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Chapter 13: Element and the path I take


"Every human has their own element compatibility since the moment they were born. Humans can use all types of elements but training the element which is not compatible to the body will result in a slower and harsher training. Training on the element that is not compatible with your body it will reach a certain limit and would not advance further no matter what."(Old B)


This makes me feel quite excited and makes me look forward to it. I raised my hand trying to gesture that I want to ask something but that Old B ignored it.


"We have four major elements which is Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire with additional three special element that is Lightning, Light, and dark. Every element has a sub element or sub attributes with them. For water it is Ice and healing. Wind is Sound and Speed. Earth is wood and metal. Fire is Destruction and Type of fire. Lightning is Speed and Destruction. Light Is Healing and Purification, lastly for darkness is Shadow and Madness. You can say that each element has at least two sub elements or attributes." (Old B)


So basically I can use all of those elements but its best to train the element you are compatible with?


"The strength of your element will also depend on the level of your power as a Demon Slayer. If both of us use the same fire spell or technique, the difference in power can be clearly seen. Of course I can adjust the power to be equal to yours but that means i have to reduce its normal power by supressing it"(Old B)


It’s quite confusing but i got some of it like it has the same principle in physics. Imagine there are two water tanks with the same amount of water and at the same size. One is placed three meters above sea level and the other one is placed ten meters above sea level. If you place a pipe with the same size on both tanks for the water to flow, the moment you release the water then you will notice the difference on how strong the water flows at the end of each pipe.


"Now get up and we shall start the test"(Old B)


Old B took out several crystals like stones and asked me to pour some essence into them. There are a total of seven stones which two of them lit up. After the process, I look into Old b just to see a smiling face while nodding.


"Brat, you are compatible with two elements. I do not know how these elements will help you. Honestly I do not know if this elements will take you to the peak but as the saying goes ‘There are no useless things, just useless people’ so it’s up to you on how you will use it.” (Old B)




The heck, what is with this Old B? Is the result really that bad? In my opinion every element is powerful enough for me to use.


Is it because of the combination? He did say two elements and now I’m getting nervous.


“Being a dual element is actually a good thing. That is if both elements complement each other but if both element opposes each other then that’s a bad thing. This means that each element will not mix well and eventually weaken each other. As for your element, I’m afraid to say…”(Old B)


*Heart Beats* Come on spit it out will you. Geez making me nervous, what is with the suspense anyway.


“It’s…” he turns around and took a deep breath then shake his head.




“Ooooooow, that hurts what the hell is wrong with you brat. That will definitely leave a bump on my ever perfect head” (Old B)


“….” I rolled my eyes. Earlier I found a small rock and toss it straight at his head with my full force. It’s just a small rock I tell you, it’s about as big as a bowling ball and I assure you it’s as heavy too. So I’m confident that it won’t kill him, in fact you can look at his head there are no signs of blood flowing right?


“You,… YOU, it’s supposed to be my moment and you ruined it PERFECTLY” (Old B)


I stare at him with a smirk on my face.


“Fine fine, it’s no big deal anyway. Your element is Lightning and Water. Lightning is the best element against demons which is only second to Light. Water is both offensive and support element. Both elements can support each other so even though it’s not a perfect couple like Fire and Earth, wind and water, wind and fire, it won’t hinder each other so all in all you’re still lucky. ” (Old B)


Oh what a nice combination of skill. Still I prefer having the light element over water because if I combined the two, I’ll be able to create a divine or holy lightning? That would be awesome right?


“Ah! by the way which path are you going to take? There are several paths you can choose and since you have the three elite production skills I guess you have more to choose from.” (Old B)




“Oh right you can’t talk….. hmm let’s fix that first” (Old B)


Old B wave his hand and a gentle light covered me.





You’re mute status has been lifted.


“There you go, now let’s discuss about it” (Old B)

“…… Path?” ‘Aaah finally I can talk, ooh how I miss this freedom of speech’. But that’s not important right now so let’s hear more about the so called paths.


“Yeah, you can be either a combat type or a production type” (Old B)


“I want to know more about it”(Me)


“ke ke ke. Now that you ask let this great, Handsome, Smart, benevolent, blah, blah . . . . . . . .  Me will enlighten you. Now back then when I first ………….”(Old B)


Such a narcissistic B** just get straight to the point already.


~Few hours later ~


“ And …. Where was I again?” (Old B)


“About the path I should choose”(Me) *Sigh* I really want to destroy that narcissistic face.


“Oh right. Well each type help each other like production type create weapons, armours, pills, etc. while combat type collect hard to get materials for them. Especially those materials where you need to kill strong monsters to obtain. That’s what it should be until the calamity happened. To make the long story short the Demon Slayer linage is down to eight persons and they are forced to be self-sufficient but for now let’s not discuss them and focus on what is in front of us. Both types can is self-explanatory and there is no ‘one is better than the other’ it always depends on ones capabilities, talents, and wits. So what do you want to do?  ” (Old B)


“Any suggestions”(Me)


“You have a lot of skills but training all of them takes too much time and money so I recommend on focusing on one first then if you want you can train the rest” (Old B)


Now it’s kind of hard to decide, since my goal is earning money to support my daily expenses those production skills will be of great help. If I choose to abandon combat type, then I will also miss out the chance of getting rare loots.


“It seems you are having a hard time deciding. If you want both then it’s no problem but you have to work extra hard to meet your goals. For now I suggest you became a Combat type as a main path and production path as your sub. While you are training, you can also use the materials form the monsters you killed for your production path” (Old B)


I see that is a good idea, it’s possible if I divide my time properly and gather every material I might find during my adventures.


“Now let’s proceed with your martial arts” (Old B)


Old B retrieved something and tosses it to me.




System message:

Do you want to learn the Movement Skill – Lightning Ghost? (Y/N)


“Learn that skill then burn it after wards” (Old B)


I pressed yes then the book began to glow the disappeared.


Old B firmly stared at the process but cannot think of what happened


“I guess I don’t need to burn it”(Me)


“….”(Old B)

“What’s next?”(Me)


“How? What happened?” (Old B)

“I already learned it”(Me)


“That fast?” (Old B)




Old B stared at me not believing what I just said.


“Try to use it, quickly show me. Walk toward that tree” (Old B)


Old B urges me to walk towards a tree that is about several meters away from us


I activated the skill and tried to walk towards then.




Speechless, wow it’s really incredible. Even though I’m the one who did it it’s still amazing. I quickly looked at the skill description.




Movement Skill – Lightning Ghost (active lvl 1)

An active buff movement skill that allows the user to move as fast as lightning, people will only think they saw a ghost when you move past them.



  • Body movement speed increase by 20%
  • Eliminate sound of footsteps and air resistance while moving
  • Can be used in combat at level 10


Oh nice, such a godly skill. This means a lot and a very useful skill which other people wanted so badly because in <<Lucid Dream>> there are no such thing as agility stat. the only way to increase movement speed is riding a mount and increasing attack speed is through skills and equipment’s.


The skill not only gives me boost in movement but also it increases my whole body movement speed. This means that I can dodge, attack, and move faster once this skill is activated. But I still need to grind this skill up to the max level to be used in combat; still it’s an awesome skill.

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