Right now I’m trembling with excitement; I never thought that I would ever have a chance to play the game of my dreams. Even in my previous life, all I ever wished is to play a full dive virtual reality game which never happened since technology never advanced fast enough before I die. In this life I also thought that even if it came true I will be too old to play it and busy with work. But now I hold in my hands the thing I want the most ‘FINALLY’


Ok let’s stop being over dramatic and look for the manual for using this stuff. I found a folded sheet of paper inside which turned out to be the manual so I just followed it.


“Ok now I have properly installed it, next will be. Right let’s take a bath first then secure the house as they say safety first and lastly lets dive in, uhe he he he”


If other people were to see me right now laughing they might be, no they definitely feel disgusted.


After the preparation is complete it’s now time to enjoy myself. I plug the main the Pbox and press the power button, wear the bracelet, put on the VR Gear and lay down my bed.


“Connect to <<Lucid Dream>>”


[Commencing boot up sequence…]


[Boot up sequence complete ….. Checking for any errors and anomalies….]


[No error or anomalies detected…]


[Iris scan initiating….


[New user detected, you will now be guided to new account creation. Would you like to continue?]




[Brain waves registration starts... Your Account has been created…. You will now be transferred to Avatar creation room and an A.I. will guide you during the creation. Thank you for playing, have a great day]


A heavy feeling of wanting to sleep suddenly hit me and  after I regain my senses I’m inside or should I say where is this place?.


I look around and see nothing but an infinite space no matter where I look, well aside from the floor and the ceiling I cannot see any walls it just go on and on and ooon.


[“Welcome to avatar creation room for Lucid Dream. I will be the one to guide you and also the one to summarize the game functionality, rules and what you must do after you enter the world”]


What appeared before me is a woman hovering in mid-air. From the tone of her voice and manner of speaking you can’t really tell she is only an A.I.


‘As expected they use a high class beauty for a guide huh’

While examining the woman in front of me I can’t help but let out a deep breath of dis-appointment. Don’t misunderstand me I’m definitely and absolutely straight. What I’m dis-appointed is that, she is wearing a plain fiction type Villager (A) outfit.


‘Goodness if you’re sending in a beauty at least let her wear something sexy or at least eye-catching blood boiling clothes’ is what I thought.


Then I suddenly realize something really important and if my fears are on the spot it makes me feel like digging a hole and then burying myself. So I have to ask to clear this question on my mind.


I look at her and ask “Um can you … possibly … hear or read… my thoughts?”


[Quite a weird thing to say first, but No I cannot. Mind reading is not possible since humans will unconsciously guard their minds and thoughts will remain thoughts unless you convert it into words in this world.]


“ooh so basically no one will know what I’m thinking unless I said it out loud?”




“Does it also apply to body movement?”


[If you are referring to the difference between actual and thought actions then yes]


“I see, then can I proceed to Avatar creation?”




A figure of me suddenly appeared and good thing I had some boxers on *laughs*.


[Then please select your Race]


“May I know what the playable races are?”


[For now there are only Human, Elf, Dwarves, and Halflings]


Suddenly there were four of me floating and each represents the four said race.


“Can you give me more detail about the said races?”




                 Humans have the highest amount of population and scattered in every part of the inhabitable lands. They are said to be the weakest race but they rely on their numbers and strategies to defeat the enemies. They are the race which has more capabilities in learning different fields and to excel in their chosen field will depend on ones capabilities.


                 Elf’s are people with the lowest population and their strength lies on their keen senses and huge mana pool. They also rely on their relations with spirits to strengthen their battle potentials.


                 Dwarves despite having short physique, they have huge amount of strength and stamina. Even if they did not possess the ability to use magic, they were born with high resistances towards a certain element. They also excel in terms of crafting metal arts.


                 Halflings, even though their physical strength is a little bit lower than humans they cover this weakness by having a swift and nimble bodies. They were shorter than humans and slightly taller than dwarves. Because of high dexterity most Halfling would choose to be scouts and assassins. Some use their uniqueness in Tailoring and compounding items.]


“I will choose human then”


All three figures vanish with the human me remaining.


[For now, is there anything you want to change?]


“None I guess, Wait please make my hair silver, the eyes will be deep blue, hair is … make it long just a little bit below shoulder level”


I’m just average in looks anyway and I don’t bother changing it specially my physique. It will only be troublesome in moving so I let it be.


[Next will be the introduction about the things you must do and take note of after leaving this room]


                                 It’s quite long so let’s skip some parts and outline the important details as she said in the game. So the game does not have a story line, just a history of every kingdom or empire you enter. Once you entered the game you have to find the nearest ‘Adventurer’s Association’ and apply for an identification card. The card will serve as your pass in every town or city. Without the card one can’t leave the starting area.  People of this world or NPC have their own cards and are issued the moment they were born.


                                 Every player will be subjected to stay on the city they were spawned for a period of time, depending on the player’s movements and deeds. You also need to reach a certain rank on the ‘Adventurer’s Association’. Ranks are divided from J-S, J being the lowest that represent as common citizen like a housewife or children and S being the highest. People with the rank [I] are those who have jobs like blacksmith apprentice, Alchemist apprentice, and so on. Those who have [H]are usually people with their respective professions; Combat professions like soldier, hunter, warrior, mage, and so on. There are also crafting professions, support, etc.  If players reach at least [H] rank, they are already allowed to venture out in the world. This means that they already have a solid foundation of their chosen profession.


                                 Players can get quests from the Association’s board and earn your way towards each rank by accumulating points until you reach [H] rank.


                                 Another option is by introduction of a high ranking adventurer from [B]-rank above. They still need to pass a certain test depending on the player’s expertise. If the player manages to pass they will automatically gain [H] rank.


If you want to increase your rank above [H], you have to reach a certain level and pass a ranking test. The difficulty will depend on each rank the player wants to advance.


                                 For the sake of realism, the game does not have any fixed quest or daily quest. Just like in real life, players will be rewarded according to an NPC’s judgement based on how you helped them or based on what they asked you to do also depending on what that NPC can give you. In other words if a small girl asks a player to slay an ancient dragon don’t expect a grand reward because in reality she does not possess anything to give except if she is from a noble family. So before accepting quest/errands negotiating for rewards is a must. This is also the reason why the ‘Adventurer’s Association’ exist. They regulate request and give rewards after completion.


                                 Personal quest or request that did not go through the ‘Adventurer’s Association’ are outside of the Association’s judgement. If you got tricked you can only blame yourself.


                                 [So do you have any question regarding the game?]


                                 “None I think. Anyway I just have to figure it out if I got stuck on something”


                                 [Well then as for the final procedure. What would your avatar name be?]




                                 [Name is available… Sending the user to the world…]


                                 “Wait what about my starting area?”


                                 [That is always set to random... Good luck]


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