Dark Lord of the Farmstead - A Slice-of-Life LitRPG

Dark Lord of the Farmstead - A Slice-of-Life LitRPG

by John Broadway

Once feared as the Dark Lord, I now seek a fresh start as a humble farmer.

Isekaied into a level 86 Necromancer-King's body, I leave his life of war behind in favor of peace in the idyllic Borderlands. Upon meeting the captivating elven maiden Narya Summerdew and a razor-toothed half-elven child, the three of us form an unlikely improvised family.

As we embrace the eccentric community of Gelderham, we find happiness in simplicity…But my past casts shadows on our growing bonds. How will Narya react when she learns her new husband was once the evil king set on destroying her people?

In this heartwarming tale of farms, villages, side quests, and level progression, unexpected allies learn the importance of love and family as secrets are unveiled and hearts are healed.

Dark Lord of the Farmstead is a cozy slice of life LitRPG romance. Enjoy a wholesome story fit for men who enjoy slow life fantasies with low stakes and fun characters that you can’t help but fall in love with.

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John Broadway

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Vitaly S Alexius

As an author myself, I've had the pleasure of immersing myself in a myriad of Royal Road stories, particularly those which radiate a positive aura, yet this agricultural-themed story distinguishes itself from the rest with absolute brilliance of the depths of "wholesomeness". It is a testament to the author's mastery in character creation and development, as each character unfolds into such believable individuals that they blur the line between fiction and reality.

John Broadway exhibits a seamless and smooth writing style, which is further polished by his meticulous attention to grammar and spelling. His aptitude for enhancing the storyline by extending sentences and ideas beyond their superficial layer is truly remarkable. This, coupled with his ability to imbue characters with depth and bring environments to life with vivid descriptions, is testament to his writing prowess.

What's more, the inclusion of illustrations in the chapter headers is a delightful surprise. As an illustrator myself, I appreciate this extra layer of storytelling that goes beyond the written word. The art not only augments the reading experience but also adds a unique touch to the series that sets it apart.

While the protagonist's high level in Necromancy may potentially make him seem overpowered, this does not take away from the overall high quality and wholesome nature of the story. The balance between the magic, the characters, and the underlying romance is still maintained, keeping the reader [me] engaged without feeling overwhelmed by the protagonist's abilities.

In the advance evaluation of the characters of this delightful farming series, I am compelled to mention their exceptional execution. Their development throughout the story has been crafted with such precision and thoughtfulness that they are much more than mere characters in a book. They embody the spirit of real individuals, each with their own distinct personalities, dreams, and quirks, thereby amplifying the quality of the narrative.

A standout feature that particularly enhances the wholesomeness of the series is the town heart system. This ingenious aspect of world-building serves as an anchor for the community, symbolizing the unity and mutual support that characterizes a true, tight-knit, small town community that holds itself together on the border in a time of war. I myself live in a very small town, so I find the description exceptionally realistic. The town heart system is not just a unique element of the plot; it also reinforces the book's themes of romance, camaraderie, unity, and family, making it an ideal feature for a wholesome series that I haven't seen in any other books.

The incorporation of the LitRPG genre into the series is nothing short of sublime. Its integration is so smooth and unobtrusive that it amplifies the narrative rather than overwhelming it. The elements of game mechanics and character progression are woven into the story in a manner that complements the narrative arc, enhancing the reader's engagement without compromising the story's essence.

Meeko, one of the story's charming characters, is depicted with a fun yet fiesty innocence that is nothing short of endearing. This character's emotions are so authentic and warm that it is hard not to develop an emotional attachment to them. On the other hand, Gray, the protagonist, is skillfully portrayed as a relatable, rational, kind character. His thoughts, actions, and experiences are captured with such accuracy that readers are likely to find themselves nodding in agreement or sighing in empathy.

Moreover, Narya is a captivating character whose sweet and endearing personality lights up the story with her presence. Her charm is not only enjoyable but also serves to bring an element of her songs, her warmth and gentleness to the narrative, making the story all the more endearing.

I cannot overestimate how much Meeko's character is an absolute delight. She evokes a sense of affectionate nostalgia as she reminds me of my daughter. Much like Meeko, my daughter loves to be a wild beast, launching playful "attacks" on me at every opportunity. Meeko's essence of her playful ferocity resonates with my personal experience 200%. This connection I feel with Meeko underlines the author's ability to craft characters that are not only enchanting but also extra freaking relatable on a personal level.

All in all, this book series continues to exceed my expectations. I am captivated by its authenticity, the richness of its world-building, and the depth of its characters. I look forward to continuing this literary journey and encourage the author to maintain this sublimely wholesome standard of storytelling. The book serves as a testament to the captivating power of literature when it's crafted with genuine passion and attention to detail. Keep up the fantastic work!

To sum it up, this book is a genuine treasure in the world of literature. Its heartwarming narrative and skillfully crafted characters, combined with its clean and modern writing style, leave readers with a feeling of satisfaction and upliftment. As a frequent reader on the Royal Road platform, I was thoroughly captivated by the book's quality.



So far for a new author I'm really impressed.

Great premise and solid world building so far. Nice twist on a well worn iseki path. 

The MC is likeable and totally fish out of water but he is learning to swim fast. The female so far feels real not just arm candy. I love the whole undead horse being well behaved very funny. 

