Pitch Black Dreams(Completed)

by IndigoSharpe

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Slice of Life

There are virtues and there a vices and there are things that are neither. There are sinners and there are saints and there are people who are neither. There are men and there are monsters and there are creatures that are neither William "Billy" Maddoc is a young man who's neither here nor there. An ordinary, boring, absolutely, unremarkable person, in a world of Magic and Demons and Gods. A young man who simply wishes to spend his days in relative peace. Avoiding trouble as much as is possible. Doing little relative harm. Occasionally trying to make a buck here or there to makes ends meet.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: A Ghost Goes Home ago
2: Brass Tacks ago
3: Tales left Untold and Magical Existences ago
3.5: Imperial Table of Rankings for Practitioners and Other Anomalous Entities ago
4: Simple Living and Complex Lives ago
5: Exercise and Exorcise ago
6: Panic and Fear ago
7: Recompense and Retribution ago
8: Big Moves and Small Waves ago
9: New Horizons ago
10: Leaving Home and Matters of Worth ago
11: Ventures and Gains ago
12: First Day on the Job ago
12.5: Interlude: Till Someone Gets Hurt ago
13: Desert Heat and Hard Situations ago
14: Trouble and Company ago
15: Fire and Merriment ago
16: Unfulfilled Predictions and Pleasant Surprises ago
17: Good News, Bad News ago
18: Splashing in Shallow Waters ago
19: Currency and Worth ago
20: Just Business ago
21: Coffee and Cigarettes ago
22: Both the Bitter and the Sweet ago
23: The Other One ago
23.5: Interlude: Intentions and Sentiments ago
24: Errands and Preparations ago
25: War Parties and Idle Talk ago
26: Within A Certain Blue Prism ago
26.5: Interlude: Things of Importance ago
27: Dungeon Crawler ago
28: Beyond The Pale ago
29: The Un-Joke ago
30: New History and Old News ago
31: Irrational but Wonderful ago
32: Toast of the Town ago
33: Progress and Power ago
33.5: Interlude: A Memo From the Ministry ago
34: Thunderous Whispers ago
35: New Neighborhood ago
36: Speculation and Introspection ago
37: Big Undertakings ago
38: The Fifteen Minute War ago
39: Crawling, Walking, Running ago
40: Another Visit Home ago
40.5: Interlude: Terms of Non-Endearment ago
41: Spacebirds hate Spacebees ago
42: Be Back in a Second ago
43: White Knights Die Darkly ago
44: Back of their Skull ago
45: Life Long Commitment ago
46: Talking Turkeys Can Gobble You Up ago
47: Hotshots and Gasoline ago
48: Ro-Sham-Bo and Take A Bow ago
49: Three Heavens Gate ago
50: Troublesome Proposals and Bad Decisions ago
51: Big Trouble in Little Gwenael ago
51.5: A Hard Day at Work ago
52: Sharks and Piranha ago
53: Metal, Mettle, Meddle ago
54: Pink Smoke and Red Waters ago
55: The Train Whistles Thunder ago
55.5: Interlude: Housewares and Furniture ago
56: Flag Day ago
57: Brunch ago
57.5: Interlude: Happy Boredom ago
58: Nidhogg ago
59: Swing of the Pendulum ago
60: A Visit with Granny ago
61: Triumvirate ago
62: Hiccups and Sneezes ago
63: Unmeasured Quantity ago
64: Muted Mantra ago
65: Decisions, Decisions ago
66: Goalmarker ago
66.5: Interlude: History Lesson and History in the Making ago
67: Fire and Knives ago
68: Rub the Lamp ago
69: Cosmic Contigency ago
70: Cosmic Upheaval ago
70.5: Interlude: Population Problem ago
71: Error and Reboot ago
72: Villainous Monologue ago
72.5: Interlude: A Side Conversation Between Minions ago
Not a Chapter ago
73: Points for Effort ago
74: Family and Strangers ago
74.5: Interlude: Compromised ago
75: Dinner Theatre ago
76: Blood or Paint ago
77: Rings and Things ago
Character Roster ago
77.5: Interlude: Squealing Tires, Spinning Wheels ago
77.6: Interlude: Dream Queen ago
78: Non-Quantifiable ago
79: Spatial-Temporal Elevator ago
80: Ascension ago
81: Yolk and Seed ago
82: Jongleur ago
83: Nursery Rhymes and Puppet Shows ago
84: Boil and Toil ago
85: Put on a Show ago
86: Salaryman ago
87: Set Them Up ago
88: Knock Them Down ago
88.5: Interlude: Paid Vacation ago
89: Break the Pieces ago
90: Eat the Players ago
91: Kill the Game ago
92: Forgone Conclusions ago
92.5: Epilogue: William Vi Asphodel the First: Dread Emperor...Henpecked Husband...Doting Daddy ago

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Bad grammar, bad continuity, bad writing

The grammar is so bad that any immersion is impossible as you end up rereading the same paragraph to try to figure out what was meant.

The chapters do not feel like they follow each other and can leave you felling lost.

Not worth anyones time to read.

  • Overall Score

Depressing more descriptions than actual story

When i started reading the first chapter annoyed me a lot as the chosen style the author picked to write this novel is one of the more older ones and o boy there is a reason that its OLD.

The second chapter was around the time i was wondering if i really wanted to read this as the first chapter was so freaking vague but yea i enjoyed reading C2 so the balance was restored.

Now i am at chapter 11 i am sooo tired so freaking tired this story is like a pool of blood you sink in it slowly very slowly such a depressing society all the characters in it are sad and depressing.

I think the author went for this on purpose a novel straight from 1970-1990 with the gangs and depressing main characters who dont talk and just sit around in bars with dim lights while drinking and smoking cigars.


