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Chapter 9: Who’s the better one?


“What beautiful scenery”


The blue sky with clouds slowly moving across the horizon, tree branches full of healthy leaves swaying along the wind. Such scene is perfect to lie down on the grass and lean on a tree casting its shadow upon my body and slowly drift towards dream land or it’s supposed to be like that except everything I see is upside down.


With a durable rope tied around my body from shoulders down to my ankles and hung upside down on a tree branch and three feet above the ground, actually I don’t get it either.


In front of me is the villain old man who did this to me, with an evil grin on his face and arms crossed with an imposing and mocking aura.


“So now brat, will you admit your mistake eh?”


“I definitely and absolutely did not made any mistake in my judgement”


“I’m not what you think I am brat”


“Says the one who wants to kill me earlier and hung me upside down”


“You really have a sharp tongue brat”


 “Now I know you also have a sadistic side to you, pervert, arrogant, and narcissist old baggage”




“Ah sorry haven’t taken a bath for days *laughs*”


“tch* Hateful thing”


The old villain approaches me slowly and takes out a knife.


“So you are killing me now?”


“Do you think I did not notice?”


He then raises it and made a vertical slash








The rope that binds me was cut that caused me to fall down head first. My health was now too low but still high enough for me to stay alive.


“What was that for you old villain”


“You’re one of those ba*t*rd immortals who only know how to plunder and keep asking for rewards”


“What are you talking about?”


“Heh, you can play dumb but I know what you are. You might be weak right now but in time you will be one of those hateful beings”


“Like I said…. huh?... wait.. is that how this worlds inhabitants call us?”


“So you’re already admitting that you are one of them.”


“Yeah yeah whatever may that be, but I want to know the details please old villain”


“tch* I bet that is you’re personality, hmp anyway it’s still better than those who acts righteous but hiding a demon behind their façade”




The old villain stares at me seriously and we had a staring match for about several minutes.




“bwa ha ha ha ha. I won old villain you blink first”


“huh? You brat I wasn’t playing a staring match at you”


“Whatever a win is still a win so where’s my prize?”


*sigh* “alright I give up, as you’re prize you will be my disciple”


“No thanks, try another one”


“What! There are hundreds and thousands of people pleading while kneeling in front of me even some were crying tears of blood to become my disciple and yet you refuse?”


“Then select one of them please”


“Do you even know what you’re saying? I’m an Immortal cultivator for about thousands of years and reach the pinnacle close to a god and with just a swing of my hand you can die without knowing what hit you. Just being able to converse with the great me is already a grand privilege that a lot of people are willing to die just to have the opportunity”


“Wow I never knew”


“So you finally get what I’m implying *sigh*”


“Yeah, now I know. You’re not just old, YOURE FREAKING SO D*MN OLD”


The old villain then splashes some liquid at me and I notice that my health points recovered fully.




Now he hit me harder than before and I noticed my health points plummet down to 10%.


“You really have the talent to get into other peoples nerves”


*laughs* “don’t suddenly complement me, you’re making me shy”




“Um…. Ok?”


*sigh* the old villain release a huge breath and took out something from his bag, It’s a book and an old one at that. He then grabs my right hand and places it on top of the book.




“Kid do you want to leave this place?”


“Yes of course who doesn’t?”


Then I realize a notification window pop out.


System message

Do you want to change you’re class into “Demon Slayer”?


System message

WARNING: Changing into this permanent class prevents you to change into a different class



System message

Congratulations you are now a Demon Slayer



System message

Due to your chosen class you will not receive any stat points and you will also not level up.



System message

Due to your ‘Mind’s Eye’ skill ‘Analyse’ has been replaced and merge with the said skill.



Looking at the old villains grinning face the only thing I can say is


“I’ve been had”















While the old cheating villain is laughing hysterically at the sides saying “You think you’re smart enough? You’re thousands of years too early”. I view my current status to see the changes



“Show Status”


-Status -




Race: Human?

Class: Demon Slayer

Health: 100/300

World Essence: 0/500

Stamina: 50/100

Wealth: 0g 0s 20c

 Strength: 20

Dexterity: 20

 Vitality: 20

Intelligence: 20

 Wisdom: 20

Luck: 310

 Fame: 0



 World Essence manipulation (passiveLvl.1)

 Mind’s Eye (active lvl.1)

 Higher Alchemy (passive Lvl.1)

 Ancient Smith (passive Lvl.1)

 Rune Mastery (passive Lvl.1)


 Fortuna’s Blessings (Medium)

 Ancient language comprehension (100%)

 Demon Slayer (human Lvl.1)


 There are additional things under skills so I view their descriptions aside from ‘Fortuna’s Blessings’.


World Essence manipulation (Active lvl.1)

Enable to sense and manipulate the essence of the world to strengthen one’s body or use in one’s attack and defence. It also has many forms and uses depending on how deep one’s understanding.



Mind’s Eye (Active lvl.1)

By using the essence of the world, one is capable of increasing one’s awareness within a certain distance and uncovers unique traits of certain things.



  1. Detect hidden objects and enemy within a certain distance (current distance: 10m)
  2. Identify the properties and status of different things including players and monsters with greater detail depending on the skills level.
  3. Obtain night vision



Higher Alchemy (Active Lvl.1)

Since ancient time’s alchemy keeps improving and being sought to its ultimate form thus a greater understanding was discovered by using the world’s essence to improve the effects of their products.



Allows the user to perform alchemy and increase the effectiveness of crafted items depending on the skills level (+10%)



Ancient Smith (Active Lvl.1)

It is said that in ancient times the production of equipment’s has reached its pinnacle and brought great destruction in the land. The God’s saw how devastating the technology has become; they decided to seal all the knowledge and the equipment’s to be never seen again.



Allows the user to craft equipment’s, by using the knowledge of the ancients.



Rune Mastery (Active Lvl.1)

Enable the user to understand the power of different runes that gives special effects or enhancements to certain objects.



Demon Slayer (human Lvl.1)

A power that is born to oppose everything and dash towards a path created by one’s self.


Special Effects:

- Removes penalty during death except down time (for players).

- +10 to Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Intelligence, Wisdom



“I want to cry” (Y^Y)


All those hard work to level up, gone in an instant and what’s up with this setting I never heard anything like this. Plus I won’t be able to level up isn’t this the same as saying that I will never get strong.


Not a single attack or defensive skill what kind of joke is this.


I look at the old man still having his fit acting like a child.


Just what is it that he wants from me? Is this revenge or something? Nah for get it lets just quietly sneak out of here.

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