Dragon Sword God

Dragon Sword God

by saleban1

You want me to bow down to you?


You want to fight me?

I will fight!

You want me to go to this dangerous place?

I will go!

You want to hurt the people close to me?

I will kill you!

You will be a hassle in the future?

I won't let you live another day!

This is my story!

So watch as I use the memories and power from my world in this new strange world where power and money are everything.

Watch how I become the Dragon Sword God!

[18+ Warning contains Gory scenes, Strong language and Sexual scenes]

[Ps: If you find any grammar mistakes or are wondering about something please tell me in the comment section of the chapter it is regarding. Thank You!]


You can also read it at my website : https://saleban1.wordpress.com/

Also make sure to read my other novels.
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Dragon God

Word Count (11)
Fledgling Reviewer (III)
10 Review Upvotes
Top List #2000
6th Anniversary
Table of Contents
51 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue!! ago
Ch 1 Obela! ago
Ch 2 Departure! ago
Ch 3 Tosa! ago
Ch 4 Idea! ago
Ch 5 Dyton! ago
Ch 6 Super Divine Beast! ago
Ch 7 Pig! ago
Ch 8 Holy Union! ago
Ch 9 Blare! ago
Ch 10 Heart! ago
Ch 11 Leaving Tosa! ago
Ch 12 Bandits! ago
Ch 13 Allan! ago
Ch 14 Saria! ago
Ch 15 Arriving at Blare! ago
Ch 16 It won't stop! ago
Ch 17 Dyton's Rage! ago
Ch 18 So it Starts! ago
Ch 19 You! ago
Ch 20 FatAss! ago
Ch 21 Outside Disciples! ago
Ch 22 Getting techniques! ago
Ch 23 Becoming Sword King! ago
Ch 24 Excitement! ago
Ch 25 Him! ago
Ch 26 So be it! ago
Ch 27 Why are you back? ago
Chapter 28 – There is a storm brewing! ago
Chapter 29 – Overlord! ago
Chapter 30 - Who is the Devil Emperor? ago
Chapter 31 - Damn You! ago
Chapter 32 - Like hell, I would allow you! ago
Chapter 33 – The Thunder Dominion! ago
Chapter 34 - Miniature World! ago
Chapter 35 - Slowly Time Passes! ago
Chapter 36 - Shocked! ago
Chapter 37 - Still Here! ago
Chapter 38 - Humans Really Are! ago
Chapter 39 - Getting in Undetected! ago
Chapter 40 - A Beggar! ago
Chapter 41 – Stay Your Hand! ago
Chapter 42 - Broken Sword! ago
Chapter 43 – Fooled! ago
Dragon Sword God or Mafia God! ago
And We have A winner! ago
Chapter 44 - Run! ago
Chapter 45 - A Bandit! ago
Chapter 46 - Gains! ago
Chapter 47 - Getting A Title! ago
Chapter 48 - The Azura City! ago

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This story is fun but It could be even better

Here is my review for chapter 30 and below.



The main is a fun and enjoyable to follow

The comedy is pretty dang good

The main is nonchalant and doesn't freak out like an idiot



The story is a bit fast paced and the arks could be longer

The Main could have a bit more of a challenge (at the moment I agree with Ramen that it feels a bit to easy for the main. A way for the main to have more of a challenge is to put him into a bit of a pickle, like throw him into another land or something. But Be sure to have the trouble happen gradually. If you decide to make it happen all at once you will probably lose readers if you don't write it out well enough( and I mean really well). Another way is to give him something like an impossible sounding objective or ambition)

The story could be fleshed out a bit more (add stuff like Character details and setting details ( I can tell that the sect the main is in has lots of buildings but I can't tell what they are made out of or how big the buildings are in general)

Anyway a final verdict; fun and enjoyable to read.


Well, it's a good story and entertaining, but there's something missing.

there's no trouble, the MC path is very smooth just like a baby skin that it feels like plot exist solely to make life easier for MC.


Nice, has a lot of potential

Looking forward to where you'll take this story.

Billy Bob Jones VXC

A pretty good standard transported-to-a-xianxia world story that knows what it is

The grammer is great, which I find to be very important.

So far(chapter 11) it's not extremely unique. All the makings of classic xianxia are coming together. The MC'S new body is, while not unheard of, is something I haven't seen in a xianxia before.

The genre-savyness is entertaining. It could either turn this into a parody or just be an amusing quirck of the MC.

The MC is rather nonchalant about everything, which has been addressed in the story. I personally like that kind of character, though.

As for OP-ness, while he's stronger than those around or slightly above him in cultivation, I don't think he'll absolutely dominate his enemies. He does seem to follow a powerful cultivation technique, and has a spirit adviser, like all xianxia protagonists, so he'll probably have an advantage early on, but that will be less and less apparent as time goes on. Assuming the author wants this to go the classic route.


Seems like good novel :P

Xianxia all the way! Really liked this until now, pretty much on par with normal "official" xianxia novel.