Dungeon Instinct

by AaronDragon

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The multiverse is a big place, and it is also constantly in flux. As such sometimes mistakes occur, impossibilities that should have never come into existence. An aspect of corruption born naturally of a mortal and a divine, a Void that is a singularity instead of a duality, a being that came to be before existence ever was, a forgotten that is not damned, the possibilities are infinite and limitless, and thus so are the possible mistakes in this grand multiverse. But are not mistakes more entertaining to watch?

For Kelic the Blightborn, life was suffering. Born of a holy Templar dedicated to serving the Forgotten Guardian and a powerful abyssal demon queen that raped said Templar, Kelic’s first sight and sensation in Quellios and its realms was being baptized in the life-blood of his dying father. Tortured in the 1425th level of the abyss for ten years, Kelic was only set free of this constant nightmare of an existence by the unintended results of the Ascendant Angel’s rise to true divinity.

His freedom from the abyss was not the paradise that the young Kelic thought however, as he was branded a BlightBorn, or a child of tragedy that brings only misfortune, by the people of Quellios. Abused by all he ever knew or met the boy found solace in only in the things of beauty and the act of reading, a skill he taught himself. His latent ability to comprehend and remember all of what he read and the sheer speed of his reading gained the attention of a prominent figure of Evrette Academy Island. Taken in by the famous mage Fredrick Dunhousen, Kelic lived in peace for the first time in his young life… that is until he was killed.

Follow the tale of a newly born dungeon core in the world of Eserthet, that has only one single purpose. One single purpose it decided for itself...

[{(Note, this story contains: torture, gore, violence, sexual content, and other mature stuff. read at your own risk.)}]

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Death of a Blight, Birth of a precious stone ............ ago
Chapter 1: Gifts of the past, And the birth of Instinct ago
Chapter 2: Spike traps, And the gender now known as Waynor ........ ago
Chapter 3: Of mazes, insects, and invaders .................... ago
Chapter 4 (Part 1): Enter the dungeon ago
Chapter 4 (Part 2): Enter the dungeon ago
Chapter 5: A mite's might, And a journey through hell ago
Side Story, Instinct: An Instinctual Discovery ago
Side Story, Ralt: Waynor's personal mite team 8's first sample collection mission... ago
Chapter 6: Discovery, learning, and change, How a dungeon should be ......... ago
Chapter 7: Bonding amongst friends, A new Floor, And memories in a orb ago
Chapter 8: Crafting a flowery paradise, And an affectionate muse ....... ago
Chapter 9: A valiant attempt to lose one's job, and a party unlike any other ..... ago
Chapter 10: Delicious food, A dungeon's hospitality, And delusions........ ago
the future for D.I. ago
Chapter 11: Entering the gardens of bliss ago
Chapter 12: Touring the gardens of bliss ago
Chapter 13: The end of the Tour... ago
Side Story, Instinct: Of muses and man...... ago
Chapter 14: Negotiations and a battle of words ago
Chapter 15: Changes of Condition... ago
Chapter 16: A contractual connection and the new laws of the land ago
[IMPORTANT!!!] D.I. is moving.... oh and so are my other stories.... ago
Chapter 17: Ending a threat ago
Side Story, Hanna: Demons of the mind and the curse of Humanity ago
Halloween special chapter (E-book Exclusive) ago
Stuff on Volume 1 and Volume 2's future ago
End of Volume 1 (Dungeon Instinct Q and A) ago
Volume 2: Prologue ago
Life, Dungeons, and Stories... ago
Coming Soon: Volume 2 ago
Volume 2: Teaser... ago
Not D.I... But tell me what you think... ago

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Honestly this has been one of my favorite stories to read on rrl. That being said, the author has a nasty tendency to stop writing for older stories. While it seems the story will continue, the author is constantly writing content for new ideas instead of finishing the ones that are already popular. It has even gotten to the point that the author has posted chapters in stories like di to bounce ideas for new stories off of his readership. And THAT folks, sickens me. There is little that I dislike more than finding a new chapter in my bookmarks only to have the author basically rub in my face that they are not working on the story I subscribed to. I'm on the edge of giving up on the author entirely because of it.


I initially really liked this story and even up to chapter 14 where I stopped reading I loved the content but the more I read the more the writing style and format grated on me. There are too many POVs and they jump around constantly often going over the same event multiple times ruining any kind of decent flow or pacing. And then we have the inner monologues, every dialogue no matter how short lasts pages and pages because there are like five paragraphs of rambling inner monologue BETWEEN. EVERY. LINE. of dialogue. This could have been a great story but as it stands it badly needs the hand of a skilled and ruthless editor.


