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Chapter 2: Emotional ups and downs


*Alarm clock sounds*

“U… ugh”

Still sluggish after waking up from the alarm sound, I forced my body to move and turn it off. I made some light stretch and get off my bed. I opened my refrigerator and prepared from what’s left inside.


Still feeling a bit sleepy after preparing my breakfast, I decided to eat first then take a nice bath. I still have some bad after effects on what happened yesterday so I decided to skip my daily routine. Such bad luck on a single day and all I can do is let flow do its stuff. Thinking ahead, what I need is to find another job later after school. Since it will be the week ends tomorrow I will have a lot of time to find one.

After preparing for school I left the house while saying I’m off. Everything is normal and same as usual, People greeting each other which all in all has nothing to do with me.

I reach the classroom as usual and wait for the class to start. There is nothing worth mentioning for today aside from the usual lectures and boring teachers and so on. After the afternoon classes have finished, since I do not have anything to do so I decided to look around the school.

There are only a few noteworthy places in this school and places that you can visit without annoying anyone. First is the library, some might think that this is some kind of place for encounter but reality is quite cruel. The librarian is an old lady and her assistants are more or less male. Female assistants are rare in the library, they rather watch their favourite varsity player and go ‘kyaaa…. kyaaa’ on the side-lines than to do a boring and never ending job like arranging the books in the shelves.

Second are those sports club. If you ask me which one I would like to watch it’s the women’s volleyball or tennis practices. Why those? Well those places where you can watch in silence or rather it’s quieter than those in other places. Basketball, table tennis, badminton, etc. each have their respective poster girl or boy which attract too much noise and aside from those two sports I like to watch, the other coaches let the crowd do whatever they want so I hate them.

Third is the open clubs. These clubs have open performances that other people are allowed to watch silently. Those are the drama club, mini orchestra, light music club, art and crafts, etc.

The last ones are the hobby clubs. They are also open to other non-members but once you enter they will pester you to join their club. I accidentally entered one before and it took a lot of will to convince them I can’t join.

I chose to head towards the tennis club because for some reason today, the club will have a practice match against other schools. When I arrived the match already started. A lot of people can be seen silently watching the game because if you are too loud the scary coach will put his eyes on you and it won’t end well.

“Whoa as expected of our ace she really beat her opponents without mercy”

“Well she isn’t called the executioner in our school for no reason”

“I heard she’s playing <<Lucid Dream>> and she is also quite famous as a sword user”

“Yeah I saw her once slaughtering her way inside a dungeon and no one stopped her for doing so”

“Who would? After she wasted a couple of men trying to woo her, then forced to re-create their characters to avoid being killed on sight (KOS) by her fans. It made quite an uproar back then”

“ooh I remember that one”

The person whom they are talking about is ‘Cely Go’. She is a model student which has both ‘beauty and the brains’ she is also quite famous in our school after winning the last year ‘miss campus crush’ while as a freshmen. She then joined the tennis club and won the regional meet last year. Though its news to me that she plays that game. It’s actually something that I should have expected since her family is rich. Her father is the owner of a five star hotel which is famous for their services and hospitality.

Honestly I could care less since in my eyes she is still too young, more like a daughter to me that is if you compare my mental age or should I call soul age to her. But I must admit that she leans on the high class beauty side. It feels somewhat odd whenever I see her; I mean is there such thing as a perfect person in the world? In my opinion there isn’t one.

The game ended up in favour of our school and people started to disperse. I don’t have anything to do here so I decided to leave. When I turn around all of a sudden I felt some sharp gaze on me and it made me felt somewhat alert. I quickly turn around and tried to find that gaze but as soon as I made my move the feeling fade away.

‘Was it only my imagination?’ I thought for a sec but in the end I decided to let it be and move on.

Dusk came and I was preparing to leave after loitering around the school killing some time. I check my bags content to be sure I did not miss anything.

“Huh?” I am quite amazed by the fact that there is an item inside my bag that is definitely not mine. I look around and saw nothing since I’m the only one on the room; my classmates bring their stuff when they head towards their clubs so the only bag left in the room was mine.

