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Chapter 6: Exploring the cathedral (2)


I’m really doomed as in literally doomed, how am I supposed to get a Class in this ruined city? Unless there is a Class scroll hidden in this place.


Walking along the corridor I chanced to find a locked room. I tried to open it but to no avail. In the end I gave up and move along.


“This place is?”


Upon opening a door there was a well-furnished room with book shelves filled with old books that started to rot away. I scan the area and did not find any good ones to read since most of it are bibles and old records.


It might be interesting but I’m not here to be a historian or the likes. And most of all it is not related to any quest I have which in reality a single mission or quest does not even exist.


I open the drawers on the sides which contain different paper works but on the last drawer there exist a bunch of keys covered in rust.


“Do I have to try all of these? There’s about more than a hundred of them” (Y.Y)b


Returning to the lock door after I grabbed the key then tried to open the door. One by one, each key that does not fit or failed to open the door were separated from the bundle and after the 389th try only one key remains.




The door finally opened.


“Did my luck go negative instead, why am I so unlucky” *cries*










3 Carat Diamond


A rare and precious stone that can be sold for a high price based on its quality and size.

The stone is old but since it has been properly stored its quality did not drop.

Item Grade: Rare





Old Sword


It’s a commonly used weapon among warriors because of its flexibility in combat. Due to poor maintenance and the passage of time it became rusted so its durability and capabilities dropped a lot.


Physical Damage: +3

Durability: 3/10

Item Grade: Common

Required level: 1



I began using the skill I found in that room to level it up. It seems that this skill can go from level one to ten and right now I manage to raise it up to level four which allows me to Identify ‘Rare’ grade items which still fails from time to time. There are still a some small pile of items I wanted to use the skill ‘Analyse’ but it seems that it won’t go up if I don’t use it on higher grade items.


Analyse is a special skill that I got after tearing a skill scroll which I found in that locked room. The skill is an upgraded version of the commonly used ‘Identify’ by artificers and crafting class professions. The skill ‘Identify’ is not a closed skill which can be learned by any class.


Closed skills are skills that are specific in every class and cannot be learned unless the class you have is related to the class that the skill is meant to be learned. For example, A Fire Mage can learn the spell fireball which is a closed skill then a Warrior cannot learn the fireball spell since the Warrior class it not related to the Fire Mage class. On the other hand, a Fire Sage can use this skill since they are both fire oriented spell casters.


 It is mentioned that ‘Analyse’ is the upgraded version of ‘Identify’. The only difference is that ‘Identify’ Can only be used in items or inanimate objects while ‘Analyse’ can be used to view not only objects but monsters as well as ‘Players’ and NPC’s. Both of the skills require the user to level it up to view the descriptions or status of the higher grade. Though there is a brief explanation on the status window about the skill.


Now for the item grade it is divided into Common > Unique > Rare > Legendary > Ancient > Godly which Common is the lowest grade and Godly is the highest.


I tried to use ‘Analyse’ on the three items I found earlier but every time I did it always fails. It’s grade must be higher than rare, is what I thought.


After I reach the point where I got bored and finished exploring the whole area I now need to find a way to leave this cursed land.


Looking outside it seems that I spend too much time exploring the cathedral. The sun is starting to rise unto the skies and the monsters began to disappear slowly. When the sun completely illuminates the surroundings it’s now safe to venture outside and explore once more.


My aim now is to look for huge buildings and look for some clues about this place and to find some hints where I can escape this place. A map is also a good thing to have for me to know where to go next.


I decided to find a place with the highest elevation where I can view the whole place. I found a huge tree on a small hill near the city walls. I climb to the highest spot I can go and eventually the whole city came into view.


I’m not worried about some stray monsters since this area feels like it wards off anything that is not an un-dead. So exploring the city is relatively safe where you can take a stroll worry free.


I took out a pen and a paper to make a rough sketch of the city and point out the places where I think I might found something; I also take note of the places where I have already been.


It took some time before I finish everything and double check the crude sketch I made so that I did not miss anything.


“Alright time for some thieving, I mean recycling *laughs*”

A note from HalfSpicy

I made some adjustments please comment if there are mistakes or any weird and confusing stuff

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