*drip* *drip*



System message
You killed an underground rat. Exp gained + 10


System message
Level up. Stat points +3

After several long hours of walking along the path on these old sewers, while killing those rats. I finally reach level four.

No wonder that after almost a year the rank 1 in the player rakings is only at level thirty nine. The experience gained is so bad and the experience needed to level up is enormous.




~Few hours ago~

After I finish my exploration I end up storming a grand building which I think is used to be the house of the noble which govern this city.

I found some valuable items which is literally scattered on the floor. Gold coins, golden wares, silver candle holders, and other expensive looking stuff, too bad the paintings already at a decaying state.

If you think about it I’m literally rich but since my wealth meter states that I have an enormous ZERO gold. Well if you look at my storage box you will see a lot of chest boxes and bags. With only 150 item slots, where would I place all of my loot?

First it made my head ache and made me quite dizzy by thinking of a solution. Then I remember seeing a huge empty chest box in one of the rooms in the cathedral so I place all rusted items there until its full then tried to place it in my storage. And what do you expect? Of course it is a success *laughs*

The item label even changed from ‘empty chest’ to ‘Chest full of rusting items’. So I sorted the items I currently own and find something that can hold these items separately.

At first I only throw everything in my storage but when I look at it at some point, I noticed that the maximum stack of items is different from each other. The gems can stack up to fifty while the rusted weapons which cannot be used (durability is at 2 or 1) are stack up at the maximum of thirty per slot while the usable ones occupies one slot for each of them.

The gold and silver coins are different which is at 300 in maximum. But after I placed them in different chest or bag my storage which is almost full, now have a lot of space to spare.

I think the only reason why gold and silver coins do not appear on my wealth stat is because of difference in currency. So when I get into a good place to change them let us see how much I really have.

Going back to the part where I’m ‘recycling’ the items I found in the mansion, I make sure I’m diligent enough not to miss anything and help them ‘recycle’ those good stuff.

At some point I found a scroll in one of the rooms and when I opened it, an illustration of the whole city before it was destroyed can be seen and part of the map indicates some sort of a passage way that is supposed to lead me out of the city and lead me towards a temple just outside of some sort of a forest.

. I decided to head there since it’s located just below the building, like an underground passage. The path is quite long and wide but if you ask me this path is wide enough to fit a carriage of some sort. This might be a path where you’re supposed to ride something because of its distance

Arming myself with a decent sword I carefully walk through the passage while avoiding to make any sounds so that I would notice if ever there is something here that can harm me.

Looking at the walls of the passage, there are some sort of glowing crystals lined up on both sides. I tried to use ‘Analyse’ on it and it turns out to be some kind of ward to prevent powerful monsters from entering the passage way. This made me quite happy but since it’s been a very long time since this passage is used, there might be some sort of danger lurking around.


I heard a faint sound quickly that is approaching me, I immediately form a stance and grip my sword. A blur suddenly launch aimed at my face, I quickly move to the side and used my sword like a baseball bat and hit whatever it is.


“Home ru~~n”

The sound is quite not right, but I definitely hit it and based from the sound it might be the head look at the thing that flew and suddenly the thing glowed and it burst out like a shattered glass.


System message
You killed an underground rat. Exp gained + 10

It turns out to be a rat, but it moves too fast and I only manage to hit that one because its moving on a straight path while in mid-air and lastly its only one, If that was a group then I might really die. No ill definitely die.

I check my Exp bar and I only gained 0.5% over my total Exp. At that time I really wanted to cry since normally a single rat even if it’s a level 1 I should gain a decent amount of Exp since I’m only level one. But I discovered something good.

“So this place has mobs that I can kill and level up”

While thinking about it I decided to hunt some rats.



~Current time~

While hunting rats at some point I found a safe spot that is surrounded by bigger glowing crystals. The area is quite large and there are several chests at the corner with some dried woods. I looked at each chest and found some dried meat and fresh water.

It’s quite strange since based on the appearance of the chests, all of them are quite old but the dried meat and water inside when I used ‘Analyse’ on them as if it’s been placed here just yesterday. It’s still edible and the water is clean without any funny smell.

I’m quite thankful for this since the bread and water given to newbies after they start playing is already used up and my stamina is on the danger side. Looking at the chest again I used ‘Analyse’ on them.

Storage Chest
A chest imbued with time magic; though the storage space cannot be increased it is still a good item to store perishable goods such as meat and vegetables.

“Well this solves my food problems”

Since it’s such a good place to rest I decided to log out. Normally player’s avatar will vanish once a person log out but it’s only true to safe areas. If a player logs out on a field or dungeon their avatars will remain for an hour. They will be prone to robbery or getting killed by mobs or plunderers. Thus with this situation created by the company, they added some items to let the players camp on fields and on dungeons. Items sold in the ‘Item Shop’ will only lose its effect depending on what you bought while items created by artesian will vanish two hours after use.

The item ‘Safety Wards’ is the item that can be bought in bulk (ten pieces) or single purchase. The wards are not permanent, one the magic stones become exhausted it needs to be replaced. Magic stones can be bought in the ‘Item Shop’ or looted by killing mini boss or main boss type mobs.

‘Safety Wards’ are like small poles that you pierced on the ground with two meters maximum range and if used as a barricade, the space inside will became a safe area or zone.

After logging out I noticed that its already way past dinner time so I just eat whatever is edible on the refrigerator until I’m satisfied then check if there are any problems in the house after that I decided to sleep.

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