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30 years ago brought the first superhumans, regular people given great power seemingly at random.

15 years ago brought the paranormals, stranger and often weaker in their abilities, but far more numerous.

Today, the world holds its breath . . .

Or at least, it should.

Most people, though, are just trying to get on with their lives; some successfully, some less so. It's a sensible goal, but it can be hard when shadowy conspiracies and worldwide N.G.O.s are turning your city into a proxy battleground over world-shattering secrets. It’s bad enough when you’ve just woken up with superpowers and terrorists are holding your school hostage. It’s even worse if you’re an illegal vigilante stuck in the middle of the whole Charlie Foxtrot after a supervillain raid drops vital information in your lap.

For Hannah Eiling-Kingsford and Flint Perez, life is about to get a lot harder to get on with.


Outliers is a superhero story.

Okay, so not so much superhero as vaguely superhero-ish. It's about two teenagers dealing with, among other things, new powers, psycho exes, mysterious datapads and a giant, secret war between the foremost powers-that-be, over information that could forever change the world. Again. You know, normal teenage stuff.

Outliers contains some foul language and mild sexual references. It is a complete story, and can also be read on its own website. If you enjoy the story, please consider writing a review, either here or on WebFictionGuide, or just drop a vote for it on Topwebfiction. Any and all support is appreciated, and comments, questions and critiques are all expected and encouraged.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Never Lose | 1-I: Look Far Ahead ago
1-II: Movin' To The Top ago
1-III: Focused On The Front ago
1-IV: Never Lose ago
1-Vignette: Put It All Behind Us ago
Chapter Two: Wake Up And Smell The Ashes | 2-I: Wake Up ago
2-II: In The Flesh ago
2-III: That Time Again ago
2-IV: The Illusion Of Free Choice ago
2-V: Smell The Ashes ago
2-Vignette: On The Job ago
Chapter Three: Back In Black | 3-I: Glad To Be Back ago
3-II: With The Gang ago
3-III: Hanging About ago
3-IV: Push Your Luck ago
3-V: Hit The Sack ago
3-Vignette: Looking At The Sky ago
Chapter Four: If You Have To Shoot, Shoot; Don't Talk | 4-I: If You Have To Shoot ago
4-II: Two Types Of People ago
4-III: A Priest Or A Bandit ago
4-IV: Miss Very Well ago
4-V: A Rope Around Your Neck ago
4-Vignette: Kill Yourself Working ago
Chapter Five: Calling And Not Calling My Ex | 5-I: Where The Light's Even And Bright ago
5-II: She Was Once Mine ago
5-III: Watch You From A Distance ago
5-IV: Go Knock Them Dead ago
5-Vignette: Just Like It Hasn't Been Three Years ago
Chapter Six: No Capes | 6-I: Never Look Back ago
6-II: No Capes ago
6-III: Luck Favors The Prepared ago
6-IV: Confront The Problem ago
6-V: Words Are Useless ago
6-Vignette: Stupid Little Stick Figures ago
Chapter Seven: Crash The Party | 7-I: Trying So Hard ago
7-II: Crash The Party ago
7-III: Burn Holes In The Carpets ago
7-IV: Sullied Clothes And A Sullen Frown ago
7-V: The Picture Of Urbanity ago
7-VI: Never Put Much Stock In Suavity ago
7-Vignette: Not The Prettiest Girl In Town ago
Chapter Eight: I Think We Can Put Our Differences Behind Us ago
8-II: How Have You Been ago
8-III: Have I Lied To You? ago
8-IV: Here Are The Test Results ago
8-Vignette: The Pride of [Subject Hometown Here] ago
Chapter Nine: To My Enemies | 9-I: Talk Is Cheap ago
9-II: Did You Know ago
9-III: To Slit My Throat ago
9-IV: To My Enemies ago
9-V: If My Blood Bleeds Blue ago
9-VI: So Wrong It's Right ago
9-Vignette: Back Into Your Life ago
Chapter Ten: There's No Greys | 10-I: You Had All The Fun ago
10-II: I Aten't Dead ago
10-III: Not With Magic ago
10-IV: Take It From Me ago
10-V: What It Isn't For ago
10-Vignette: Never Claimed To Be Nice ago
Chapter Eleven: Absent Friends | 11-I: A Final Smoke ago
11-II: Before The Killing ago
11-III: The Great Escape ago
11-IV: Absent Friends ago
11-Vignette: The First One Clean ago
Chapter Twelve: Just Because You're Paranoid | 12-I: Too Pretty To Die ago
12-II: Just Because You're Paranoid ago
12-III: Too Stubborn To Die ago
12-IV: About To Eat Your Face ago
12-V: A Crusade Against Stupid ago
12-Vignette: An Invisible Demon ago
Chapter Thirteen: Perfectly Perfect | 13-I: Perfectly Perfect ago
13-II: Until Things Get Too Hot ago
13-III: My Dreams Are Ever So Tempting ago
13-IV: Except When I'm Not ago
13-V: The More You Think That You're Right ago
13-VI: Chances Are That You're Probably Wrong ago
13-Vignette: Chances Are That Our Love Is Now Utterly Thoroughly Shot ago
