World Servers - Dawn

World Servers - Dawn

by obran

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

The year is 2143, and much of the world’s population has been digitized for decades. Different servers are configured for different purposes. Some servers are pure gaming worlds. Others are offshoots of fringe political experimentation or regimes. Still others are based around ethnic or nationalist sentiment. Some replicate past times or past eras. And still others have been designed as totally imaginary locations created out of the dreams of programmers and the Artificial Intelligences that have been used to build and drive them. The gaming guild I Like Big Booty is a loosely affiliated group of friends and avid players. Theirs is an international guild which spans multiple servers, mostly running raids, ganking other players in PVP, and generally trying to build up the funds to purchase their own home world server. On one of the most populous servers – designed to resemble 20th century earth – a small raid team running a boring and routine run in Washington DC, comes across something that might change the fate of Virtual Reality across the solar system. Note: Per request, the title has been changed, though I might change it again when if I come up with something a little better.

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Unique gritty virtual world asskicking story

Great story, very different from the usual LitRPGs or Wuxia cultivating types.

Good writing though there were a few typos and grammar errors well worth reading through for this story. Characters are interesting and different, dialog is up to par for the type of story it is, world creation  and mechanics  are original and well done.

The author needs to change the title  soon, it may be negatively affecting readership, I almost didn't give this a chance simply due to the title. It turned out  completely different from what I was expecting from the title and description.
I will be waiting and checking for updates on this one.