Kairos & the Snowdrifts

by Alan Tang

Original ONGOING Action Drama Fantasy Historical Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural Wuxia

Kairos Astroire & the Snowdrifts is now available on Amazon: eBook | Paperback! Featuring 591 pages that are lovingly edited for a more enjoyable read.


For chapters, 1-21 here are the edited version: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/12125/kairos-the-snowdrifts-edited


NOTE: The chapters in this book is still in its first draft.

Which means, it has not been fully edited especially at the beginning.

Release Schedule: One to two days.

This is a cultivation novel.

Saint Empire, a land of permanent spring that is as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Born in a time of turmoil, Kairos was a young village boy that could be found anywhere. He had unremarkable talents but was enrolled in Saint Cadets Academy where the weak can only be trampled upon. However, everything changed when he discovered an unbelievable inheritance in an old musty manuscript.

Doors that were meant to be closed were blown apart, never to be shut again, and he gained an unmatched ability to create cultivation arts. It was something that none in the three realms and three worlds had ever witnessed before.

Aided with his newly unlocked potential, he decided to form the Snowdrifts and create a little place of peace for those he held dear.

However, during their academy’s mock battle training, their flimsy haven was torn apart by the greed of men, and an ancient foe they thought long dead rise once again.

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Alan Tang

Alan Tang

Word Count (15)
3rd Anniversary
Top List #2000
Easter Event Search Party - Bronze Medal
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
(Prologue) Chapter 1: Saint Empire ago
Chapter 2: The Original Source ago
Chapter 3: Pure-Self Cultivation ago
Chapter 4: Starfire Rune ago
Chapter 5: Of weapon Of self ago
Chapter 6: George of the mountain cat clan ago
Chapter 7: Show-Hand ago
Chapter 8: First Assignment ago
Chapter 9: Traps ago
Chapter 10: Orc Village ago
Chapter 11: The Warcry ago
Author notes: Please enjoy the story and expect chapters added frequently! ago
Chapter 12: Report ago
Chapter 13: Horde Suppression ago
Chapter 14: Heavenly Path ago
Chapter 15: The Ambush ago
Chapter 16: Gammadion Cross ago
Chapter 17: The Front-line Archer ago
Chapter 18: The Berserker's pill ago
Chapter 19: D rank ago
Chapter 20: Northern Star Array ago
Chapter 21: The duel with Calculus ago
Chapter 22: Extraction Team ago
Chapter 23: Stopping the Orc march ago
Chapter 24: Starfire formation (玄火星辰阵) ago
Chapter 25: The herald of fury ago
Chapter 26: The unstoppable War Chief ago
Chapter 27: New friends ago
Chapter 28: Brothers ago
Chapter 29: The Jellyfish Martial Art ago
Chapter 30: Mission report ago
Chapter 31: Martial Art Creation ago
Character data and other information ago
Chapter 32: To take East hill ago
Chapter 33: The dragon's strategy, the phoenix's tactics ago
Chapter 34: Luciette's raid ago
Chapter 35: A duel for the kitty ago
Chapter 36: Secret Arts ago
Chapter 37: Nearly bald ago
Chapter 38: The scent of War ago
Chapter 139: The black forest Siege (Part 3) ago
Chapter 140: The black forest End (Part 1) ago
Chapter 141: The black forest End (Part 2) ago
Chapter 142: The black forest End (Part 3) ago
Chapter 143: The black forest End (Part 4) ago
Chapter 144: To the Silent Lambs Empire ago
Chapter 145: Flame art ago
Chapter 146: The border town incident ago
Chapter 147: Rielon, King of Thieves ago
Chapter 148: The Phrixus ago
Chapter 149: Vox Shalua ago
Chapter 150: The gamble (Part 1) ago
Chapter 151: The gamble (Part 2) ago
Chapter 152: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 1) ago
Chapter 153: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 2) ago
Chapter 154: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 3) ago
Chapter 155: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 4) ago
Chapter 156: Spirit Core ago
Chapter 157: Breaking in ago
Chapter 158: Syriong ago