Chapter Fourteen: Doors Are For People With No Imagination | 14-I: What Does It Take ago
14-II: Plans Are Like Buses ago
14-III: Murder, Conspiracy To Commit Murder And, I Don’t Know, Possibly Littering ago
14-IV: You Can Only Anticipate What Someone Is Going To Do If You Know Exactly What That Someone Has Just Done. ago
14-V: Every Solution To Every Problem Is Simple. ago
14-VI: There Is No Such Thing As Winning Or Losing. ago
14-VII: Don't Be Jealous Of My Genius. ago
14-VIII: Tides Do What Tides Do. ago
14-IX: Doors Are For People With No Imagination. ago
14-X: I Told You What It Is, It’s A Horrible Monster. ago
14-XI: It’s The Distance Between The Two Where The Mystery Lies. ago
14-Vignette: They Like Surprises. Almost Always. ago
14-Vignette 2: The Only Currency Worth Anything Is Being True To Yourself. ago
Chapter Fifteen: When They Fight, They Fight | 15-I: Too Much Too Soon ago
15-II: Just Can’t Let It Go. ago
15-III: When They Fight. ago
15-IV: Too Little Too Late. ago
15-V: The Words They Come To You. ago
15-VI: There'll Be No-One There. ago
15-VII: And When They Come Home. ago
15-VIII: At Night They Sing. ago
15-IX: In The Rain. ago
15-Vignette: And When It All Comes Crashing Down. ago
Chapter Sixteen: There's No Place Like Home. ago
16-II: Lions And Tigers And Bears. ago
16-III: A Place Where There Isn’t Any Trouble. ago
16-IV: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore. ago
16-V: Miss You Most Of All. ago
16-Vignette ago
Chapter Seventeen: You Ain't No Good ago
17-II: Comin' For You. ago
17-III: Don’t Owe You A Thing. ago
17-IV: Losin’ The Race. ago
17-V: You Ain’t No Good. ago
17-Vignette: I Will Lie. ago
Chapter Eighteen: A More Wretched Hive Of Scum & Villainy | 18-I: Who’s The More Foolish? ago
18-II: A More Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy. ago
18-III: Not The Droids You're Looking For. ago
18-IV: The Fool, Or The Fool That Follows. ago
18-V: A Name I Haven’t Heard. ago
18-VI: Not Worth The Effort. ago
18-VII: If You Strike Me Down. ago
18-VIII: From A Certain Point Of View. ago
18-IX: More Powerful Than You Could Possibly Imagine. ago
18-X: Move Along. ago
18-Vignette: Millions Of Voices. ago
Chapter Nineteen: Escape | 19-I: Where We’ll Plan Our Escape. ago
19-II: If You Have Half A Brain. ago
19-III: Cut Through All This Red Tape. ago
19-IV: That You've Looked For. ago
19-V: Getting Caught In The Rain. ago
19-VI: Same Old Dull Routine. ago
19-VII: Nobody’s Poet. ago
19-VIII: Write To Me, And Escape. ago
19-Vignette: Tired Of My Lady. ago
Chapter Twenty: Be Prepared. | 20-I: Stick With Me. ago
20-II: Your Powers Of Retention. ago
20-III: To Die For. ago
20-IV: The Murkiest Scam. ago
20-V: As Far As Brains Go. ago
20-VI: Can’t Be Caught Unawares. ago
20-VII: Run Away, And Never Return. ago
20-VIII: King Undisputed. ago
20-IX: Surrounded By Idiots. ago
20-X: The Lights Are Not All On Upstairs. ago
20-XI: There Will Be A King. ago
20-Vignette: A Marvelous Surprise. ago
20-Vignette|2: Be Prepared ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Fly, You Fools | 21-I: Too Great And Terrible To Imagine. ago
21-II: You Cannot Pass ago
21-III: Throw Yourself In Next Time. ago
21-IV: Fly, You Fools. ago
21-Vignette: Many That Live. ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Stop, I'm Already Dead | 22-I: Following The Railroad Tracks ago
22-II: To The Brain. ago
22-III: I'm Already Dead. ago
22-IV: Maybe We Can Die There. ago
22-Vignette: Mother She Said ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: To Stand Up To Our Friends | 23-I: The Darkest Of Times ago
23-II: Caution With Our Curiosity. ago
23-III: It Is The Unknown We Fear. ago
23-IV: Far More Than Our Abilities. ago
23-V: What We Truly Are. ago
23-VI: Care So Much. ago
23-VII: Foolish And Forgetful ago
23-VIII: Pity The Dead. ago
23-IX: The Well-Organised Mind. ago
23-X: To Stand Up To Our Friends. ago
23-Vignette: Our Choices. ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Nobody Speak | 24-I: Flame Your Crew. ago
24-II: I Am Death. ago
24-III: Blocked, Shipped Out, And Bought. ago
24-IV: End A Conversation. ago
24-V: Nobody Get Choked. ago
24-VI: Murderers Try To Hurt Us. ago
24-VII: Face The Flame. ago
24-Vignette: I Am Sick. ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Brand New Day | 25-I: Not A Good Sound. ago
25-II: All The Times That You Beat Me Unconscious. ago
25-III: Crazy Random Happenstance. ago
25-IV: Listen, Honestly, I'll Live. ago
25-V: See You In The Aftermath. ago
25-VI: The Future’s So Bright. ago
25-VII: Why’d She Have To Talk To Me Now? ago
25-VIII: How I Hesitated. ago
25-Vignette: Treating The Symptom. ago
25-Vignette | 2: Brand New Day. ago
END ago
Postscript ago

