Tales of the Void Traveler (A Frozen Soul story) (Completed)

by Mirikon

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Sci-fi

Earth is no longer alone in the universe. Twenty years ago, aliens invaded, thinking that Earth would be an easy conquest. They were wrong. Humanity fought back, and won their freedom in a war that scarred the heavens and left trillions dead in its wake. But after the war was done, and peace declared, there were plenty of places needing rebuilding. And humans also began branching out into the stars themselves. The first human colony outside the solar system was founded by a 'former' supervillain named Iceblade. He called that colony Sanctuary. Others might call it a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Some may call it a land of unbridled opportunity. Some just call it home. Being known as a place where anyone can find anything if they're willing to pay the price, Sanctuary developed a bustling shipping (or maybe smuggling) industry, using mostly 'independent contractors' on small freighters notable more for their speed than the size of their hold. One of these freighters is the Vigilance-class corvette named the Void Traveler. This is the story of Void Traveler and her crew.

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This story is mostly about a ship going to war and winnig every battle through cunning. The story is pretty good but from chapter to chapter the wording and what people say and think gets VERY repetitave. As in explaning why something is or why they are doing soething is said multiple times mostly the same way.  But with some editing i think this could be a great story.

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If it's as good as the other one...

If it's as good as frozen soul, then we're going to have something fun to read alongside rules-free.  I'm ready for some species/organization to truly mess up and for some more supernovas to happen. 

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Hoping this is as good a the last one

A spin-off of classic iceblade novel hopefully it would be as good as the original. Based on the 6 chapters i have read so far, looks like a decent MC to me. Not as crazy as the old MC but interesting enough. Cant wait for more chapters!