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Warning This fiction contains:
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Rewrite of the No Respawn here: https://royalroadl.com/fiction/15941/no-respawn-patch-20


And God said: "Let there be light!"


and there was a blue screen...

So God changed the world and screwed everyone living on it.

Let the game begin!

Oh.. and don't die. There is no respawn.


French Translation by Yusuke_Takumi/takutrad: https://tradudimanche.wordpress.com/

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
ARC 1: Chapter 1: God must be crazy ago
ARC 1: Chapter 2: Night at the Restaurant ago
ARC 1: Chapter 3: To Kill a Mockingbird ago
ARC 1: Chapter 4: Boston Tea Party ago
ARC 1: Chapter 5: The Blame Game ago
ARC 1: Chapter 6: Greed is Good ago
ARC 1: Chapter 7: What Makes a Leader? ago
ARC 1: Chapter 8: Walking Dead ago
ARC 1: Chapter 9: Pass, You Shall Not! ago
ARC 1: Chapter 10: It's Complicated ago
ARC 1: Chapter 11: You Got Talent ago
ARC 1: Chapter 12: I'll Be There ago
ARC 1: Chapter 13: The Promise ago
ARC 1: Chapter 14: Cold War ago
ARC 1: Chapter 15: Mutiny ago
ARC 1: Chapter 16: Kung Fu Bear ago
ARC 1: Chapter 17: The Comfort Man ago
ARC 1: Chapter 18: Troll and a bottle of Rum ago
ARC 1: Chapter 19: Twilight ago
ARC 1: Chapter 20: The Rest is History ago
ARC 1: Chapter 21: Breaking Apart ago
ARC 1: Chapter 22: Lights Out ago
ARC 2: Chapter 23: The Lone Wanderer ago
ARC 2: Chapter 24: Oakwood ago
ARC 2: Chapter 25: Eyes Wide Open ago
ARC 2: Chapter 26: Piper ago
ARC 2: Chapter 27: Going Home ago
ARC 2: Chapter 28: A Sticky Situation ago
First Announcement Ever (Read before you drop, this isn't what you think it is) ago
ARC 2: Chapter 29: End of the Line ago
ARC 2: Chapter 30: As Above, So Below ago
ARC 2: Chapter 31: A Mission from Above ago
ARC 2: Chapter 32: A Bird in a Cage ago
ARC 2: Chapter 33: Into Lich’s lair ago
ARC 2: Chapter 34: The Fall of Boston ago
ARC 2: Chapter 35: The Administrator ago
ARC 2: Chapter 36: Aftermath ago
ARC 2: Chapter 37: Boston Tea Party Again! ago
You Got A Message! ago
ARC 2: Chapter 38: The Two Laws of Magic ago
ARC 2: Chapter 39: Way of the Sensei ago
No Respawn Patch 2.0 Available Now! ago

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Facepalm-ingly Hopeless

After having my reviews removed twice already, I've re-read again the chapters to find what made it so unappealing to me that I just have to spend my very precious time to rate it so harshly. Also, I've long forgotten the story.

Still, I could not help but be appalled by the things that I utterly find horrible.

Style - 1: I simply don't like the style. Maybe it's appealing for some, but for me, it's simply not. I never did like the style of the author talking down to its readers as if they're half-wits. With constant terms like obviously, which insults the readers intelligence. There also a lot of times when things are described in verbatim as if the readers were idiots who could not figure out what was happening. There was also a lot of filler content which serves as nothing more than to confuse readers and add a little personality to lackluster characters. It's unappealing to me because the writing seems to have no bottomline. It tries so hard to beg for attention, sympathy and emotion. It even puts in songs as if its a musical. Like I said in my previous reviews, my impression of the way the story is written, is that it's like a 'used tissue'. It doesn't entertain. Rather it serves as nothing more than to satisfy the author's personal need to write something that talks down to a reader.

Story - 1/2: Aside from the massive let-down I had when I re-read again the lackluster story, it's just surprisingly stale. Mediocre. Like I said before in my previous comment, it tries hard to be a post-apocalyptic novel filled with grim things, drama, and fantasy, but it's an epic fail. It's a fast-paced action story then it suddenly drops unwanted singing and drama in the middle of it. It's like you're eating breakfast outside and a bird flew by and pooped on your pancakes.

