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Chapter 15: Unexpected meeting, Confession? And the other useful skill


Nothing unusual happen today, as the classes went as usual and nothing noteworthy can be said. I went to a 24/7 grocery store to buy some daily necessities.


Most of the time I buy my stuff at a nearby wet market but it’s on the opposite direction from my way home so if I’m feeling too lazy I just buy small things that I need from that store.


Entering the store you can already see the counter a few steps away from the door and a cute girl in the cashier saying ‘Welcome to *****’ with a business simile on her face.


I went straight to the spot where I can buy the ingredients I need for dinner. After taking the stuff I need I went to the cashier and pay for the goods.


“Oooh fancy meeting you here”


A familiar voice came from behind, a gentle yet cold voice coming from a girl near my age. I turn around and saw a girl still wearing her school uniform holding a shopping basket, it’s the glasses girl Lalaine . Good thing I already picked the things I need so I turn around and leave her be.




“I think it’s quite rude to suddenly leave after being greeted by a cute girl right?” Grabbing my arm which holds the goods I bought, she said with a hint of irritation on her voice.


“Sorry I think you got the wrong person”


“That excuse again?.... Can’t you think of other excuses except that?”


I turn around and look at her. She released my arm then stare at me.


“Well is there anything else?”




What should I do? It’s the type of person I won’t get along even in my previous life. Even though she is really a beauty if I compare her to a flower it would be a rose, flower full of thorns.


Out of the blue I thought of a silly thing to say and in order for this type of attack to be effective I have to put everything into it and convey the words properly.


I stepped closer to her, put up a very serious face and looked at her straight to the eyes with a little bit of mischief in my mind.


“I Love you, ever since the first time I saw you”


I said in my most serious and calm tone.


“….” (0.0)


Seeing her shocked expression, it seems the plan is a success. I smiled at her then put a distance between us


“Well then. Bye”


I dash off at full speed not turning back while I hear her scream “WHA!? WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT”


I laugh out loud inside my mind imagining her expression while saying that. Of course not knowing the consequences I had to endure next time I go to school






~Back in the game~


When I log in, I continued to grind my movement skill. From what I learned, the skill level up faster the more you understand the proper usage of the skill. So not only using it repeatedly I also try to comprehend more about it.




System Message:

Movement Skill – Lightning Ghost is now at maximum level


It took me a whole day (game time) just to maximize its level. Looking at the skill description I realize that it now consume some essence compared to before.


Movement Skill – Lightning Ghost (active lvl 10)

An active buff movement skill that allows the user to move as fast as lightning, people will only think they saw a ghost when you move past them.



  • Body movement speed increase by 200%
  • Eliminate sound of footsteps, traces of movements, and air resistance while moving
  • Adding stealth effect when using this skill (5% chance for the skill to be neutralized by other players skills)
  • Create an illusion and deceive enemies while using this skill in combat
  • Consumes 10 essence per second every time the skill is active


I used the skill to experience the skill at its maximum potential and it’s amazing. So great, this skill is freaking godly. Everything around me moves so slowly, I move around unhindered and unnoticeable. With this skill I can go anywhere I want without being noticed. *LAUGHS*


“It seems you are enjoying yourself” with a smirk on his face he appeared behind me but the problem is I cannot see him.

By the way the movement skill is still active; my whole body is completely in stealth and constantly moving so the possibility that Old B to see me is close to none.


The only thing I can think of is, the Mind’s Eye skill is capable of seeing through this godly movement skill.


“Really an idiot, use your mind’s eye skill you retard”


Just when I’m thinking Old B shout out the answer so I activate the skill but I can only feel where he is but still cannot see him. Maybe because the skill level is still too low, I mean its only level four after I re-appraise the items I have and it got stuck there half way through all the stuff then never earned a single experience.


I squint my eye’s looking at the direction which I feel Old B’s presence. Hah! I give up I can’t see a thing; ok lesson learned lets grind all the lifesaving skill I get before I roam the world.

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