“Is this supposed to be a prank?”

That’s the first thing that came to mind after pulling out that thing inside my bag. It is a thin rectangular object, with quite a girly design and enclosed with a cute sticker. Yep it’s a letter.

I opened it and read the content it says as follows:

“Dear Stanley,

I’ve been quite fascinated by you for quite a while now and if possible I would like for us to meet today at the back of the gym and have a little chat with me.

PS: I will be waiting


“uuugh, huh? Seriously?”

My brain froze for a moment and read it all over again. Still the contents are clear and I think I did not miss-interpret this letter.

“To think that there will be a time when I will receive such thing”

My heart began to pound heavier to the point of going crazy. Both now and even in the previous one, I never receive such letter. ‘aaah, I’m in heaven’ or so I thought. It took quite a while before I calm down and think it over.

“This must be a prank”

‘DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE THE MIND OF AN ADULT’ Cel? Who in the right mind would use that name. You could easily get the wrong conclusion that this letter came from her. If you think about it more carefully why would she send a letter to an unknown man in school? I can even proudly say that i never talked to her once, not even a simple ‘good morning’ greeting. Therefore I conclude this letter is a trap, so let’s ignore it and head home. It’s dangerous if other people read this so to be safe I brought it back home.

“I’m back” not that someone will answer me back.

I placed my bag on my bed and prepare some dinner. It’s really lonely living alone but what can I do? Thinking back on the things I’ve done, I never really change much. Aside from my daily routine which is also became a habit of mine, every morning I will jog towards the nearest park and since there aren’t any people around I do some parkour. At first my sense of balance is so bad that doing so will only cause some unfortunate accidents. So I first train my stamina, then my flexibility, and lastly my reflex. After that I do some self-thought martial arts that came from the net. Some forms are easy to understand and with a little courage of mine I tried doing parkour little by little. I know I’m quite stupid but I don’t have anyone to teach me in the first place and looking for a proper teacher or enlisting in a dojo cost allot of money thus with the little courage I had I don’t really know what to do.

It came to me slowly that my confidence starts to build up upon being capable to do the things I saw from videos on the net. It made me happy and became thrilled, in the end it became a habit. Though I don’t want other people to see me doing so that’s why I always do it early in the morning where people are busy preparing themselves, going to work or school.

“Ah! There is still that!” Suddenly remembering something I forgot since yesterday I immediately went to the place I stored it and see its contents.

After I removed the cloth, what I saw is something that made me surprised. The box is wrapped using a very feminine paper with details and decors that indicates this gift is intended to be given to a girl.

‘WHAT THE! OOOOOLD MAAAAN’ I screamed loudly in my thoughts. Isn’t this too cruel? A gift to your grandson? Did your grandson lost his junior that’s why you want to give him this type of gift? Damn I was deceived give me back my feelings!

“...” I pause for a moment before regaining my senses.

“Since you already gave this to me might as well unbox it. I just hope it’s not something I cannot use. Well if I can’t use it might as well sell it. It might sound cruel but it’s payback for what the old man did”

With a lot of hesitation I decided to un-wrap the box.


Speechless, I cannot think of anything after I remove the wrapper. This type of gift is not something you buy then give it away to a stranger just because you cannot give it to the intended person. I mean ‘WHO THE HELL WILL GIVE A PRESENT SUCH AS A BOX OF STRAWBERRY JAMS THAT IS WAY PAST ITS EXPIRATION DATE’. Does the old man intended to troll his grandson so much then it just so happens that I’m the one suffering?

 I let out a mouth full of air then decided to open the box.

“At least I can re-use the jars and recycle the box”. While thinking of using the jars as condiments containers I remove the tape seal and open the box.


Again I’m speechless, does the old man really likes to troll people? And why am I the one suffering from this?
What I saw inside the box is the most anticipated and well known item in the world today. It’s the Game Platform Technologies virtual reality set for the game <<Lucid Dream>>.


“Damn old man” I said with a soft voice resigning myself.

Here is the second chapter on the series.

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