The Demon and the Princess

by Necamijat

Original HIATUS Drama Fantasy Romance Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

When the Great War ends, and one side asks for a Royal Marriage, Sophia's world turns upside down in a day as she's married off to an important Demon noble.
What will she encounter in the lands of the Demons? What will happen when cultures clash and prejudice causes discord? Lastly, how will she find happiness as the wife of a Demon, if such a thing is even possible?

Cover art: ngt (base picture) Kyleli (finalised).

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume I, Prologue: The Treaty of Highpass ago
Volume I, Chapter 1: The Arrival ago
Volume I, Chapter 2: The Church of Light ago
Volume I, Chapter 3: The White Princess ago
Volume I, Chapter 4: The Choice ago
Volume I, Chapter 5: The Red Wedding ago
Volume I, Chapter 6: The Goblet of Fire ago
Chapter 7: The Royal Gardens ago
Chapter 8: The Dance with the Demon ago
Chapter 9: The Night Watch ago
Chapter 10: The Morning After ago
Chapter 11: The Language Barrier ago
Chapter 12: The Road Home ago
Chapter 13: The Arrival of Two ago
Chapter 14: A Welcoming Party ago
Chapter 15: A Small Meal ago
Chapter 16: A Tour Guide ago
Chapter 17: A Night Sky ago
Chapter 18: A Breakfast for One ago
Chapter 19: A New Dawn ago
Chapter 20: A Humble Beginning ago
Chapter 21: A Tired Mind ago
Chapter 22: A Chipped Horn ago
Chapter 23: A Question with an Answer ago
Chapter 24: A Tingling Sensation ago
Chapter 25: A Daily Ritual ago
Chapter 26: A Training Regimen ago
Author Announcement 1 ago
Chapter 27: A Summoning Letter ago
Chapter 28: Word of Travel ago
Chapter 29: Royal Blood ago
Chapter 30: Road to Capital ago
Chapter 31: Legends Only Tell ago
Chapter 32: What Lurks ago
Chapter 33: Joys of Travel ago
Chapter 34: Cold Welcome ago
Chapter 35: Guild Dinner ago
Chapter 36: Old Friends ago
Chapter 37: Green Horn ago
Chapter 38: Hallways ago
Chapter 39: Introductions ago
Chapter 40: Lilinlord ago
Chapter 41: Offer ago
Chapter 42: Pictures ago
Chapter 43: Missing ago
Chapter 44: Meeting ago
Chapter 45: Discipline ago
Chapter 46: Doubts ago
Chapter 47: Answers ago
Chapter 48: Rituals ago
Chapter 49: Darkness ago
Chapter 50: Mark ago
Chapter 51: Invited ago
Chapter 52: Dressing Up ago
Chapter 53: Nostalgia ago
Author Announcement 2 ago
Chapter 54: Special Guests ago
Chapter 55: (Non)Impressionable ago
Chapter 56: An unpresentable Present ago
Chapter 57: A Light Firefight ago
Chapter 58: Father's Folly ago
Chapter 59: Escalation ago
Chapter 60: Climax ago
Chapter 61: Mending ago
Volume II, Chapter 1: New Territory ago
Volume II, Chapter 2: Brief Farewells ago
Volume II, Chapter 3: New Discoveries ago
Volume II, Chapter 4: New Resolve ago
Volume II, Chapter 5: Leaps and Bounds ago
Volume II, Chapter 6: The Circle of Elders ago
Volume II, Chapter 7: Revelations ago
Volume II, Chapter 8: Bonds Bent ago
Volume II, Chapter 9: Customs and Custody ago
Volume II, Chapter 10: There and Back Again ago
Volume II, Chapter 11: Gut Instincts ago
Volume II, Chapter 12: Misconceptions ago
Volume II, Chapter 13: Bitten ago
Volume II, Chapter 14: Initiative ago
Volume II, Chapter 15: Morning Blues ago

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love it keep it going

the only issue i have is the short chapters, but you make up for it in releases

  • Overall Score

 Really good for a start. Descriptions are very detailed and the scenes flow like magic. Put simply as a prologue this has a high potential and its impossible to not get absorbed into the story. Characters are also well fleshed out and you can sense the individuality in both the main characters. Side characters arent really as well described but overall its excellent. Very few grammar mistakes I havent seen any to take note of yet. Hopefully this standard is kept and im cheering on for the author! Keep it up!

  • Overall Score

Good old story-telling

I like it.


No fuss, complicated plot, technicalities, cultivation, zombies, skill points.


Just good old story-telling.

