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Chapter 10: Training and rumors filled with death’s aura


A note from HalfSpicy

“” normal conversation or spoken words


‘’ thoughts


[] system message


** gestures/actions/others


-Since from now on conversation between more than three people will become confusing I will add the name or identity of the person speaking the dialogue.

“Did I tell you to rest? Come on move that body. Do it a couple more times after that we move to meditation to work your mind and rest your body” (Old B)




“Go on, go on and move that lazy butt of yours”(Old B)


I’ve been doing a training menu straight from hell and almost three days past inside the game since then, when I tried to sneak out and run I got caught easily. The stupid me never thought that this old b*ast*rd also have a Mind’s Eye skill. He then cast a spell on me so I won’t be able to talk.


I thought that it will wear off as time passes but the old b*ast*rd told me that it won’t come off unless he undo the spell. The only good part is that I can still summon the game menu and log off.

At first I tried to delete my avatar and create a new one but the system prompt me that it is impossible to do so. I also tried to send a complaint ticket but a message immediately sent back saying it’s impossible because I triggered a hidden profession that should not be triggered this early in the game.

Creating a new account is also impossible since only a single account and a single character is allowed per person to prevent unwanted incidents like scams using alternative account so their main account won’t be affected by in game penalties. It is also a way to teach people about being more responsible and cautious inside the game.


In the end all I can do is endure.


“That’s it time for meditation. Sit in lotus position and meditate. Try to absorb the world’s essence as much as you can to increase your level” (Old B)


And thus I manage to breakthrough twice and reach a lvl 3 human Demon Slayer.


By the way the Demon Slayer Class is divided into six categories which is Human, Warrior, King, Emperor, Saint, and God. Each category has nine levels and every time you reach the maximum level in a category, you will have a chance to break the wall and jump to the next category.




Another day passed by in game time and it’s time for me to go back to the real world. The old b*ast*rd sensed it and told me that he will be waiting for my return because he knew that my kind (the players) cannot stay in this world for too long.








After I finish my daily routine I take a quick shower and prepared for school.


It’s the usual morning for me where old wives in my neighbourhood gossip as they see me walk past them. It’s the usual thing, like those reporters in the media confusing the masses with wrong information and sometimes makes it worse. Even in my previous life same things happen, they always have some things to gossip about. No matter what era it is, it’s still the same.


I reach my classroom and place my stuff on my desk then stare outside the window and wait for the class to start. Or it should be like that, a certain topic is being talk about of almost everyone in the classroom. I don’t have any intention to listen since it’s not my business but when I heard it I began to pay attention.


“Hey have you heard”(Gossiper 1)


“Of course I did, I mean everyone in the school knew about it” (Gossiper 2)


“Yeah it never came to me that the day our campus idol will confess to someone” (Gossiper 3)


*nods* “But they say guy never showed up and she waited until night came, if her best friend did not urge her to go home she will still be waiting for the guy” (Gossiper 1)


“Such a stupid guy exists? If it’s me I will rush to the meeting place immediately like my life is on the line” (Gossiper 3)


*laughs* “I’ll bet you will be spending your Monday in a hospital nearby if that happens, just think about those fans of hers that will go on rampage when they see you” (Gossiper 2)

“Still no one knows who is the lucky b*ast*rd” (Gossiper 4)

“Yeah, but I doubt he won’t show up unless he knows what’s good for him” (Gossiper 1)


While listening to this conversation I began to panic inside. I really thought that it’s only a prank who knew it’s the real deal?

‘My god!’

Thinking about it for a second I realize something. If I look at it at a different angle, there is a possibility that this is really a prank and spreading rumours were meant to get back at me since their prank did not succeed. In a normal scenario people from her friend group will openly approach me as if announcing that it was me then the bullying will start.


‘Are this people really that bored to bully me who’s in the background and did not stand out?’


With this line of thinking, a flame of anger lit up inside of me.


‘I tried to stay low and prevent myself to get involved in anything that will destroy my quiet life. If that is the case, I your father won’t back down and destroy you all’


The class started soon and everyone became quiet. Time passed by and every tic of the clock makes me worried and anxious as if there is a C4 under my chair and every sec counts closer to explosion. Lunch came and end without a problem and my classmates still talks about the idol’s confession.


That means there is a possibility that they will come at me afterschool but in the end nothing happened.


Mentally exhausted I returned home do some homework, eat dinner and entered the game which I face the hellish training and emptied my mind during meditation.

A note from HalfSpicy

I made some adjustments please comment if there are mistakes or any weird and confusing stuff

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