The Great Tower

by puddles4263

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Martial Arts Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
Due to unsatisfactory ratings, the social entertainment program that was humanity has been cancelled. But the studio executives of the multiverse are anything but wasteful; every human has been entered in as contestants in the popular program "The Great Tower," where challengers must fight and struggle, seeking the treasures that await at the top.

Before humanity is thrown into the meat grinder, everyone is given a chance to sell parts of themselves in exchange for a little boost. One young man seizes this chance, selling everything. Even his humanity.

Nameless, Raceless, and without any clear memory of the past, he is thrown into the bottom level of the tower, with one goal. Survival.

**** Cover credit to NohMerci ****
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Great except for a few exceptions

Review after day 29.


For me, this story seems to fluctuate between great and just okay with a side of confusing.


I really liked the general idea, the upgrade system and especially the random upgrades that the main character gets. With a few exceptions the plot seems to be pretty good.  The subtle humor is also good, but then the author tries things like the obsession with Tim (who may or may not exist) and his bed, or the chapter where he dreamed he was back on earth with all his powers and things fall flat. To be fair, the author did mention that the dream chapter didn't really fit, but he wanted to write it for fun - and well, it is his (her?) story.

I like that there is more depth to the story with the political intrigue in the background, but I really really dislike it when the main character lets others push him around and not only accepts it, but seems to encourage it (e.g. telling someone he prefers being blackmailed, instead of trying to work out a deal).

A minor thing regarding the memory thing was confusing as well, since he sold his memory of his time on earth. But that should have still left him with the time when he actually did the selling since he was already no longer on earth but that memory was wiped as well.  Later however some of those memories seem to be still partly there. But both of those could possibly be explained away in the story to come, so I don't know if they are plot holes or hints for the future.

I definitely plan to continue reading to see where the author takes us from here.


For my rating:

The style changes between mostly serious and silly at times, which hurts the story in my opinion.

The story itself is well done so far.

The grammar is well done, mistakes are few and far between.

The character development seems to be done fairly well. (Excluding the submissiveness of predator)


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 Style: The story is written from a first person perspective. This is mainly through the main characters eyes but at times, we are also see the world from how the side characters see it. This gives more color to the world but i find that it can be a bit too much at times. I am far more interested in Predator after all and while occasional glimpses in the life of others is well, it can get too much. 

The style of writing seems casual and one can especially see this in later chapters, not to mention when the author is describing something. I find this to be a turn of, contributing to the story in a more comedy related well then the grim situation that they are in.


Story: The story is very much similar to webtoon,"The tower of god" but has a lighter, more comedic feel to it then The tower of god. I personally find this to be disappointing, especially as the earlier chapters were far grimmer then the later ones. The story feel repetitive in that it usually revolves around Predator facing yet another monster far stronger then him and defeats it through the power of luck and strategy. I am not complaining about that, however, as it is great to read something with actual strategy. The story is quite original around this site and it succeeds in holding me as a reader interested in it. The main problem I have, as i mentioned before, is that it is less serious and more lax than it was at the start.

The game system in, "The Great Tower" is well thought out and rather detailed. I quite like this especially as the author goes out of his way to write how the stats worked outside of the story. I did skip that part though, I felt it would ruin the immersion (That is just me though).

The story otherwise has a good flow otherwise and progresses at a fitting phase.

Grammar: The vocabulary is varied and grammar has never been my focus. What annoys me is the use of caps. This especially in single words in the middle of otherwise fine sentences. One could have describes afterwards that she empathized that certain word or write it in italic.


Character: Predator gave his memory and humanity to the tower in order to gain power. His memory however apparently survived to some part and going by, "Other me" as predator calls him, it is possible to talk to the shard of it in order to learn more. I find this to be lacking, as sacrificing the memory should remove the whole thing, in my option. Predator giving away his humanity though was something that interested me. I admit that my expectations might have been too big but still, according to me he never really lost his humanity. There are many races out there but his title, "Raceless" leaves it up for interpretation. He has feelings, can make comrades, be a over all pleasant guy, can adapt to his surroundings and continues to evolve in a more humane direction. I do not know what it means to be raceless but it feels like he should have lost more, far more than what did. This is not mentioning his, I assume, God tier ability. It was not earned, if you ask me.

We also have his, "sacrifice" to learn how to kill. I assume it was one and that it would be achieved during his first kill. Going to another extent as the author seem to have done though it appears seen as learning how to kill efficiently and in many different ways. It is a reward if anything and quite useful in the tower. I suppose that for some though, it could be a burden.