  • Overall Score

Demons, carnivorous vegetables and plant imps. 'Nuff said.

  • Overall Score

So far one of my favorite stories on RR, its fun, interesting, and fresh. I'm hoping it will be more slice of life, romance with cultural exploration and a hint of adventure.

  • Overall Score

Has a good start and a lot of potential!

This is definitly a story i reccomand to read. If you like "the blue mage raised by dragens" then you will definitly enjoy this as well.


Good job author, keep going. big thumbs up

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bitter sweet and delicious

Starting this i didnt know what to expect, nor' was i hopefull.  But this was a gem, sweet like vanilla with a bitter dark chocolate setting.  I, personally loved this story nothing cliche 'though cliche's arn't bad' it was a breath od fresh air.  I loved how you aproched the whole racial bias in such splendor, and i don't much care for 'sex' in novels, but you made it work.  i give it A+ 9.9/10.  i recammend it to any curious lurkers.  Well thats my terrable attempt at a reveiw.

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This is a review for this fiction

RoyalRoadl standards where used to review this. [I am not in any group or very experienced at writing official reviews.]
- It contains major spoilers. Don't read it, if you don't want ‘em. Till chapter 40.


Grammar: First of all: English is not my first language, but I did not notice any mistakes [grammar or spelling ones]. Probably they are hiding in some dark corner. Or thought it’s nice to be overlooked and arranged it to be not present the moment I looked. Alias. 2/2


Characters: This story is written with shared MC's [Demon and the Princess]. A style I personally like a lot,  which he did not screw up. [+1]

Well than what is there to say about the characters?

First of all, they are changing, at least the princess and the demon probably will to.... side characters are only there to give background info or to show something..*_* ...

The prime example being, how the princess is extremely prejudiced against demons at the beginning, because of her upbringing and starts to change her mind pretty fast, after thinking about the demons actions.... a bit fast for my opinion, but I figure Cerolus is treating her very well. [I also blame the change on her worldview on demons more or less being destroyed by the them being nice and instead of being tools of slaughter and war.] [Old shirtchaser.... ok political marriage, grandpa is forgiven. I do have my suspicion about this blood she drank...]


Cerolus seems more like a grandfather that likes teaching, than anything else to be honest. And he seems to be to perfect. Strong? Yes. Makes her dreams true [like teaching her magic, allowing her to learn fighting, being an almost perfect host? Is concerned for her savety first… (Though he should have known, they weren’t able to get to her)… looks like he is trying to lull her into safety or something? Human custom he heard about?] Shows that he has an iron will so to say, by pushing his traditions trough… etc but that’s just nitpicking. xD Though it’s weird how he fast he likes her… well not having anyone for… probably hundreds of years and at least some dozen + that mind link may be at fault. ]


Sophia: Seems like a sheltered girl, entering the world of wonders that is easily influenced, which longs for the love of her husband. This was probably intended. I still can’t get it, how fast she accepted the “monsters” she was taught to be her enemies this fast…. I am pretty sure any human would have run from Fluffy. Well mind link or a fetish I guess…. xD [Nevermind it only took her a few days to start loving him…. I may not be an expert at the field but it’s extremely weird in my eyes =P Why would she start loving him this fast? Seems kind of unreal… (but hey not like we get many two headed oversized dogs in reality =P) Though it may also depend on how she was brought up… as Royalty it probably wasn’t the nicest of places to be at in her childhood and even to this day.


Total: 2.5-3/4


Style/Story: The story starts with a political marriage, showing preparations on each sides. [Building a castle for her? Cerolus that’s overkill… well if you got the money and workers to do it that fast…] than they proceed with the wedding, the demons having their own costumes and humans not liking them… [alright slaughtering a boar during a wedding ceremony is borderline and drinking blood for us humans I guess…]. Than they proceed towards their home [bandits met, bandits killed….sorry lads], than we come to the good language barrier… and the tool to get around it. Though she still tries to learn the  language [not in a day but awfully fast…I am jealous]… good girl. Then she meets Cerolus pet dog. [XXXL-sized] which starts licking her face because he likes her… [however she didn’t get hurt..] and who has two heads and is fire incarnate… [That limits the places to pet… *_*] and likes it when she throws bones of a huge… boar around for it [sore shoulders guaranteed!]. Than we get to her seeing the garden with all its glory… [Flesh eating plants… who doesn’t love ‘em? And the adorable imps to feed to it. Talk about a different Fauna! +]

They enjoy live, she gets her magic lessons and they grow closer to each other fast. [Did I mention Cerolus is OLD?]. They did share a bed to already… [What are you imagining?! They just enjoyed each other’s warmth...] And in the meanwhile she trains and discovers her magic…. That’s why she gets her magic lessons from the Cerolus.

