters would be nice



i read a good 6-7 chapters in but there are way too many POV’s a few every now and then usually make a story wonderful but as it is it’s about half of the Mc and the other half is various pov’s and drops the quality of this way down


Interesting in it's way

At firqt doesn't seem like much but gets somewhat more interesring as you continue reading hope you will post a new chapter soon ;)


The concept of a plant protagonist is undoubtedly an interesting, if unusual focus for a reincarnation novel. The characters are good enough, though I feel some of them need to be explored in a greater depth. The MC himself shows a rather self-serving streak for someone who had previously been working to save the world, but I assume it might be explained later. The style of juggling POVs between some rather uniquely motivated characters is also pretty interesting. All-in-all a story with a lot of potential to be tapped into!


While the idea of a plant mc is pretty difficult to realize, you sir, have managed to achieve it to a rather satisfactory degree. While the concept itself is interesting, the characters too each have their individual charm (quirks?) which give them a life-like quality. All-in-all, it is definitely one of my favorite stories. Hope you go a long way!

(That said, I wonder when we will get new releases? The absence of those are indeed painful!)


Give this one some love folks

i was bored and i say this one on the home page but i'm so glad i thought "ahhh ∂©∑ß it" i love this one so plz plz show this one some love so the author will release faster


Ahh very refreshing, nice lil plant story.  Maybe that because i like plants? Nah couldn't be.

The Spectator

dont let the name fool you

A piece of grass makes it self known to elves and gods a like. What would happen when you give a blade of grass a rpg system, plus 120 intelligence? Would he be satisfied with being like the others or become somthing a kin to the lord of all grass? In this story we'll read all about the exciting challenges our MC has to survive on a daily basis. Will he rise up to the occasion or would he be eaten a live by a rabbit? Only time will tell.