Decent story. Needs an editor to check sentences for sense.

Story is alright, a basic dungeon story that hasn't gotten anywhere and no real plot to speak of. So far it is a slice of life of an artsy dungeon. Lack of plot keeps this under a 4.

Style suffers. Unnecessary repetitions of events from different views. Side-stories AREN'T side-stories. They are quite literally, events being told/retold from another entities POV. They are even critical to the main story, by the authors own admittance. Thus, they are labelled wrong and should just be normal chapters and the repetition removed.

Grammar is alright. Some chapters suffer from weirdly structured sentences. Dialogue can feel unnatural at times as well.

Characters... ok, meh, not much to go on here.
To me, Harem style is a pointless endeavor to satisfy most authors sexual fantasies, that have essentially no bearing on plot. Apart from *ADDING POINTLESS PAIR OF BOOBS AND A VAGINA TO STORY* so that *OTHER BOOBS AND VAGINA* characters can fight over a logic defying reason why *every female* is so enamored to a socially broken MC. Oh... not to mention somehow all these female characters all fall within the "beautiful" category. I wont say that there are no good harem stories, because odds are there probably is one that actually pulls it off nicely. But so far, this one doesn't benefit from it. 

So far enjoying the read. But I don't just hand out free 5/5 just because I'm enjoying it. So 3.5 since I believe you can do better on the style and grammar. Ill be editing this review at a later date when I can properly evaluate story and characters. For now i'd at most give this story a 4 if the grammar and repetition is fixed.


Id say this story is a good read to pass the time. Nothing überly captivating like some gems that can be found here. But still a nice addition to the dungeon POV style. Recommended if you have time to kill, and have nothing else to waste it on.

To Author: Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing improvements and where the story is headed.


Really like where this story is going so far

This is the best dungeon story out there for me as I really like how the mc sees beauty and the way the dungeon is being laid out.


Love the story. Each chapter is lengthy and so much detail is put into them, as well as the amount of foreshadowing and story structure. Everything is planned out and flows smoothly. My favorite character is Ralt. I just love the guy and all the characters have personality. The comedy isn't overbearing and is smooth yet still funny. 


This is my first review on this site although I have read (or still reading) at least 20 other stories here and I have to say this is one of the best stories overall and currently the best "dungeon" themed story from all others. There are some negative reviews here that ALMOST made me skip this one but they are for 1-2 first chapters (if you don't believe me look at the dates they were made vs chapter dates). The story starts about semi-random stuff (tied to the story but kinda jumbled up) but it evolves to so much more! This dungeon "evolution" that increases dungeon power in all similar stories here actually is really well done, it even sounds believable and, finally, gives so many possibilities to expand the story which I find highly expecting with anticipation. Also MC is well defined (emotionally) for a dungeon which I find very nice to loose that "human" personification which many similar stories go for. Good work man! MOAR CHAPTERS! :)


Great consept and storytelling. Much more than most dungeon stories, this has much more focus on what it would be like if you suddently lost the consept of yourself and became a dungeon. Because of this the story is for more avid readers because the writing can be complecated but actually makes a lot of sense if you focus on it. Exelent story so far and i must say that this has become one of my favorite stories.


I love this genre of story. Each has something unique to them. I'm rather glad this one doesn't have a random dungeon fairy that magically knows to show up at the birth of a new core. In fact, I'd say this story has by far the most dramatic starting sequence. Characters actually grow over time... including this story's namesake who starts from a very low base. The evil aspects, dungeons have to kill to grow after all, are quite well done in my opinion. Can't say much more without spoilers sadly.


Other dungeon lord type stories I've come across thus far (all on Royal Road): 

  • The Slime Dungeon (get the Kindle version, editing is vastly improved)
  • Overseer (technically no dungeon)
  • I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy
  • Cultivating Dungeon
  • Lair (only if you can tolerate English as a second language)

nice novel, i love this type of story[dungeon], but

hope you will edit menu, stat and game element thing with table.it hurts so much for my eyes when i'm reading it..


thx if you can do that.

Kawatari Kazuya

Dudddeee....so sad you never continued, id REALLY love to read vol. 2, it was a great story loved it very much.... So it really sucks i wont know what happens after