Grammar - 3: Acceptable. Although here were several run-on sentences and some dialogues and paragraphs which doesnt at times make sense or is appropriate for a scene. Like a character suddenly have a brainfart and relate a totally unrelated thing to a scene (insert flashback the reader doesn't care about here). The grammar is still barely acceptable.

Character - 1/2: I would have given the characters a higher score, if they would at least make me hate them. But based on the way they acted and thought in the story. It's like I couldn't care any less if the author killed them in the next chapter. The inanity inherent in the characters singing and switching from one personality to another makes me feel as if the character itself are actually in mental asylums talking to themselves, narrating as if they were in their own worlds.

Over all, for the sake of fairness, I gave the fiction a 1.5. I thought the story improved because the first new chapter focused on action and the execution was seamless. But when I saw that there was singing again, and saw that another 'excessive effort' was made to make a character more "colorful" to force the reader to have some vague emotional connection with that character, I face-palmed. It's simply hopeless.

Hacked Anonnymus
  • Overall Score

Everything good and fine until...

Arc 2... or season 2 or however you want to call it, I found it very rushed and lacked of ALOT of details, some shit didnt make sence and thoughts from Mc are VASTLY DIFFERENT from his actions (though its his personality I guess so doesnt matter to much)

Also most side character say how good is the Mc, a genius and alot of good shit while he make alot of dumb (I admit in combat he is a genius) desicions as looking for his family in a place highly dangerous and if they were alive they probably already left dat area and went to a military zone that is much more safely than the forest/dungeon.

So... good until arc 2 :D (personal opinion just read it and decide if u like it or not :v)

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Behold the RPG- Apocalypse! ...And it is glorious!

Imagine for a moment, if Hunter S. Thompson did a gonzo version of a LitRPG story. Set in the real world, with believable characters, playing off of LitRPG tropes and completely turning them on their head. That is what jmlikestorock009 has created with this story. A completely self-aware, unique take on the genre that has the potential to follow streams of consciousness to wherever the author wants to take us.


The author transplants us directly into the grey-meat-space of the main character and here we are bouncing around with all of his myriad thoughts on everything from his personal insecurities to his sarcastic sense of humor. We get to see the story through his eyes, experience what he experiences, and are well-anchored in the events that are blowing by us at break-neck pace. You feel genuinely attached to the characters in this story. You laugh when they joke around, you feel for the main character and any of his short-comings.


The 'game system' is straightforward and unobtrusive. The author uses it as much to move the plot forward as he does to keep the world in line. You won't have to memorize a lot of strange lingo, and a lot of hidden gems are dashed throughout the game system itself.


The author strives to keep themselves up-to-date on revisions. They have a solid foundation with what they want to communicate with the story and although there are a few little grammatical issues here and there, they are easy to fix with a quick revision. None of them pull away from the story at all. If anything, the tone of the work seems to characterize any grammatical issues and show them off as character elements.


The author has a great sense of pacing and once you start reading it will be hard to put this fiction down until you either finish it or get caught up to where the author has left us. Great transitions between scenes, dialogue and the almighty game system in the background. Well worth the read and the investment. If you haven't read this story yet, what the hell is wrong with you?! Start. Now!

  • Overall Score

Keep them coming you have a great start!! Make that one girl up her luck sometime. lol 4 luck is bad.

  • Overall Score

The storyline is pretty mediocre, not used in all its potential. MC is fairly interesting, although nor completly likeable, however other characters are just horrible. They give an impression of lack of cohesion. For example they claim to 'love' someone and yet they treat them awfuly. They all act purely selfishly without any regards to their 'friends'. Reading about their hipocrysy, childishness and lack of basic decency is just unpleasent. The story could really use at least one steadfast and mature character.

It's not really bad story. It's good when youre bored and don't have something better to read.

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Wow this a real hidden gem

Now this is how you write an awesome rpg apocalypse story. The MC is awesome and smart, alwaus true to his character and very relatable. Even the side characters are not only interesting but very cool to. All in all this an awesome story.

