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Chapter 14: This game is more complex than I imagine


“So how is it?”


Old B was looking at me, deep in thought and seems like he is trying to understand something.


“I don’t get it. You were able to perform the skill properly but it severely lacks the essence”


“What do you mean?”


“Just now you were able to immediately learn the skill just by holding it. Maybe it’s one of your fake immortal traits but you only know how to execute the skill but not its essence.”


“Maybe my skill level is quite low?”


“It’s not that even with a mediocre talent. If one person from this world manages to comprehend just a small amount of that skill, it will show the same result you did but much more flawless and harder to predict.”


“The point is?”


*sigh*”Let me show you first before I explain in more detail. I will also move in the same manner using the skill so watch closely.”




The heck was that, the difference is like heaven and earth. All I see is the old man who is about to take a single step then as if teleporting he already arrived at the tree.


“See the difference? I did not even use the highest level of skill, yet you can see what I’m telling you. Now I will let you see the skill at its full potential”


Huh? Where did he go? I look around but I cannot see him.


“Did you manage comprehend something?”


I turn around and saw Old B standing three steps away from me. That moment even though it’s only a game I felt a cold sweat all over my body. What happened just now? Did he just vanish and hide somewhere to confuse me?


“From your expression I guess you did not”


“The heck you just vanished under my nose. Did you hide somewhere just to make fun of me?”


*sigh* I knew you were an idiot but who knew you’re more idiotic than I thought”


“WHAT are you picking a fight? You narcissistic B*st*rd”


“BRAT you want me to explain or do you want me to hang you again? You’re choice”


“……. Please explain more oh great one”


“……. Ah… well whatever. Ok now the skill I just gave you, even though you manage to learn it you did not comprehend it. It’s like using a knife to slice but not knowing that you can also use it to stab. Using the skills is not just moving, it’s more like how your opponent’s see you move than how you move.

This movement skill just like its name, you are moving in a high speed but not letting your opponent perceive your movements or tracking you by using the sound of your movement, your presence, etc. the skill has three components and its speed, illusion, and stealth.

When you execute the skill you only manage to do the speed and a little bit of stealth by concealing the sound but people can still see you move, heck even an ordinary farmer can tell how you moved it’s just that in their eyes you can only walk faster.

As for the illusion it’s more use full in combat when fighting at a high speed, creating after images and fake presence to confuse the enemy. Now sit down and meditate, try to comprehend and focus on finding the skills essence”




Does that mean, every skill in lucid dream has more capabilities than we players thought? If that is the case then just learning a skill from a skill book or from quest rewards are not enough, you also need to know what other capabilities it holds.


Such skills, you can learn it if you have enough interaction with an NPC that will teach you not only the skill itself but the essence behind the skill.

Probably some players might be able to learn this secret but I doubt many can improve the skills they have or gained.


I started mediating to understand more about what the skill has to offer.


~Few hours passed~




System message:

By understanding more about the Movement Skill – Lightning Ghost additional effects has been added


I quickly open my status window and view the skill description


 Movement Skill – Lightning Ghost (active lvl 2)

An active buff movement skill that allows the user to move as fast as lightning, people will only think they saw a ghost when you move past them.



  • Body movement speed increase by 20%
  • Eliminate sound of footsteps, traces of movements, and air resistance while moving
  • Adding stealth effect when using this skill (40% chance for the skill to be neutralized by other players skills)
  • Create an illusion and deceive enemies while using this skill in combat (can be used in combat at level 10)


This is awesome and just by improving the skill’s effects, the skill also levelled up. I quickly got up and tried the skill.


Calm, everything is calm like I was one with the world. Even if I stepped into a thin branch of a tree it only swayed as if a gentle wind passed by, like a ghost passing through anything without a hint in the surroundings.


I stop while thinking about what just happened, absorbing everything and soothing myself.


“Looks like you manage to master its essence”


I looked at Old B and smiled.




“how is it?”


“Felt great, as if I’m finally free from the chains that bind me. Moving freely as I can be”


“He he he. Brat the higher level you are the better the effects especially when you can finally use it in combat. For now train this skill unto its maximum potential then I will teach you another skill.”


Then Old B left me and disappeared to who knows where. Well who cares, I will train this skill until it reached its maximum level so I can use it in combat. Just thinking about the things I can do with this skill makes me so excited.


By the time I manage to increase its level up to eight it’s already six in the morning. Good thing is while playing the game you are also sleeping so I got out of the game without any problems. I did my daily routine and head off to school.


On my way to school I just realize something important. During the night monsters in <<Lucid Dream> became more aggressive and they increase in number but until now I never seen any monsters after I met that old man not even a shadow. Maybe we are in a safe area but still, anyway let’s cross the bridge when we get there.

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