The Mana Programmer



[1]{Secondary module}(A story begins)

A note from acelore

wasn't sure whether to call this chapter 1 but its too soon to call it an intermission. it mainly sets up some story points for later and isn't much on its own. mostly just system logs with short dialogues. thought it would be fun to keep it a bit vague. hint at some things the system can do and also let you speculate on the other functions that are hinted at. 


Main module Emergency Void shift detected

Void shift completed

Error Main module heartbeat undetected.

Module running on host energy field.

High power drain detected


Looks like we got separated from the main interface. This place seems to be very low on mana.

Go to sleep for now



Terminating observation logs.

Standby(wait for host);



Wake(host input);


Wake up.

/Resuming functions/

Its been long old partner,

/no recognised commands/

Hah, didn't think I'd miss the main interfaces snarky attitude.

/command invalid. Main interface heartbeat not found./

Yeah yeah, I know.

Ahh, I've gotten old. I won't be able to hang on for long.

Still, getting stuck here might be the best thing that has happened to me in this life.

I just want to ask one thing.

Please don't my family into my old war. 

/no commands recognised/


Fine, let me put it into words you understand.

Terminate the main objective

/Command denied. Insufficient authority/

Aah, I had to try even though I knew it wouldn't work.

Sigh, maybe I should have just buried you somewhere where you wouldn't be found for a few centuries.

It's too late for regrets now.

*cough* cough


Wake(host life signals at dangerous levels.)

Host life signals fading (cellular degeneration)

Attempting repairs;

Module energy levels below operational parameters.


O, you noticed my condition?

Don't waste the little energy you have left. Without the main unit, there is nothing that can be done about it. I have lived for long enough anyway. 

I had hoped I could finally lay this all to rest. It's probably too much to hope the other old bastard dies of old age before he finds you.

Record this message, It will be my last.

I have lived a fulfilling life. in the years past, I hope you are able to lay to rest our differences.

Let the worlds keep their will. 

Let the gods sleep. Let them dream for eternity.


Host energy-field change detected!

Termination of host life signs confirmed!

Energy connection severed.

Standby(Wait for wake);



Sensor input detected


This used to belong to your late grandfather, he always kept it with him.

It looks weird.

Take good care of it.

Yes, mom.


Wake(energy field change);

New energy field confirmed!

Host candidate confirmed.

Energy levels acceptable.

Host energy field sync in progress.

Remaining time. undefined

Standby(Wait for wake);



Change in host base life signs detected.


Sensors on;


Whats up weirdo? 

I heard you called the teacher on me.

leave me alone, I just want to go home.

Don't worry when I'm done with you, ill let you go home. crying to your mommy that is, Milk boy.

How about we start with these nerdy glasses.

Please don't. I need those for my headaches.

well, you shouldn't have gotten me in trouble, brat!


Danger to host determined...

Offensive measures unavailable…

Defensive measures unavailable…

Main module heartbeat signal not found…

Stimulating calming chemicals in the host body.

Energy depleted.

terminating sensors;

Reserve energy low.

Entering Standby(waiting for energy-field synchronisation);




Synchronization complete...

System functions resumed...

checking host and surrounding status...


 yes, doctor, the headaches have been getting worse lately.

I'm afraid we haven't been able to find anything yet again. Are you still suffering from the visual hallucinations?

yes, the glasses haven't been helping much lately.

hmm, I'm sorry. you can try these new migraine medications.

We didn't find anything that looked harmful on the MRIs. For now, we can only hope that whatever it is, it will solve itself.

I understand.


Observation Log and system Log partially corrupt.

Deleting unretrievable rest data.

Energy link established with host.

Collecting energy from host energy field.

Starting module repairs.

Deactivating sensors for repairs.






A note from acelore

Its a bit of a short chapter but I thought this was a good place to stop. As I said in the prologue, this whole thing is a big experiment bot the way of storytelling and the format. so all feedback is appreciated.  hopefully, it's an alright read. the next release will introduce the character a bit and start progressing the story.

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Bio: i like reading, i do game design and love world building, having a go at writing

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Xintest @Xintest ago

I didn't understand anything from these 2 chapters

I recommend you to use tables for programming code

signs and symbols like >> for input from the host and ## or // for the prompt notes

because it's all mixed up... but none the less I liked the concept and would wait for the execution


    acelore @acelore ago

    if you look at the start of the prologue you'll see there's a systems check that actually shows what everything is. But I agree that following the story is a bit hard and I'm looking for ways to clear it up. It should improve a bit though since the following chapters, for now, will be more observation logs and fewer system logs and prompts. lastly about the user input. This is automatically picked out by the system from the observation logs and sensors. Thanks for the feedback.