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A Fatty Epic Adventure

This should be one of the very few if any novels with a fatty dude and based on the description of him i can find a resemblance with me because i am similar to your protagonist so i found it extremely funny, exciting and weird at the same time....... its like you put me in there but changed my name and my family.... my guess is that miguel is around 110-120 kg so he has to lose around 50 kg of weight and its in the background but he is getting less fatter as he moves... And to tell the truth i was expecting him to leave some stone walls with messages for his party that he knows will follow him  such as telling them why he left and what not.


The style its good, we get to see some POVS of the party once in a while and it helps add different views to things

The story... while there are a lot of similar ones lately due to its popularity you can say that it stands out on on his own and while the principal concetp of real life RPG its not new, the way that you advance with the story its good.

Grammar... well i enjoyed the story way to much and had to read all available chapters in one go (25 at the time of this review) and it was already 6 AM by the time i finished.... so i didnt really noticed or remember any mistakes since i wasnt paying attention to that LOL...

Now the characters.... what can i say? i find them all to be life like... and the character grow of the cast its going really well, at least in my opinion. Miguel is getting confidence in his own persona in social terms while getting OP too, claire his nemesis in more than one way is overcoming her not so bad past really and its getting stronger. Eric is being more true to his own personality and starting to overcome his fears of conflict and pain, Melissa... i think that you need to improve her character better and haver her participate more, she is part of the main group but she appears to be more like background than anything else.

Lastly Dianne.... it was quite the twist there, i absolutely didnt expected THAT, now she has overcome her past thanks to miguel and now its her, claire, eric, and melissa plus 4 others to go save miguel since im absolutely sure that his "currently fat ass not so anymore" will get in to trouble....


One last thing... so far it dosnt seem like there will be classes or something and i find it awesome since what class are likely to be depends on your skills and stat build.... 


Lastly i find that they havent used OBSERVE to its full potential... if i were them i would have maxed out that already and use it in whatever new thing i find, information its a matter of life and death... if they get observe to high levels they might even see the health and stats and resistances and abilities of the monsters such as the slimes...

PD: I think that miguel should learn new skills soon right? he has done quite a few new things already

  • Overall Score

Favorited and Looking Forward to More

Story is about our MC who begins the apocalypse with 4 other people in what you think would be the normal scenario. Bitter and rude MC who doesn't care about others, while he has a male friend that seems to be blessed by God and has a 'harem' of three women.


Then, bit by bit, the author takes this normal scenario, and turns it into something truly worth reading.


To the Author - ! Spoilers Ahead !

-I absolutely loved how you took this normal scenario that we usually see with a disgruntled and outcasted MC who forces his will on others and single-handedly, or somewhat close to single-handedly, power levels and becomes strong. Instead, we slowly see the evolution of an MC go from disgruntled to caring, all while NOT being ignorant and as dense as a fucking wall. 


- I loved how in the beginning, the side characters can be seen as generic, but as the chapters go by, we get to learn a bit more about them, but more importantly, we get some backstory which shows that they are not the generic heroic male and love-struck harem. 


- I loved how you did the magic (whether it was the initial abilities and traits or the MCs Magic Fusion ability). Even more importantly though, you have the MC an OP ability, but had it so that he doesn't just get so strong instantly. Even now, he has a manageable number of skills that are all useful and relevant to him and his style. 



So, as an overview, the pacing for the story is very well done and there are no grammar mistakes that I found when I read through all available chapters in one spree. Additionally, the author has revealed necessary information about the characters and the new world around them, but he has also withheld information so to create suspense and keep you guessing. While LitRPG, this novel is not a hacking and slashing action filled read with sex wantonly thrown in. Give it a chance, and you will surely love it.

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This one has potential. If you start reading you will be hooked.

One of the best stories that I have read so far. Good character development, plot has you hooked right from the beginning. The grammar has no problems. None that affect the overall quality of the reading experience. Its a wonderful story with numerous good points such as tables, non OP characters and harem that does not belong to the MC. ots of great reference to other works makes this piece a truly fun to read. 

  • Overall Score
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Well i know i couldn't do a review. At least i think your story is great and i hope you won't drop it. Good job doing it. Oh and pls give the mc his loved one, it's kind of sad hearing his thought. And lastly, i like first law of magic. ^^ About the 4.5 stars, i thought nothing is perfect? Well if it's perfect, magic.