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Chapter 12: New Update and a breakthrough


A note from HalfSpicy



Old B = old b*st*rd from now on

“What a tough day”


 On my way home I heard some students discussing something about << Lucid Dream >> having an announcement so I opened their website and there are some interesting things that caught my eye.


<< Lucid Dream >> will be having an update and will shut their servers down for six hours and they will suspend some accounts that violated the game’s rules.


The most severe case is being banned for a month because of RMT (real money trading) and those people suspected of using RMT whether the buyer or the seller side had been investigated and during the update they will start suspending those guilty of the deed.


If the people still continue this type of transactions after their suspension is over then they will be permanently banned. This means that the person will never be able to play the game in his/her life since the game scans an individual’s iris or retina to log in.


Since RMT is a way where people earn to pay for bills they inserted a game market where players can sell off their items or buy using in game or real money. It’s kind of annoying since it is like they suspend accounts using RMT because GPT don’t earn from them.

But this will lessen the cases of being scammed and since GPT will only take 1% of the item price it can be considered as cheap advertisement to sell your items.

This triggered my money making curiosity, since this is a good thing. Playing a game while earning a lot would be a great deal.


Now the greatest question is ‘How can I earn lots of money in the game?’


I looked at the time and I noticed that I still have two hours before the game update ends.


I used that time to think of methods on how to earn money so I made a list


  • Sell gold
  • Craft consumable items like potions, food items, scrolls, etc. then sell it to obtain more gold
  • Craft weapons, armours, etc. need to be good ones to be converted directly into money or sell in gold
  • Hunt rare items or equips then sell it directly or sell in gold
  • Act as a mercenary and help other people in their quest or raids then be paid either by real money or gold


But the greatest problem is my situation where I can’t even roam around. Any monster can kill me in one hit, forget about hunting or crafting I can’t even escape that Old B.


In the end the only thing I can do right now is to become strong, strong enough to hit that Old B into black and blue meat paste.









Time passed by, the updates finished and allowed us to log back in. the person I hate the most in this game is waiting for me with a mocking smile.


“Ok time to start your training”



Of course I still can’t talk. Ever since he used some weird spell on me I wasn’t able to.


“Ke ke ke … those eyes symbolizes that you’re ready”



That’s right, because of some intense rough training which is doubled by several times that I forgot how much it actually is, I raised my level to Human lvl 9 before I log out last time.


The training was so inhuman and every time I’m at my limit and about to die, the Old B make me drink some weird stuff which removes my fatigue and replenishes my health.


And now is the moment when I try to make a breakthrough and emerge as a warrior level cultivator.


“Now come on sit down in lotus position so we can begin”




“To break the wall between a human to a warrior Demon Slayer is quite easy. During my younger days…………..”


The boastful and narcissist Old B began his history lecture and made me sleepy. In the end only a few things from those he had said are quite useful.



So to break the wall all I need to do is absorb the world essence in my body and convert it into a more pure essence for my body to absorb. It will be quite a painful process since every impure essence in my body will be forced out, from my skin, organs, and bones.


When I think of ‘why not absorb a more pure essence in the beginning?’ but Old B might have read my mind and told me that a pure essence is not something a human body can handle and worst case is the body might explode. So for my body to become more accustomed to the world essence I need to absorb it slowly while increasing my body’s strength, and every breakthrough I need to increase the essence purity.


The first thing to do is to identify the impurities from the essence of the world. I need to focus on my body as I absorb more essence.


"Remember the pure essence is as mild as flowing water, the more muddy it gets the more impurities it has" (Old B)


The goal is to decrease its muddy properties and by doing so the quality of the essence in the body will also increase, leading to the breakthrough for the next realm and increasing ones limit of absorption. If the person successfully breakthrough, the body will increase the quality it normally absorbs. This process is needed in every breakthrough until one reach the Emperor level.


My body starts to emit a foul odour and black sweat starts to drop all over my body. This is the side effect of increasing the essence purity within one’s body, as it cleanse and strengthen both the inner and outer part of the body.


Immense pain began to surge all over my body as if I’m being stabbed by thousands of needles. I wanted to shout but my voice is sealed by this Old B.


Time passed by but i do not know how much, it felt like eternity to me. Now I’m lying down and looking at the clear blue skies.


'Such a peaceful life is really the best'




A huge amount of cold water has been dumped on my body. i got startled and tried to get up in reflex.




Pain began to surge all over my body and i noticed that Old B is holding a huge bucket with a huge grin on his face.

'This B*sta*rd one day i will punch that silly face of yours, this i vow to myself'.


"It seems you are successful, now comes the part where you stabilize your current strength while recovering from the after effects"


"Try to calm down and relaxed your whole body, then use the essence to slowly heal your body"


~Few hours later~


"Good, now I will teach you a set of martial arts that is suitable for you, but before that we need to determine your element"




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