Chapter 159: Battling the Guardian (Part 1) ago
Chapter 160: Battle the Guardian (Part 2) ago
Chapter 161: Raiding the Palace (Part 1) ago
Chapter 162: Raiding the Palace (Part 2) ago
Chapter 163: Raiding the Palace (Part 3) ago
Chapter 164: Indra Diethus Sovereignty ago
Chapter 165: The start of the chase ago
Chapter 166: Lost chase ago
Chapter 167: The Ghost Maw ago
Chapter 168: Enki (Part 1) ago
Chapter 169: Enki (Part 2) ago
Chapter 170: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 1) ago
Chapter 171: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 2) ago
Chapter 172: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 3) ago
Chapter 173: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 4) ago
Chapter 174: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 5) ago
Chapter 175: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 6) ago
Chapter 176: The soul lanterns ago
Chapter 177: Escaped ago
Chapter 178: Unable to flee ago
Chapter 179: Stratagems ago
Chapter 180: The Crystal Valve ago
Chapter 181: The 3 Curses ago
Chapter 182: Mana ago
Chapter 183: Lightning Pillar ago
Chapter 184: Mid grade B Rank ago
Chapter 185: Back in Aurolia ago
Chapter 186: The Phantoms arrive ago
Chapter 187: Duel ago
Chapter 188: Challenging the Phantoms ago
Chapter 189: The pill ago
Chapter 190: Martial Techniques (Part 1) ago
Chapter 191: Martial Techniques (Part 2) ago
Chapter 192: The Practice (Part 1) ago
Chapter 193: The Practice (Part 2) ago
Chapter 194: The return to Saint Empire ago
Chapter 195: The Natural Laws ago
Chapter 196: Parting from Jones ago
Chapter 197: Flashback ago
Chapter 198: First move (Part 1) ago
Chapter 199: First move (Part 2) ago
Chapter 200: The ball (Part 1) ago
Chapter 201: The ball (Part 2) ago
Chapter 202: The ball (Part 3) ago
Chapter 203: Star Metal Insignia ago
Chapter 204: The return ago
Chapter 205: Counterattack (Part 1) ago
Chapter 206: Counterattack (Part 2) ago
Chapter 207: Securing the bases ago
Chapter 208: True motive ago
Chapter 209: Assassination ago
Chapter 210: The First Prince ago
Chapter 211: Return to Saint Cadets Academy ago
Chapter 212: Earth [End of Book 2] ago
Book 3. Chapter 213: The Testing Block ago
Chapter 214: The Rise of the Snowdrifts ago
Chapter 215: Saint Cadets Combat Tournament ago
Chapter 216: Rematch with Calculus ago
Chapter 217: Rematch with Calculus 2 ago
Chapter 218: Saint Cadets Tournament First duel ago
Chapter 219: True Names ago
Chapter 220: Runes Weaving ago
Chapter 221: Library Access Emblems ago
Chapter 222: An ambush ago
Chapter 223: The Crystal Valve again ago
Chapter 224: Engraving Class ago
Chapter 225: Lux Cixton ago
Chapter 226: Lux Cixton Part 2 ago
Chapter 227: Talisman Creation ago
Chapter 228: Dueling Von Cixton ago
Chapter 229: Steel Rose's humility ago
Chapter 230: Talismans ago
Chapter 231: Combat Arena (Part 1) ago
Chapter 232: Combat Arena (Part 2) ago
Chapter 233: Spirit World ago
Chapter 234: Contract Greater Elementals (Part 1) ago
Chapter 235: Contract Greater Elementals (Part 2) ago
Chapter 236: Seal Creation ago
Chapter 237: Flame Properties ago
Chapter 238: Life and Death in a classroom ago
Chapter 239: Flame Sovereign ago
Chapter 240: The consequences of the Alchemic Flames are larger than expected? ago
Chapter 241: Beast Taming ago
Chapter 242: Frost Kirin ago
Chapter 243: Divine Bird ago
Chapter 244: Nemean Lion ago
Chapter 245: The Nightmare Turtle ago
Chapter 246: The Nightmare Turtle Part 2 ago
Chapter 247: Death from above ago
EXTRA: Beasts, Items, and others ago
Chapter 248: He’s too shameless ago
Chapter 249: Paired Battle (Part 1) ago
Chapter 250: An unexpected crisis ago
Chapter 251: A Mountain to Overcome ago
Chapter 252: I'm Prepared ago
Chapter 253: Reforging (Part 1) ago
Chapter 254: Reforging (Part 2) ago
Chapter 255: Beast Sanctuary Mountain ago
Chapter 256: A blessing for the little one ago
Chapter 257: Lord Yue (Part 1) ago
Chapter 258: Lord Yue (Part 2) ago
Chapter 259: Black & Gold ago
Chapter 260: Blue Blood ago
Chapter 261: Not so professional miners ago
Chapter 262: Troll King Kairos ago
