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Chapter 5: Exploring the cathedral (1)


Inside the barrier on the vicinity of the cathedral I sat down and wait for the sunset and observe the surroundings. As the place got darker you can actually see a very faint light coming out from the barrier. Illuminated by the moonlight different monsters began to appear but cold sweat began to pour down because the supposed to be beginner’s area is now surrounded by different aggressive and high level monsters.


In the game normally you won’t see the level of a certain monster unless you already kill a similar monster but it also depends if the monster you fought is within 10 levels above you. You can see the difference in level by looking at its name, even though it only display ‘????‘ the level difference is indicated by the color of the ‘???’.  The color or level difference between the monster and the player is divided into.


White > grey > Green > Blue > Yellow > Red > Purple.


 White: Monster level = Player’s lvl +5 (or more but less than Grey and also below players level)


Grey: Monster level = Player’s lvl +15 (or more but less than Green)


Green: Monster level = Player’s lvl +30 (or more but less than Blue)


Blue: Monster level = Player’s lvl +50 (or more but less than Yellow)


Yellow: Monster level = Player’s lvl +70 (or more but less than Red)


Red: Monster level = Player’s lvl +90 (or more but less than Purple)


Purple: Monster level = Player’s lvl +100 (or more)


All the monsters I see are all either yellow or red names. Meaning if I try to fight them, it’s like charging against a lion’s pack with only a toothpick in hand.


“Does the game want me to stay here forever?”


Usually the level of monsters increase the further you go from the starting area meaning I’m way way too far from the novice area and have no means to level up or increase my stats since the game does not allow increase in stats by training your avatar like running, push-ups, lifting, etc. these things only apply to those NPC. The only training that will help the players to improve their avatars is to accumulate actual combat experience. Not the experience you normally get by killing monsters but the experience in fighting one.


The player will get accustomed to fighting monsters and handle the timing of releasing their skills during combat. It is really helpful to train aspects like team work and skill usage of each player to defeat their enemies. This method will not increase the player’s stats but their efficiency in combat.


“What should I do?”


The monsters that are roaming around are all ghost type category. No wonder there isn’t any monster’s lurking nearby, this area is a hunted ruins and monsters only appear at night.


“It’s a good thing I stick to the idea that monsters became more frequent when it gets dark “


I would become a human shawarma if I continued my search earlier, it’s a good thing that this cathedral is considered as a safe spot or else I will be killed every time I revived.


Observing the monsters and most of them are zombies and ghouls in the form of different animals or should I call different carnivore monsters before they became what they are ‘undead’.


I decided to enter and explore the cathedral since I don’t really know what to do. I can’t go levelling outside and in the morning all I can do is search the places I haven’t checked. The whole city is big and I only manage to search the nearby areas. The outer area is not a good place to search and if my intuition is correct then the exit of this city might have some valuables left that those who tried to flee, but what I really need to do is to find a secret path leading to a safe place. How did I come up with such idea? If this game is using a realistic point of view then Nobles or much like the ruler of this city must have some means of escape for emergency purposes.


But I can’t also rule out that this secret passage is already invaded by some monsters and maybe different from this undead.


Inside the cathedral, aside from the door I came from there are a lot of rooms. Most are empty rooms with a podium at the end of the room; I guess these rooms are used to worship the goddess of this place. There are also some rooms which have office like feel but the book shelves are empty, at some rooms I can still find some ink bottles and quills but all of it is useless to me.


 As I explore I manage to enter a room where several items are still placed on the shelves like books and some boxes that contains tightly sealed ink bottles and some quills that still survives. I took five bottles of ink and three quills since you will never know when you might need one. I did not take them all since this is a holy place, having the wrath of a god is not a good thing.


Moving to the near book I noticed that they are some that looks really old and written in a language I cannot understand but luckily there is also a dictionary. If my train of thought is correct I should gain something here.


I flip the pages of the dictionary and to my surprise it is written in the old English form. There are also some explanations regarding the different runes.


 It piques my interest and read it page by page. You can’t blame me since it felt like I’m a child that found a new toy *laughs*.




System message:

Ancient language comprehension acquired (50%)


After reading the whole book this message appeared


“Only 50% huh”


I’m quite disappointed because after reading the whole book I did not gain the complete mastery. I tried to think for a moment but abandoned the thought and instead I take one of the old books then open it.




System message:

Ancient language comprehension increased by 10%




After barely reading the next book my language comprehension only increased by a small margin.  


“Reality is really cruel, if this is a scenario in those novels that I have read. I should obtain a full language comprehension once I finish a book” *sigh*


I put down the book I’m currently holding which took a lot of time while it slowly being translated by the system. Since the comprehension is only at 50% some text are not properly translated. Luckily the book is only about some random old priest experiences during his life which did not include any valuable information so I can discard it.


Changing to the next book I began to read. This time a significant change in the translation speed and quality have increased and its contents are not that valuable since it’s a book compilation of children’s bed time stories.




 I really mean it. The story goes from knights slaying dragons to witches tricking bad kids and then eating them after.




System message:

You have read a book containing basic writings that is easier to understand therefore your Ancient language comprehension increased by 20%




It felt good. That’s right, when learning how to read it’s better to familiarize one’s self to basic sentences rather than complex ones but in this situation, how would I know which one is which huh!


I moved to the next book one after another while slowly increasing my comprehension.








System message:

Your Ancient language comprehension is now at 100%.



 After reading more than half of the books in the room I finally got what I wanted. But the strange part is I did not gain any stat while reading. Circumstances like this should earn me some Intelligence or Wisdom stat but it did not earn me anything other than language comprehension.


“There is something wrong here, did I forget something?”


Thinking back when the A.I. explained the basic things that I need to know. I kept thinking that it is mentioned in one of those boring explanation.






*Flash back*


“Eeeh? Why?”


[The purpose of this limitation is to balance the power of each player and so there will be no one who can take advantage of the stats. Like having too much stat in strength for a low level avatar.


The conclusion of not allowing players to train their stat which is not in line with their class has been an argument before the game has been created.


In the end a player can train every stat but if the stat is not the main stat of their class the work will be doubled. If a player wants to train their main stat then every single step or requirements for that stat will increase.


For example, a mage want to train their Intelligence and wisdom stat. by reading a single book the player will gain additional stat(+1 depending on the books content) but if the player wants to gain more, then a single book wont suffice and repeatedly reading a book won’t help.


On the other hand if a mage want to train the strength stat, if a swordsman can increase the stat by swinging his sword one hundred times then the mage need to swing two hundred times. Then the rule will also apply that you need to double that effort to gain another stat increase and so on.


In conclusion if you want to train stats then you need to have a Class first.]


“Then it’s better to achieve your desired Class as early as possible huh”


[Yes. The other players also post this information on the BBs and it became the second goal after getting your I.D.]


“I see Isee”


*Flash back ends*







“I’m doomed”

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