If it only was a question of my own preference then this novel would have gotten 4-5 stars from me but i read it so far because even in this ses pool of depressing shit there was something to look forward to namely the main chars 2 of them that is.

But the problem is that the author is focusing to fucking much on the depressing descriptions of how the world looks like or some fucking ass vague monologue about some creature or some kingdom they are so many that i cannot even remember half of them as they overlap in their vaguenissss.

Chapter 11 is a perfect example of this 2 things happen MC takes a shower and sings up for something (dont want to spoil so i say something) thats 10% of the chapter the rest is YES I SAID IF QUITE OFTEN ALREADY fucking depressing description of a sad world in a sad town with sad fucking tards walking around.


The only reason i am reading this is because i want to see the 2 main characters bond and interact but yea they dont so the story is dying very slowly and at this point i preferd to write a review as this is more fun than reading endless descriptions of how a spoon falls or how a salesman wants to sleep with several women and taking a piss.


  • Overall Score

Initially entertaining but it loses steam

This fiction is a mash up of xianxia, superhero and time travel/reincarnation set in a magical post-apocalyptic world.  If you’ve ever read a light novel where someone time travels to fix a problem and become stronger then this will be familiar to you with the caveat that PBD has no antagonist that the hero must spend his efforts preparing for.  Instead the story takes place on a chaotic world where every few months something randomly appears whether it’s a continent sized dragon or fantastic beings from other dimensions (a goose made of smiles for example) they will show up and start knocking things over and thus the superhero aspect comes into play.  If you enjoy stories set in a dark world with lots of fighting, over powered characters and some slow building harem then you should give this a try as it’s fairly well written.

From my perspective the strengths of this story lie in the setting and the level of detail that the author provides.   That aside, unfortunately there’s no plot to be had besides Billy and his girls becoming stronger for the sake of strength while repetitively obliterating random enemies who threaten to destroy mostly faceless people.  Early on the protagonist travels through time and possesses his old body to avert the death of a loved one and then the plot ends, queue power level mode, rinse, blow up some bad people/monsters and repeat.  It’s a shame because IndigoSharpe has created a world interesting enough to host a variety of rich storylines if only his protagonist wasn’t a completely self-sufficient, invincible and unstoppable force whose primary concern is to protect his pet women.

As far as it goes the story is enjoyable enough so long as you aren’t expecting anything other than a semiserious tale about monster fights, rank ups and the occasional purge of weak enemies with a dash of harem pining, fussing and henpecking.

Scesce Scesce
  • Overall Score

Hmm i stopped at chapter, 33 , it's not for me, the girls keeps on bickering with him  , about protecting them,  basically he alwais send them off, when there is a threat stronger than him (as anyone should do) .  And they pay him back  , by lecturing him or  hitting him, when the outcome in them staying was their death. (such an attitude is a pain in the ass), they call him selfish, when the whole reason he came back into the world is for them (and he renounced to being an higher creature for that ) and he is the selfish one , then there is the fact that they are a bunch of leeches, who kind of get powerups , and they show gratefulness by being f.cing pain the ass. such a bunch of pain in the ass of characters makes this novel hard to read. I will check it out again when i have the strenght to do so.

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Biased review. but a review nonetheless

Overall great plot. If your looking for a satisfying ending, it probably isn't what you are thinking about. It ends quite abruptly, however it does finish and brings much closure to the story, which is more than the many unfinished ones that have not. The characters are atypical and well fleshed out and the world is brought alive through character interaction. I dislike low quality POVs, but the author pulls it off making the world richer and the characters more developed. Some character development, but many details and the diverse cast makes up for it. A very long 90 chapters, but well rewarding once finished. As I said though the ending isn't anything special like most heroic stories, but I feel it fits quite well in this world where just living the next day is a good thing. I won't spoil the ending, so I won't drone on about it. If there was an intermission that emphasized the world of Monde earlier like around chapter 20, along the lines of intermission 72.5. It would have made things connect much faster. On regards to grammer. few minor grammar errors, but I'm have a minor linguistic hobby + secondary education and writing essays just make you slightly wary of making those mistakes. However very high quality writing and editting. A great study for those interested in writing their own webnovels on Royalroadl as I feel there are a few techniques and tricks the author did well. Thanks again IndigoSharpe for the wild trip and the world I was immersed into. Top 5 webnovels of RoyalRoadl in my very biased opinion, but an opinion nonetheless.

  • Overall Score
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Very strange, but captivating and worth to read

It's unique. Never read something that written that way and I don't realy think that it deserve all 5 stars, but I think it deserve being read and high review can atract some attention.                                                                                                                                                       

Another very very big plus that it is completed, many authors don't bother with that so minimum +1 star to any review.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Overall Score
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Descriptive but not too descriptive...with enough action to satisfy the battle lusty(?). The characters are fleshed out and have emotions! A thing most Web novels seem to miss. Not repetitive, and the grammar has no faults, just a few typos in the earlier chapters. All in all, well I read it in a day,soo there you go

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A well written and complex story.

Great characters, interesting world, power levels are both ridiculous and not too overpowered.


Now that its complete I can say that I really enjoyed the read. The characters are believable and well written with diverse personalities and actions. The plot has a gradual build up with no giants jumps or weird twists that dont make sense. The power levels dont get in the way of anything and really are more of guidelines rather than rules. The setting was also well written and believable without being too gritty or shiny. I didn't notice any major [or minor] lapses in spelling or sentence structure. 

  • Overall Score

It's way too underrated

People should not be discouraged by the walll of text in first chapters try to pull trought. Autor later fixes the problem.

  • Overall Score

its grrrrrrrrrrrrrreattt

pretty guud

i like it alot, its addictingg