Chapter 263: Underground army ago
Chapter 264: Meant to be king ago
Chapter 265: Spirit hearing ago
Chapter 266: Revealing Prizes ago
Chapter 267: Toprak ago
Chapter 268: Fiend Edge ago
Chapter 269: Kaleforneam ago
Chapter 270: Gambling ago
Chapter 271: Preordained ago
Chapter 272: Unchallenged ago
Chapter 273: Vestimore must not survive ago
Chapter 274: Medical Gorge ago
Chapter 275: A frightening life force ago
Chapter 276: White Snow family history ago
Chapter 277: This time, it's serious ago
Chapter 278: What's the worst that could happen? ago
Chapter 279: Mysterious Creatures ago
Chapter 280: I had better start packing ago
Chapter 281: Pill Art ago
Chapter 282: Divine Touch ago
Chapter 283: Hell's training session (Part 1) ago
Chapter 284: Hell's training session (Part 2) ago
Chapter 285: Vouno visits the school ago
Chapter 286: The Gilded Snow (Part 1) ago
Chapter 287: The Gilded Snow (Part 2) ago
Chapter 288: Relestia subduing a Greater Elemental ago
Chapter 289: Snatching Kairos ago
Chapter 290: Wendigo and Mandrake Stew ago
Chapter 291: Master Chef (Part 1) ago
Chapter 292: Master Chef (Part 2) ago
Chapter 293: Flame Seedling ago
Chapter 294: Healing Scent ago
Chapter 295: Puppet Guardian ago
Chapter 296: Return to Rutea Village ago
Chapter 297: Return to Astroire Mansion ago
Chapter 298: Assassins (Part 1) ago
Chapter 299: Assassins (Part 2) ago
Chapter 300: Assassins (Part 3) ago
Chapter 301: Assassins (Part 4) ago
Chapter 302: Assassins (Part 5) ago
Chapter 303: Assassins (Part 6) ago
Chapter 304: True Devil Turning Pill (Part 1) ago
Chapter 305: True Devil Turning Pill (Part 2) ago
Chapter 306: True Devil Turning Pill (Part 3) ago
Chapter 307 True Devil Turning Pill (Part 4) ago
Leave notice (Sick leave) ago
Chapter 308: Aftermath (Part 1) ago
Chapter 309: Aftermath (Part 2) ago
Chapter 310: Aftermath (Part 3) ago
Chapter 311: Aftermath (Part 4) ago
Chapter 312: Aftermath (Part 5) ago
Chapter 313: Aftermath (Part 6) ago
Chapter 314: War Tactics (Part 1) ago
Chapter 315: War Tactics (Part 2) ago
Chapter 316: End of Year Two ago
Chapter 317: Tenth place (Part 1) ago
Chapter 318: Tenth place (Part 2) ago
Chapter 319: Ninth Place ago
Chapter 320: Eighth Rank ago
Chapter 321: Seventh Rank ago
Chapter 322: Sixth Rank ago
Chapter 323: And there was only one ago
Chapter 324: Champion of the Combat Tournament ago
Chapter 325: First Prize ago
Chapter 326: The Queen - End of book 3 ago
Chapter 327: War ago
Chapter 328: Dark Hall ago
Chapter 329: Soul Slips ago
Chapter 330: Death Warrior Training ago
Chapter 331: Dance Hall ago
Chapter 332: Mission ago
Chapter 333: To the frontlines ago
Chapter 334: Allies ago
Chapter 335: Northern Keep ago
Chapter 336: Frontline Camp ago
Chapter 337: To make Saint Empire safe again ago
Chapter 338: Esley Restrio ago
Chapter 339: Unbelievable! Why are they heading out right away? ago
Chapter 340: In the enemy's ranks ago
Chapter 341: Against all odds ago
Chapter 342: The Barbarian Lords ago
Chapter 343: Rakshasa ago
Chapter 344: Daichin ago
Chapter 345: The wailing stopped, the world turned silent ago
Chapter 346: The rout ago
Chapter 347: Valley of Kings ago
Chapter 348: Traitor ago
Chapter 349: Swordy and Sword Slave ago
Chapter 350: Northern Star Array: Arhat Pantheon ago
Chapter 351: Byakko Mode ago
Chapter 352: Red Blade ago
Chapter 353: Red Blade (Part 2) ago
Chapter 354: Don't run! ago
Chapter 355: Medal of Honour (Part 1) ago
Chapter 356: Medal of Honour (Part 2) ago
Chapter 357: Dark Hall Plot (Part 1) ago
Chapter 358: Dark Hall Plot (Part 2) ago
Chapter 359: Dark Hall Plot (Part 3) ago
Chapter 360: The march for the final battle ago
Chapter 361: Tommy's return ago
Chapter 362: Operation MOM ago
Chapter 363: The enemies have come ago
Chapter 364: War God Tattoo ago
Chapter 365: War God Tattoo (Part 2) ago
Chapter 366: Dead End ago
Chapter 367: The Death of Martial General ago
Chapter 368: Turtle Fusion ago
Chapter 369: The best offense is an impenetrable defence (Part 1) ago
Chapter 370+371: The best offense is an impenetrable defence (Part 2+Part 3) ago

