Well, I accidentally put a chapter from the wrong series here, so I might as well edit it and provide the people who enjoy this series some explanation.

I don't want to say that I'm dropping The Great Tower, but it is on hiatus.

As I've said in the comments, I can't wrap everything up how I want it to, and I scrapped a lot of the final chapter I had written.

For now, I'm started a low stress project to help clear my headspace, and then I'll try again. I'm just not sure how long that will take.

Essentially, the longer I write with the Great Tower, the more plot weight I start to carry, just a combination of ideas about things and dialogue snippets and directions I want to go. Too much and I get writers block, or am too stressed to start writing.

Which is why I've sometimes taken a few months off, allowing myself to forget all of that Plot Weight, and start again.

I suspect this is one of those cases, but this time I at least pivotted swiftly into writing something else, and if anything, my words per day has risen, so I haven't fallen off a cliff.

But thanks to everyone who has supported me and this story. You will get the chapters you want eventually, I promise.


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