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I haven't caught up to the recent chapter yet, but I just want to say that so far it's been a pretty great story. It reminds me a lot of the novel parahumans, similar premise and very well designed characters :P


Was reading this on your blog before I found it here, and am happy to leave a quick 'review'!


I do enjoy the super power genre, as some in the genre are the best web novels out there. This one is in my top for the genre, and pretty high up overall for web novels.


I really enjoy Hannah's story and character a lot, what with the voice-hannah talking with her,  and at first I was disappointed every time the POV switched back to Flint. However, as time went on, he and the side characters associated mostly with him grew on me as well. The character development and interaction overall is really good, keeps you interested in the story and how they will affect and be affected by it. My only real gripe is that it seems like there are too many characters to remember XD. For a while I had trouble remembering all the outliers, with them being called by their real names and powered names. In the end it's not that big of a deal tho.


Sorry this is just a simple review, but I don't know much about reviewing and stuff.

Keep up the good work!


Superpowers define this story’s world. The official, registered superheroes are corporate and not always very nice people. The day to day dirty work of hero-ing is done by super-powered vigilantes who thumb their noses at things like rules and regulations as they go toe to toe with equally super-powered bad guys while attempting to operate under the radar. The story kicks off with Skew and his band of merry men and women as they charge in to shut down a super-villainous operation and wind up in deeper than they anticipated, in more ways than one.

Skew and his gang are in their late teens/early twenties and are big on quick and clever repartee with a healthy dose of snark, which I expected and find entertaining. But the more I read, the more impressed I am by a sense of depth—characters and their relationships with each other are gradually revealed to be more complex than the surface wittiness of the first few installments immediately leads you to believe.

The story jumps in feet-first, but it’s more than just action. The fight scenes add up to something greater than the sum of their parts—there’s a real sense of a multi-layered plot gradually coming together, with you the reader figuring out what’s going on right along with the characters. The exposition necessary to setting up the world and the characters is delivered in an entertaining voice and offered in bite-sized pieces that don't slow down the action. Additional outright exposition is presented in clever and entertaining standalone "miscellany" interludes. Similarly, character-developing and relevant backstory-revealing flashbacks are presented in intermittent vignettes.

Overall, Outliers is a fast-reading romp through a well-developed world populated by interesting characters, a truly enjoyable story.


DC comics eat your heart out.

At first I was scepticle as I've seen the super powers line done to death as most everyone has I presume, usually its soo bad that it become a pain to read but I was plesantly surprised by the quality and overall reach of the plot and characters.

I seriously like the fully fleshed out characters personalities and backstory that you get glimpses of in the side chapters, and I cannot wait to see what turned Edith crazy or was she always like that...

Anyway you broke my expectations in a highly gratifying way and for that thank you, I hope to read more of your work.

~Twisted (A.K.A. Your freindly neighbourhood leecher)


read.it. -nuf said


Good superhero book

Reviewed at: Postscript

This one was fascinating.

It's probably my third favorite superhero webfiction, after Worm and The Super Powered series.   

Good characters, good variation, good action to keep us reading.


I'm annoyed at the end of the book, because I feel as if the story isn't done, but when you finish the book and want more, that's not a particularly effective critique of the book, just a demand for the author to give you more stuff

I'd be happy to read it though.