Than they get the letter of the family, about a son being born [convenient timing...]. They hurry [well leisurely fitsbetter.] onwards to the capital! [Where is the promised fighting?! =P], but they got neat and convenient mounts [that were surely not named after drakes], After a short stop and legend with an included history lesson at acquaintances [Will they encounter said creature? Probably not.] from Cerolus, Sophia and co move onwards to the capital... They stop at an inn and don’t camp outside… [yes why should they have?] and we get to see Cerolus new home and a dress for the bride and shortly after a scene about how the son has the same race as him and an authority figure more or less ordering him to “get rid of this curse  my son is being born with” to show how bad Cerolus has it being what he is…. *_*


Its written in the first person view and switches between characters [a couple times even to some sidecharacters, so they got their time to shine… at least once a while], and the chapters are short with I guess around 1k+ average per chapter[-]. He also tries to let people think and doesn’t spoon feed every single detail. [Though some things could deserve a bit more attention and explanation, which probably will come later like what the Mind Link is, etc] Also the small texts at the beginning of a chapter should be read… =P


Total: 3/4 


Couple things I thought about;


Why where those bandits there? I figure them being near the demon’s borders, given that their boss had knowledge about how to fight them, since he fought them before, wouldn’t strike him or even the others as a good route nor as a safe place.

How did the princess survive being licked by this dog…? Dog’s got a rough tongue…. Nevermind that one would hurt a lot if he licks her…. Or if she pets him *_*

Throwing the bone of this huge boar? I think the princess is far stronger than I dared to expect.

I wonder about how the beds exactly are built… I guess a wooden frame that is pretty strong… because he doesn’t sound like he is not weighting little, nevermind those hooves would prove difficult to get into bed with.. or at least while getting up. Probably a somewhat modified bed? [Didn’t seem so though…]

Why did the demons not end the war already? It looks they had a huge difference in fighting strength the whole time… even without the marriage, they could just have shown the humans, that they were ants so to say… or if diplomacy wouldn’t have gotten them anywhere, than they should just have suppressed them.

Chap 37, I heard nobody is ever ready to meet the family of their husband or wife…. Is that proven wrong?!

How exactly works this mind link?

…. His family doesn’t like him much huh [Or am I the only one that thought that?]? *_* If there isn’t any rule against being a Lilin in the government I don’t see their problem if they only live long…

Cerolus should have a nickname to make it easier to memorize his name…. =P



Total: 2 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 1 – 1 + 1 = 10 /2 = 5….. But cause you didn’t get full points everywhere and personal opinion counts and the + itself aren’t counting for stars you get a 3.5-4/5, [I assure you your chapter size and update speed had no impact on my opinion at all.]


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Let's be brutally honest

This is undoubtedly one of the best fictions on RRL, much better than many on the first page of the best ranked. 

That said I decided to be brutally honest with this review and point out all the flaws of this novel.

-Style: the style is consistent throughout the novel. The author adopts first person for all his POVs and the writing has a good flow. That said, the many jumps in POV in the chapters, sometimes in the middle of the same scene, are distracting and tend to break an otherwise perfect flow. 

-Story: this fiction is a romance, there are fantasy elements, obviously, but the plot all revolves around the interactions between the characters. This is not a flaw at all, it's a good romance novel, but, despite the struggle of the race differences and the struggles that come with them, it somehow fails to go over the simple "good". There aren't really any problems, it just doesn't manage to tug the hearth of the reader as much as it should. 

-Grammar: Necamijat's grammar is well above the RRL average, there are almost no mistakes, but the ever-present typo (usually no more than a couple per chapter) doesn't allow me to give this section a perfect score. 

-Characters: characters are the real focus of this novel, their interactions and their feelings are what make this novel what it is. That said, while every character is unique and well fleshed out, I'd expect more interactions between them in the form of dialogue. Everyone who has ever read my fic or knows how much I like the Monogatari series might think I'm a bit too much for dialogue but in a novel were the characters themselves are the story, I'd expect much more dialogue between them. 

Everything said, this fiction, while not deserving of a full 5-star score in the single categories, it certainly deserves it as an overall score. 

If you read it, you'll understand too. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score


There are some characters you just don't like but most are great, not going to make this long, but, I recommend reading to chapter 61 and stop otherwise it give's you this empty feeling because volume II is hiatus atm. 

ps Volume II is not bad just hiatus