Soul Vessel Psyche

Soul Vessel Psyche

by nBosega

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

If it’s not obvious from the Title this is yet another reincarnation story.

The story will be told from the perspective of one Novid Ollo; half-breed son of the Matriarch of the Knora Race and twin brother to Ovis Ollo the future Matriarch of the Vnora sub-Race.

The world of Orro that Novid is born into has been ravaged by the demons from the demon world. The Demons were accidentally lead to Orro 500 years earlier by a conflagration of magic from feuding countries of the Vern Race; opening a doorway between the worlds which released hordes of Demons into Orro.

The Dvern and the Svern are the 2 Subspecies of the Vern Race responsible for this calamity and were the first victims of the Demon hordes. The next to fall victim were the proud Knora of the North. The ice giants fought the Demon hordes to stalemate and seemed poised to prevail until the dragon rulers of the Demon Race joined the fight. While the Dvern and the Svern are essentially extinct the Knora managed to save 17 females and 55 males.

How Novid Ollo is born as half Svern is also how he died in the previous life, and why he is both pitied and hated by his race and others. There are no Gods to offer special talents and Favours, there is no path to Godly Power and everyone is born with exactly the same potential. Novid Ollo will have to carry the weight of the sins of his father like the others who’s Souls were ripped from their lives on Earth and brought to this unforgiving Realm of Magic; filled with Monsters and Demons.

What happens to Novid Ollo is entirely dependent on the extent of the effort he puts into preparations for when whimsical opportunity shines its light on him.

Fortunately Novid Ollo didn’t come to Orro alone?15 million? other Human Souls were ripped from their lives on Earth at the same time as Novid and reborn on Orro to serve as the last wave of cannon fodder in the unending war against the hordes of Demons.

Inspired by; Mushoku Tensei, Slime Tensei, Daybreak on Hyperion. As usual I unashamedly draw some elements from my favourite light novels in writing this Original Fiction.

I thought I’d try writing something for the?Reincarnation? genre.

?Written in South African English which means closer to the British Standard.?

Warning: Mature Content ?Violence, Language and Adult Themes ?

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?Soul Vessel Psyche?

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