Being Human (Completed)

Being Human (Completed)

by SlyOkami

Back since before humanity can remember, before we started to record time and history. We, weren't alone. Everything we have read, imagined, heard and been told that is Mythology, Fantasy, Legend, was real. From Elves, Dwarfs and Goblins to Dragons,Werewolves and Demons, they were real. Here with us they lived, grew , evolved and flourished. But alas, someone had different ideas for our race. We were separated from our cousin races and everything potentially magical, sent to a different world, a different realm, a different plane of existence. It was hard, after being used to being aided by more advanced races and their magiks to grow, we faced extinction but fought through it, survived, grew and flourished into today's society. And now, the ones who separated us have decided, that it is time...for us and them to be reunited. One man was selected, the weakest minded, the cowardly and day dreaming 19 year old, William Smith is in short a failure in society, dropped out of college and quit over 7 workplaces , now he simply stays at his parent's house playing video games and watching Anime all day and sometimes night.Having no aspirations what so ever he finds the meaning of life in other's creations and achievements online. He was chosen around the basis that "If the weakest of them can still connect with this other world, then surely can the rest". --- If you spot a spelling or grammatical mistake please point it out :D, I am quite fluent in English but alas it is not my primary tongue and is far from it, thank you for reading and commenting :)

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