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Read to 175 at time of review.

 Haven't read Xianxia in a while, but I am enjoying this so far. It has the typical OP MC with OP friends, but I often like that aspect of these kinds of stories. It's what I tend to expect when I read them so I find it easy to enjoy the unlikely story that follows.

I don't consider this a detraction of the genre, which is why I didn't deduct any stars in my rating of the story. I actually consider it the standard, so perhaps if the MC wasn't OP and the center of some unlikely attention, I would have possibly rated the story worse. It's a thumbs up from me so far.

Many grammar issues. And tense issues. The words 'has' and 'had' are sorely lacking, as the word 'have' is used almost every time and is used incorrectly about 90% of the time. I was able to ignore the bad grammar and word usage when it appeared due to the story itself being pretty good. 

This story is fun to read. Anything beyond what I have written so far I will keep to myself.  

Looking forward to future releases,



P.S. I got used to it, but I HATE the fact that you used those character names of his friends. Although I saw the funny side to it, I almost stopped reading the story due to that alone. Glad I didn't, but for me, those names are a HUGE negative to your otherwise good story. So was calling the desert 'Sahara'. ... I mean, seriously? Some originality goes a long way.


  • Overall Score

Terrible prose, terrible English, terrible names

Atrocious story. The names are horrible. The MC casually invents cultivation methods like they are candy. The English is poor, and the prose is worse than google translated manuals.


I keep trying to continue reading, but I can't. It's that bad. 

