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Chapter 11: Tension and Confrontation


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“ ” normal conversation or spoken words


‘ ’ thoughts


[ ] system message


* * gestures/actions/others

“While playing <<Lucid Dream>> the body enters in a state where the body rest while the mind is inside the game, so technically every time you play the game you also sleep. That’s why as a student it’s more convenient to play <<Lucid Dream>> when it’s time to sleep.”




 Still anxious about what happened yesterday, I go to school silently while pretending to be innocent that knows nothing about what happened like it has nothing to do with me.


Still I did not let my guard down since there is a possibility that the whole school knows the truth already and people began to play pranks on me and my whole silent and peace full life will end.  


Facing the door to my classroom filled with noise I took a deep breath and open it.




Silence filled the whole room the moment they noticed that the door opened.


“What?” I asked them, which I fear that they already know about it.


My classmates stare at me for a few seconds before they resume to their own conversations.


‘Is it already out? Do I really have to say good bye to my nice and quiet life?’


I entered the classroom and keep my senses up. Reaching my designated seat, I examine it carefully. No adhesives on the chair, No sharp objects under the desk, nothing at all.


‘It seems I’m still safe’


I take my seat and observe my surroundings, looking for anything unusual. Few groups are still discussing about what happened that day and still cursing the lucky guy (me?).


‘It’s driving me crazy’


A few minutes later the teacher came in and the first class starts. A whole day passed by and classes went smoothly, in the end not a single bad thing happened to me.


‘Am I just being paranoid? Worrying about something that will never come? ……… A----H whatever let’s stop thinking about it’


By now the classroom is empty and my classmates are either attending their clubs or going home. I’m currently sitting in my seat and staring outside the windows with empty thoughts. Feeling drowsy upon being released from my mental stress I placed my bag on my desk which served as my pillow then as time goes by my eyes slowly began to close as I start to enter my own dream land.











Rubbing my face which slammed on my desk I look at my surroundings. When my eyes adjusted I saw two girls in front of me.


One of them is wearing a pair of glasses with the hair length just past her shoulders while the other one had her long hair tied into a braid.

The first one seems to be calm with a small hint of worry while the later have this haughty personality and seem quite annoyed looking at me. If I were to describe them in detail, the first one is somewhat on the slim and small side with around five feet and three inches in height. Not too thin but just right for a girl at her height but her chest is on the later B side still if you look at her you will certainly say that she is a beauty without a doubt with a face that can attract any men who see her.


The second one Is definitely on the BIG side (if you know what I mean) she is about five feet and seven inches in height, a little chubby but cannot be considered fat since her womanly figure is somewhat firm which probably caused by doing heavy exercises. If you look at her the first thing you will notice is her twin peaks of about later in D or earlier in F? I cannot really tell since I only made some rough estimation. Well my first impression of her is that she is somewhat a muscle head. Even though her facial features can pass as a model (and body too?)




I silently stare at them for a while then said


 “What?” (Me)


‘Now what did I land myself into?’


“Stanley Crux” the braided girl asked me


“Nope you got the wrong person, since you woke me up, the wrong person please return  my bag so I can go home” (Me)

“Nice try, it is Cleary written on the student I.D. you’re wearing that you are indeed the person I’m looking for”(Braided Girl)


“WHOA! That surprised me I thought you would not notice” I said in an exaggerated manner



I can see on her expression that her anger towards me increased but who cares right? Who told her to just pull out my pillow (bag) while I’m sleeping? Let blood flow like a river in this room. I laugh out loud inside my head while maintaining a poker face.




“What do you take me for?!” ”(Braided Girl)



She slammed my bag on my desk and asked me with anger filled words.


“A muscle head?” (Me)

“Wha ….. YOU!” (Braided Girl)



The braided girl looks at her companion who let out a small laugh.

“Why are you laughing?! You know how serious this matter is!” (Braided Girl)

“OK.. Stop … Stop… I guess that’s enough” (Glasses Girl)


The glasses girl looks at me and then said


“I’m sorry for the behaviour of my companion but we came here for a certain thing regarding on what you did on our dear friend” (Glasses Girl)


“I don’t remember offending anyone nor doing something to someone” (Me)


“Calm down first ok, we cannot proceed if you always blow your fuse” (Glasses girl)

“But I….” (Braided girl)

“I know you’re only concerned about her, I am too but nothing will be solved if you do it your way so let me handle the rest” (Glasses girl)

The braided girl stayed silent for a while then replied


“Fine but let me punch him later if he really harmed her, no let me punch him later since he is an annoying guy” (Braided girl)

she then take a seat nearby while observing us.


“Now then let’s start with the issue at hand” (Glasses girl)


“Before that why don’t you introduce your selves first?” (Me)


“….. You do not know who we are?” (Glasses girl)

“…. Are you some kind of a famous celebrity or something? Sorry but I don’t watch entertainment news”(Me)

“……”(Glasses girl)

“Seriously?” (Glasses girl)

“Is this some kind of charade? If so I do not have any interest in playing”(Me)
She let out a huge *sigh* and shake her head a little she is still cute though.

“My name is Lalaine Clover and the girl earlier is Abby Cortes”(Lalaine)

“I won’t introduce myself since you know already who I am but what did I do to confront me like this?”(Me)

“Our dear friend is Cely Go, Now do you understand?”(Lalaine)


“It’s more like what I did not do rather than I did something though”(Me)


“Why did you not go to the meeting place?” (Lalaine)


“Why should I?”(Me)



Abby stand up again, glaring at me as if she wants to pulverise me on the spot. Lalaine raised her arm to stop her so we can continue to talk.


“What do you mean by that? If someone from this school received that letter I’m absolutely sure that they will go no matter what right?” (Lalaine)


“Well that does not include me” (Me)


“That’s why I’m curious about the guy who can resist the temptation, so why?” (Lalaine)

“It’s nothing really, if you analyse the situation more carefully you would do the same as I did” (Me)

“like?” (Lalaine)


“It’s nothing but a prank” (Me)


both of them stay silent while looking at me. Abby with two rounded eyes and an open round mouth while Lalaine having a big frown on her brows.

“I see well it does makes sense, If an average and unpopular guy with no whatsoever redeeming features suddenly receive such letter the possibility that it’s a just a prank is high, but ……………… Still I’m sure that a person like that will gamble even if he only has a miniscule probability that it’s real” (Lalaine)


“………Umm except from me?”(Me)


Such harsh words coming from a cute girl while saying it straight to your face, but I can’t deny anything of what she have said which hurts even more.


 Lalaine faced down and placed her right hand on her forehead and leak out a deep sigh then asked me.


“What do you intend to do now that you know it’s the real deal”( Lalaine)


“Isn’t obvious?....... I do nothing”(Me)


“Abby!”( Lalaine)


“But El”(Abby)


“I know, for now calm down”( Lalaine)




‘Such a crazy woman’(Me)


“Why? What is your reason? Is she not to your liking?”( Lalaine)


“I admit that she is beautiful, athletic, kind, and smart. Many guys will go crazy just to get her, but I don’t. First of all I don’t really know her apart from the rumours. Second I know I don’t deserve it, I mean I know my own worth. Third I don’t have any time for such things and lastly I want to maintain my peace.”(Me)


Lalaine looked at me for a while then said “Alright I understand…..Let’s go Abby”( Lalaine)


Both girls left the room and me on the other hand checked my bag then go straight home since I don’t have any mood to do anything for the rest of the day aside from playing the game.


I wonder if I can find a new part time job before this week ends.

A note from HalfSpicy

I made some adjustments please comment if there are mistakes or any weird and confusing stuff

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