Crashed Into Fantasy

Crashed Into Fantasy

by xacual

A long time player of a Sci-Fi VRMMO was waiting anxiously for the new big update that was going to add countless new systems to explore and even rumored new game elements.

When the new update finally arrived though, disaster struck. After crash landing on a new world, what is with this fantasy setting? This is a Sci-Fi game! Wait… why can’t I log out?

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Adam C.

The author gave up on this incredible story. 😭

Fantastic story so far, though I'm seriously disappointed that the author has given up on the story, what an incredible waste of talent. 😖


A great mix of fantasy and Sci-fi, without the annoying elements most stories like this have

by annoying elements I mean World Seed style annoying......


Style 5/5 :

A fluid well thought out style which keeps the reader interested throught the whole chapter. The overarching style lends itself to a sense of business without a rushed feeling. I mean I'm not too good at analysing style beyond the basics, but this story has it good, and as far as I'm concerned if i can't see anytning wrong with it, thats a 5*.


Story 5/5 :

I'm loving it!!!!! This is one of those stories that will take your favourite bits of both fantasy and sci-fi and mix them together in a story which handles both in a good measure. I like the VR setting and also how something definitaly happens strangely before she gets trapped but for now we don't know what. While the "crahsed spaceship on a primitive world" archetype is getting more popular, i feel like here it serves a geniunly good goal, and gives the author lots of options as far as arc structure goes. As I said in the style, so far the MC is kept busy and there is lots of stuff going on, but it does not feel rushed or like it will run out of plot soon without a deus ex machina on the way. The author has left themselves with a massive world to explore and a "new" fanatsay style system for the MC to get used to with us. Overall its great and I'm sure it has a bright future as a story!


Grammer 5/5 :

No mistakes which I've been able to find yet, or glared out obviously at me. The sentance strucutre flows well and the paragrpahs are well proportioned. I mean to be honest this would be assumed in most books to be normal but here on rrl, it really is nice to find another story I can give the 5* grammer to. It just makes reading this story so much easier as i dont have to work hard trying to decipher what you mean. Well as you can tell by my going in a tangent i dont have much more to say. Just great grammer.


Character 5/5 :

I don't profess to be a great english proffesor , but i have read my fair share of works, both on this site and those which have been published and to be honest I don't feel much love for amazingly over-detailed, fleshed out to titanic proportions, works in their own right backstory, characters and for me as long as i can identify with and understand the character I'm cool with nearly anything. The MCs reaction to discovering they are in a game world (not a spoiler its in the description) is well done i feel and not brushed aside as I'm sure many other RRL authors would do. Also the little things like ideas which pop up, like using the wolves to dig, and that momentary regret with killing those thugs goes down very well in my book and makes the character feel organic. I look forward to seeing what effects any mental scaring of the experimentation has on the MC as their outlook on the world, perhaps they will become ruthless in their pursuit of the resources he/she needs or maybe Lynn willl need to play doctor a bit and maintain the MCs fragile mind. Who knows. I'm just looking forward to find out. Also the genderbender thing while existing is not over accentuated and treated as more of another plot point to show how different living as Seri might be for the MC.

Lynn does not appear to have had much screen time yet, but shows the makings of  a good support for the MC, as does Carol. I dont know. I mostly focus on reviewing the MC, and as long as the supports aren't 2D or just stupid I am happy i guess :P


Overall 5/5 :

A great blend of genres that has both a fluid and well paced style with flawless (at least to me) grammer which manages to have a story that promises both great things in the future while maintaing an interesting present. The character as main support (Lynn) fit well together and show evidence for development and make sensilbe decision which can be supported with reason while not themselves being super-human decision makers.

A great start and I can't wait to see how it goes on!




Good start, as long as its not abandoned i can’t see this being anything but a great fiction.  As of now there is not all that much material, but i can’t see much (if any) that can be improved. (Review as of chapter 2)

Baka Captain

(Might contain spoiler)


Character wise, I like it. I mean, I can sympathize with the protagonist. I can feel how he is an ordinary guy. Because he is really ordinary.

He is somewhat wicked, because I think he likes cute character so much that he makes it as his avatar in VR. I think that is pretty wicked. But I guess that is what VR can bring to you, it gives you more opportunities to become something you can only imagine.

However, I cannot see the character as a man. I mean, he is a man inside, right? But as far as I know, I mean until chapter 10, he can also be written as lesbian girl who loves other women, and there would no different, right? Since there is not really any action or consequences that he is actually a man. You cannot justify him drinking is a characteristic of a man. I mean, girls do that too, okay? So, I guess that is what I want to see more. I want to see more of him, in real life, which actually live in the story or at least affect the story. Because the way I see it, it is more like the story of how an avatar get to live. Not how a man from real life get stuck into an avatar.

If I were him, I would get panicked. I mean, the time in virtual reality is 4 times faster than in real life, right? So there should be a time limit for him, in order to get back into his body.

But… the story is a bit confusing too. I mean, the whole virtual reality suddenly came to life. Could it be the actual effect of the VR updates? I mean, could it actually be the avatar thinks she is living but it is just in offline mode and the real player is not log in? So that is why there is no log out button. But I do not know. I really want to see how the story ends. But then again, I do not want to see it too soon. Since it is a really good story for me.

I love the world building. I love how you describe the place he lives in real world, the ship she owns, the city, the mountain, everything is conveyed so well that I can actually imagine the places in my head.

I love the characters, they talk and they react as if they have real personality and live as an actual person. Alright, maybe I overpraised a bit here. But I do not know. I mean, they are just that good. They bring life in your story. That is why I love them.

PS: I want to thank you for the writer. Thank you so much for writing this story.





Refreshing, new and well written!

 Well written, new and surprising story with twists. Love it. Thank you so much!


Sci-fi and Fantasy is a good mix

The story is one of my most loved novels on the site with a fun MC and a funny world

The Appraiser

Quite enjoyable piece of fiction,  I was devastated when I discovered that there was no 'next chapter' button!
I will follow this fiction for sure :)


When Sci-Fi Meets Fantasy

Review as of chapter 19


This story follows an OP MC who was raised in a sci-fi universe, when all of a sudden the MC 'Crashed Into a Fantasy' world and is stuck there and is trying to find a way home. 


If you like an OP MC who uses abilities and technology from out of this world (literally) to battle magical beings in a clash of epic proportions with knights, theives, monsters and every other fantasy element, then look no further!! 


Crashed Into Fantasy has amazing potential in it's unique setting and hopefully it will grow to become a polished gem 


Can't wait for moreee!!


Well, for what it's worth, the premise of being in a realm/world/simulation(who knows at this point), where everyone is more or less fantasy while our main character is full on OP with scifi tech and psionic abilities is a good idea, I do feel the MC is immature to their age. Let me state, that they played the game in VR for 10 years, full immersion type VR, not just a pair of goggles. Ok, that's cool, so they're at least in their 20's IRL right? But, then you come to find out their 'play time' is over 40 years, which leads me to believe there is some thought increase while playing the old game, a 1:4 ratio in fact. So for someone that has 60+ years of experience, they actually don't act their age. I'm in my late 30's, I'm a grumpy bastage, highly hostile, kids get off my lawn, with my own problems in life; this MC feels more like a teenager, and I'd wished the MC never mentioned the idea of timescale to the story at all. And lastly, it's sad to see the last update was 7 months ago, which makes me assume the author dropped their own idea.

The Shadows Mistress

Well written and the concept is a lot of fun. One of the stories I keep coming back to read to be sure a stranger in a strange land.