  • Overall Score
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The entire story revolves around a group of 12 year olds who discover an OP book and start cultivating a mysterious power. Sounds ok up to there right? But the story is derailed by a complete lack on planning on the part of the author. No thought seems to have been put into the overall plot. The entire cultivation/fighting system is bullshit. Having 4 or 5 different powers all present in the same world sounds cool but makes the entire story a mess. The lack of originality is an omni-present issue. Character names are straight copied from other works(Alucard, really?) or based on novel concepts(Calculus). As soon as the MC and friends got OP animal companions for no reason than "just because" I stopped reading. The story has become a charicature of everything wrong about current web novels. If that's what the author intended then he's doing a damn fine job. Otherwise, I'd put this story in the trash bin along with 90% of other RoyalRoad "novels."

  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I don't really dislike this history, in truth, i loved it. But after 14 chapters i simply can't overcome this and continue reading. Maybe on a later date i will come back and finish, but not now. Spoiler*:






It just bugs me, how can a group of kids, 12 years old, with 6month worth experience  on the school (military academy? ) be so experienced on their unique roles, be it fighting, scouting, planting traps and baiting enemies, when 10days earlier they were just nobodies who could not even put a fight against anyone? Nobody on their 300 12 years old group knew their infamy of being lower then J rank, and puff. A five man group(five? dont remember very well, the characters have the same depth as my study table[at least until chap 14!]) suddently appears and they are all specialists on their on roles! And to not forget, with 6 months worth training with themselves and losing some battles against other teams. 

The other thing that bugs me: ' Alan Walker...(some other famous names)... Calculus, Alucard...'  It not brings humour to the history, just brings one thought to my mind: 'Is the author trolling us and planning to kill them all on a later date?' i thought the same reading 'Warlock of the Magus World' and all the troll names disappeared from the history. but seriously, on this one they are all alive and overcoming their age mentality of 12. It leaves a bad taste reading... A really bad taste.


Just to finish, by what i saw of the other reviews, if you dont mind those 2... no, just the first disturbing topic on the spoiler, this might be a really great history( i just stoped at chapter 14 so i can't really say, the style just seemed to be so good but...).

So... My main language is not english, forgive my any erros spotted.

  • Overall Score

My review summed up in one word: Meh

It was quite enjoyable in the start, but then it just died on me at when the MC and his friends got super op animal companions.

  • Overall Score

Is it just me or has the story gone down the sink?

the beginning of the story had alot of potential. It was interesting, mysterious, fun to read. But after the "beings" who made "breakthroughs" harder were introduced this story has gone down pretty fast. Storywise it is boring, characters got boring, development is non existent and one crap plot after the other pops up

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Had good potential but...

I first stared with the revised edition then came over to the first drafts because I liked how the story looked. But after reading through most of the second volume I have given up.

The author clearly has taken the style of Chinese web-novels of having long drawn out arc and that would be okay but the author doesn't have the chapter count nor the release schedule to match it.

Both the mock exam arc and the find Jones arc not only feel too long but are badly paced. Even the black forest arc could've been cut down a bit.

The worse part for me though is the level jumping. Don't get me wrong having an MC that can fight above his level is okay as long as it isn't to a ridiculous level. Kairos fighting and beating a SSS is not okay. 

Then there is the character development. There is none. With over 200 chapters but not a single piece of true character development is bad.

  • Overall Score

A good read, keep it up !

 although not at the level of professional writing,  this novel is enjoyable. The progression of the writing skill are felt, so beware of the older chapters.

Thanks to the author

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Kairos & the Snowdrifts

The details are just about right, leaving you a good understanding. THe characters are pretty good as well. The idea with "Dao" is quite original. Overall, if you had a bit more polishing from famous chinese novel writers and you would be set. my opinion though, no offense.

  • Overall Score

This is a great cultivation series that has appropriate relationships for the characters based upon what age they are. Each character has a unique fighting style. Many of the combat scenes are shown both with a serious air and a comedic air to them at the same time. It also shows an economic and political struggles in this tale as well. There is even some business building done. This series covers many issues and does each of them in an enjoyable way.