The Monster with no Magic

by Lv1Slime

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Harem School Life Slice of Life Supernatural

65 years ago, magic came to fruition. Now in a world wrought with the benefits that magic reaped, a young man who, whether through the curses of god, or through unfortunate circumstance, is born with no magical ability. A lackluster man, with the constitution of a monster who is more troubled by the fact that the convenience of magic is beyond him, rather than the actual fact that he cannot use magic. A man whose destiny is tied ever so delicately with the fate of the if, this isn't that type of story. Read the adventures of a lazy young man who can't use magic in a world with magic. Original cover art by たむむら. Currently on an indefinite hiatus. I have plans of maybe rewriting the story.

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I've become a zombie that feeds of this FF.

This is an excellent written story by Lv1Slime.

The setting might seem like your ordinary unpopular hikkomori guy who has the girls. But there is more behind it. After going more indepth on the MC you'll start to like him. The author did after all make him into something that makes up for his inability to use magic.

The story also takes place in a modern era. Much like the one of ours but only with magic. This is quite refreshing after reading all the medieval settings.

Lv1Slime also did a good job on explaining the background stories of the side characters. So yeah, this one right here has character development :D

Thus, excellent story, can't wait for more.... more.... MORE!!


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Great work, Awesomely written, Addicting

Let me just say you had me hooked at chapter 1. The prologue was honestly not very interesting but every following chapter is very fluidly written and with enough entertaining content to lead on to next. I really wish you continue with this as it has amazing potential and your writing style really suits this.

Plot is building up well and though it may not be original, it is solid and interesting. Great work there.

There is little bit of infodumping, but I do not mind at all. It is improving over the chapters. Your vocab is sound, your sentences are simple and easily understandable and your stereotypes are well executed. Heck, your work is among the best I’ve read on this site. It is funny and hilarious.


A few problems though are typos and minor grammar errors. To illustrate, tirade was written tyrad, and countenance as continence (lol). Nothing that problematic.

Minor errors show up in grammar like their(possession) vs there (position) vs they’re (they are), also where vs were. Otherwise the grammar is sound, the sentences coherent and nowhere extraneous.


I am hooked till the end, please continue this superb work.


PS: I made an account just to comment on your ff.

PS2: Did I forget to mention I love the boar! Timmy is the mascot!


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At first i thought it was not that Amazing~

uhuhuhuhu it's seems pretty interesting, i love lazy MC OP. mufufufuf~ waiting for moar~

It will be more amazing if you update more often >.<                                                                                                                                      




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A lazy neet guy with a super op ability despite not having any magic.

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 Please continue to write more. 


I really missed this when you stopped, seriously this is a really good read.


Keep at it! :D

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One that doesn't have a very OP main character from the start but one that kinda builds  from the ground up.  Thanks for writing this story.

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Awesome story. A worthy read

 As of now this is a great story and I hope it continues.

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For Now 5 in Future Will See!

for now i can only say that  its nice and i give you 5 stars for future..., i expect you to not make this all too much dramatic!
Mori Summers
  • Overall Score

I hate you. So many cliffhangers. I killed my F5 button for you. Stop torturing us addicts, you sick ****.


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Keep up the good work, your adventure is really amazing and satisfying!!