Predator goes through character development (despite loosing his humanity, might he be regaining it?) and does not really have much depth. As a character though he is consistent and breaks it only when he meets Ketlia. Instead of killing her for exp (under the command of his sacrifice to learn how to kill) he helps her. He even avoids killing the next group of people that he comes across. I know that it sounds cruel and perhaps too much to ask for but even disregarding the "sacrifices" he made when throwing away his humanity and ordering himself to learn how to kill, he acknowledge that he needs to lvl up. These defenseless people can help him achieve just that.

His race system when gaining enough biomass is quite odd. There are countless races out there yet he succeeds in gaining the same twice. It might be for the comedic effect but even I can not help but to say, "What are the odds". It is a big multiverse after all.

Predator also falls into the brute stereotype, or at least partially. I adore the fact that he uses magic but he focuses on endurance and strength because in his mind, "It helps him survive". Would not magic do that as well? He is able to reach countless spells and have a deep well of mana but he continues to strive for physical combat due to him being an, as he describes himself, "Adrenaline junkie". I found this to be rather annoying but it might just be me, as I prefer magic users and the fact is that he does use magic at times.

We also have the parallel him, "Other me" who seems to be rather unlike Predator despite him a parallel him, meaning they were essentially the same until the moment of splitting apart. After he gains him along with the stats that came after converting the int stat, he seemed to change drastically. This is understandable as he gained the race of a computer but at the same time, he used terms and phrases that should have been locked away by his memory.
All in all, I do enjoy reading about him but he along with the story continues to decrease in consistency.


Ketlia is another character in the story. The one our main character somehow spared. She is manipulative but appears to have some character development at the start. We have seen too little of her later to have any proof though. She somehow succeeds to meet the main character later on, talking to those in charge of him despite the high demand of her group, "What are the odds?". We are given a reason for this though, yet I can not contain my dislike for her. She appears to be the future love interest of our main character but to those who has read The tower of god, I sincerely hope that she will act on the same choice as Rachel. That should counter out some of the lack of seriousness in the story. The story might be meant to be a comedy and have this tone perhaps but reading the description, I feel like that is not the case.


Jen the slime. Once again a character I personally dislike (is there one I do like, one should be asking by now). She is a seemingly carefree slime that easily becomes embarrassed and has somehow fallen for the main character, or so I would like to believe. In later chapters it appears that she might be hiding something, which I hope she is as she is currently too shallow and light of a character to be appreciated, by my standards. I would like to see her gain more depth. The world of administrators is a tough one after all, one with a lot of competition. It should change people.


Kettle, the rising secretary. Kettle, I can not say I like her but she is an interesting character. She tries to reach the top by any means necessary and has the necessary acting skills to do so. After her successful plot with Gillette she seems to quick to change to a kinder nature. I do not know if this is a plot (I hope it is, it would certainly be too much otherwise) but she is one of the characters that seems suited to live in the world of the tower. Ambitious, I would dare say and willing to act on it. She does not get that much screen time however and I am split in both wishing she had and had not. This is due to me appreciating her as a character but disliking her personality.


Gillette. Not much is known about him and he is an interesting character with the way he acts and the power he holds. To pain a better picture, he fits the stereotype, "Kind uncle that helps in the shadows"which is rather disappointing. You can not have everything though and as I said, he is interesting.


Tim. Tim goes by many names but truly, we may never be able to see him for who he truly is. Despite me being against the comedy in this work (my opinion might not be shared by others), I appreciate what Tim brings. He is rather unknown to us at this stage, for many reasons but I feel like he contributes quite a lot at the same time. If there is one thing I would wish for despite not being able to see this happening, it would be to avoid overusing his name.


Conclusion: The story has a suiting phase and feels overly casual. The main character, "Predator" is overpowered and is lacking in many ways. The biggest of them is upholding his sacrifices. Most of the side characters are shallow and the plot, while visible, fades in the comedy and unseriousness that currently reigns. I liked reading it though and might recommend it to others. 

Hopes: I hope that it will become darker, turning more serious and discarding the comedy. I hope that, "loosing his humanity" will have more of an effect and I hope that there will be no romantic development with Predator.


Notes: I would like to note though, that if you read this without hoping for a serious nature and instead, long for comedy. This might be more enjoyable for you.

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If you like the idea behind Tower of God but want something with more brutality, and a Gamer-esq levelling system then this is for you.

I am going to start with saying that I hope you read the whole review, as i didnt structure it too well, so   some aspects are gone over again later on.