The guiding system the author is using feels not to dominate the story but adds a solid system to work from. Love the ability to argue with it. Very funny indeed 😄 

I'm fascinated how how he is going to go from this OP necromancy warlord to a farmer. I hope the author keeps it real somehow?

Well edited as well no mistakes that I've noticed so far as well.

Looking forward how the author moves the story forward but a great start. Hopefully he keeps a balance with the humour and story as well as flushed out characters.


Start of a wholesome journey!

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: A Bundle in the River

Awesome start for Gray's journey. The banter between cahracters is great. The flirting and little good gestures feel real and sweet. Even if the MC was totally out of his comfort zone he really came up with decent plan to really start his journey withouht raising too much suspicioun which honestly was really nice to see. 

Narya also so far even if a bit "posh" is very likeable and sweet. I can definitely see her growing on me even more as the story progresses. And then there is this lovable little half elf with razor sharp teeth and never ending love for raw fish. Meeko is fast becoming one of my favourite characters in all of literature and I can't wait to see what kind of mischief and adventures she ends up doing during this whole adventure. 

Overall feeling so far has been funny, wholesome and sweet which I love a lot!

Also the world that the author has build seem really interesting and the "god" which you can interact with is really interesting addition. Overall the start seems great and if you are into this sort of slow building slice of life genre I feel like you end up liking this story a lot. 10/10


The beginning of the story is strange. Why is the evil king replaced for bo reason? Who knows. Why is he replaced with a weird virgin dude? Who knows. Why does he still act like a weird virgin dude when he has all the evil kings memories and abilities? That's right you guessed it, who knows! Plot is very forced. Also, it's not anti altruistic to kill things. Making the hard decision for the right reasons doesn't make killing bad hint hint wink wink author


A Cozy and Wholesome Adventure

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: The Leaky Barrel

Dark Lord of the Farmstead, written by John Broadway, takes readers on a delightful journey into a charming slice-of-life LitRPG world. With its unique blend of fantasy, romance, and family dynamics, this story captivates the imagination and warms the heart.

The narrative unfolds as the protagonist, a human isekai-ed in a high level Necromancer-King, seeks refuge and runs away to the Borderlands after leaving his life of war behind. Upon meeting the enchanting elven maiden, Narya Summerdew, and a half-elven child with razor-toothed smile, an unexpected bond forms, creating an improvised family that sets the stage for an engaging tale.

One of the story's strengths lies in its ability to balance elements of fantasy and the everyday. The author skilfully weaves a tapestry of village life, farms, and side quests, creating a cozy atmosphere that draws readers into his world. The interactions between the characters and the community they become a part of bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to the narrative.

The exploration of relationships and the growth of the characters' connections adds depth to the story. We can see the shadow of the protagonist's past hovering over the characters, adding tension and increasing the emotional stakes. The central question of how Narya will react to her new husband's dark history creates a compelling conflict that keeps readers engaged and invested in the outcome.

John Broadway's writing style is engaging and immersive, allowing readers to easily visualize the world and its inhabitants. The pacing is well-managed, with a balance between character development, world-building, and plot progression. The inclusion of LitRPG elements adds a layer of excitement, as readers get to experience the progression and development of the characters' abilities within the game-like framework.

While Dark Lord of the Farmstead excels in many areas, it occasionally falls into predictable story beats and familiar tropes of the genre. However, the author's skill in creating endearing and relatable characters helps overcome these minor shortcomings.

In conclusion, Dark Lord of the Farmstead is a cozy slice-of-life LitRPG romance that offers a heartwarming and enjoyable reading experience. With its low-stakes narrative, fun characters, and a focus on love and family, this story is a delightful choice for fans of slow life fantasies. John Broadway has crafted a world that embraces the power of redemption, healing, and the importance of human connections. Embark on this heartwarming adventure and let yourself be enchanted by the charms of Gelderham.


Grammar seems fine and its comprehensibly written.  I tend to not like these kind of thoughtless MCs.  He gets into a situation and within minutes without properly even evaluating what is going on or the full repurcussions he makes huge decisions.  Furthermore he does it in such a way to kill innocents as well and for what?  This feels like a bad Self Insert where there is no "self" to insert rather just vague feelings.  The author wants the dark lord as a farmer and by god he is going to get there no matter how poorly the process. 


The characters are soooooooooo good i really dont care that much about the rest, it is a wholesome, nice but not overwhelming story. I like it but mannnnn the characters are so good i cant think about anything else. If you dont know if youre gonna like it, I'd say read it anyway, it gets better and better, there are some stupid desicions and plot holes, but who cares!? It is a wholesome, nice, cute, lovely story and nothing else matters


The series I wanted to find in the beginning was a quiet life series. It was a family novel in which relationships gradually developed. maybe some action.

Shall I tell you what I don't want to find? spyxfamily. If I want to watch spyxfamily, I will watch it. If I want to play stardewwalley, I will open it and play it. The combination of these two is not what I want to find.

also mc "gray" was 28 years old and narya was 86 years old I guess. so they shouldn't be so childish. Leave the relationships, high school looks exactly like that of elementary school kids. . I am aware that people who want a new life have to take risks, but to be this way? very silly. well, meeko, who later joined them, is the "anya" of the series. When we got to the stardewwakley part, I was really overwhelmed.

do i recommend ?