It might have some spots of bad grammer, but overall it isn't too disturbing at all. The training montages might annoy some people, but for me they just accentuated the gruelling facets of training that many authors just try to skip over or downplay.

The characters are a bit of a contention point for me, because for obvious reasons the MC doesnt have much of one to begin with XD and while this might have been a bad point if it seemed like you were just trying to get out of writing characters, i would have been bothered, but the support characters are written with what in my opinion is a pretty good degree of depth and realism. Also im hoping to see the mind reading again at some point :P

The story is just amazing. 10/10 It is just the kind of story i really like and hope to see it flourish on this site.

Style begins a bit naff and strained, but it quickly imporves, and because i will be doing reviews based on the more recent aspects of the story (there's no point reviewing something badly if you fixed it) I have no problems with where it is at now, and considering the vast improvement i've already seen I am looking forward to how your style develops in the future.

I really like the mechanics you have put in place regarding the level up system in regards to his Race (or lack thereof) and overall I am very much looking forward to wherever this is going!

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SO much potential and good style so far


Except for few flaws making things a bit unrealistic(not really unrealistic but couldn’t find any word that is actually suitable), it is going great so far. Characters are pretty interesting, really makes me wonder how you even came up with them and stlye is making this story, that would normally have a really heavy dark air, feel light at the same time. As for story, humans being abandoned? by some things and then introducing the tower to humans are the most interesting happenings in the story so far, which hopefully will change after the story picks up the pace a bit more later on. as for grammar, I haven’t seen anything that bothered me. Hopefully you can keep this pace of writing so I can finally have something I will be able to read daily aside from some famous chinese or japanese light-web novels!

TL;DR: Yep, it’s good

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Good plot , keep it up !

I will say this much ... This is the level that I dream to achieve by the end of this summer ... Good story , good plot ... Keep writing so that , one day (in a few hundred years or so ) , I will surpass you !

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(As of Ch. 36.2)

I really liked reading this web novel. I hope others enjoy it as much as I have. If you want a more detailed review, read a different one.



I enjoy reading this web novel. 'Nuff said.

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Glad I found this story

I'm so glad I found a book that contains the essence of brutality yet still has control. there is not gore for the sake of gore but because that it what happpens.It's as if the story actually happens and the author only writes it down. It has no evidence of being forced out but rather a natraul flow that so many books lack these days. If you wish to read of conflict, glutiny, brutality, strife, pain, and the strugal for dominance look no farthere for all that can be found within the floors of the tower.

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I like the story so far, the characters are interesting so keep it up and i look forward to the next chapters.

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Some straight up good shit

Ive read all the chapters out so far and everything seems shockingly solid keep it up man loving this

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A very good story

(Day 22)


If i had to describe the story i would say tower of druaga meets dungeonbuilder meets gam3. Its more of a fantasy story, though given the existence of robotic races i am sure sci-fi should exist too.

The author took all the good parts from stories you have read so far and combined them, with his pretty good style into something fresh and interesting.


style: The author finds the right style to adress the audience most of the time. only his second self sometimes falls out of the reading flow, but given the circumstances this might actually be intentional and still kinda fits.

There are a couple of POV changes that seemed redundant to me, at certain points, that being said however, it does not detract from the story.


Story: The author understands to keep the plot due to his frequent changes fresh and engaging. Over are the times where you read chapter after chapter after chapter about someone sitting in a room training. Yes the MC levels up, but as soon as the reader thinks, 'ok now i got it, he will just climb the tower' the whole story morphs into something different again.


The author also rasies a lot of interesting flaggs, however by the time of this writing its impossible to say how well they will turn out.


one negative thing in this section deserve mention though. The 'i give up my memory'-thing actually did lead to some points in the story that broke my immersion, when the mc kinda remembers but nor really and still knows stuff about his homeworld, for example what a computer is and how it works.


Gramar: In my opinion gramar is good, but then again i am hardly an expert on it.


characters: Characters are good, until now i did feel the motivations of all characters that were introduced (with the exception of the MC). most of those characters also grow on you. and the best part the author already killed a resonably important sidecharacter, so good on you author for not fearing to get rid of some characters. (be it by not mentioning them again or killing them off).


as for the MC, well he lost his memory and with it a big part of his ethical values. so he is more or less a blank slate. here again though, it has not been made too clear what his character really is. Is he only intersted in his wellbeing? Is the MC intersted in saving someone or something? if you read the earliest chapters it seems the MC does not give a damn about anyone. however it seems this changes with time. so probs to the author for making the evolution in such small increments that i wonder if its actually intentional or only an oversight.