Apocalypse Me - [Devour] all the Apocalypses! System LitRPG

Apocalypse Me - [Devour] all the Apocalypses! System LitRPG

by noct

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Apocalypse v. Apocalypse Battle Royale! 

Zeke and his friends are enjoying the city when suddenly, the apocalypse begins. Which one? All of them. Lucky (or unlucky) enough to be chosen as an apocalypse, Zeke sets off to [Devour] his way to the top! 

It wouldn't be so bad, but his best friend's out to kill him, that rock has a gun, and everything, literally everything, has gone to hell. Zeke came out here to have a good time, and honestly, he's feeling so attacked right now. 

Weak to strong prog fantasy with skills and skill fusion. 

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I Actually Love this One

Reviewed at: 16. To Know

This story is absolutely great.  I've taken to reading this one immediately after chapter drop each day because I enjoy it so much.  It's got good action, wacky and wild abilities, creative enemies, and all sorts of fun stuff.  Just read it.

Style:  Yes.  It's fast paced and strikes a good balance between not being overly serious and gritty, but neither going too far into comedy/wacky land.  There's all sorts of wild enemies and such out there, but they present serious and real danger that Zeke will have to overcome.

Story: I mean, I'm only at the start, but it seems great so far.  Apocalypses battle it out to see who remains while Ryan tries his best to stop them.  Is there a ton of plot yet?  No, but it's chapter 16.  However, there's enough of it for this stage of the game and overarching problems pluss unsolved puzzles to deal with, so I assume it'll be good going forwards as well.

Grammar:  Great.  This author does a good job of avoiding and correcting any potential grammatical issues

Characters:  The character's we've seen so far have been engaging and have decent depth.  Zeke is just trying to get by, and he's not going to let anyone stop him from doing so.  Ryan has some serious ORV energy, and serves as a good counterpoint to Zeke.

In summary, I strongly reccomend thsi book.  It's good.  Plus I hear that only dinguses don't like it.

Arthur Inverse

I think we have a winner here.

Reviewed at: 3. Eating Ants

The story is already off to a great and unique start. The concept? You are the apocalypse.

Style: The story is written in prose that contrasts my own which I find very refreshing to read. It both makes sense and keeps me readily engaged.

Story: Apocalypse Me is already of to a great start. Like I mentioned before, the concept is very unique and I have not read a story with something like it. WIthout spoiling anything. The way it works is very interesting and I can already see some of the possibilities coming together in the first few chapters.

Grammar: It's better than I'll ever have, so I can't complain even if I wanted to. And I really want to.

Character: Zeke is a fun trip, and has a lot of my own humor so I was sold from the start. At the time of reading, I haven't run into another character yet, but if the author has the chops to make Zeke as likable as he is, I have faith anyone else is going to be just as designed.

The way the system is set up so far is very unique and I have never seen something like it. Anything can be an apocalypse. From ducks and pigeons to the swamp in your backyard that you always seem to step in.


Zeke has to navigate through all kinds of mind-bending things and friends rocking up to kill him. Did I mention there's a rock with a gun?


Only a dingus wouldn't like this

Reviewed at: 6. Coffee Shop Quick Stop

In a world that's on the teatering edge of an apocalypse every few months, it's refreshing to read something just as chaotic as real life, except this time a fantastic writer is at the reins instead of whatever drunk is writing real life. 

5/5 Becvause I needed something to distract me from how chaotic my own life is and this hit the spot. 


Very fun story to breeze through. Generally contains light-hearted action and creative ideas, but also has deep themes as well for the more focused reader. Skill absorption and percentage-based level up power system for now.  Small hints of faction building are hinted at as well.

Style is fantastic. The author's creativity stands out, with different powers and enemies that the MC gets to use as well. Situations are unique and pose a challenge to get through. Currently, the multitude of threats surrounding the main character are manageable, but difficult enemies are roaming around as well. There's definitely a source of tension even though it's lighthearted.

The story features a looming threat, perhaps involving the system or perhaps not. There are many different possibilities. It also seems to be heading towards the path of watching society change and break down, so that should be fun to look forward to. Expectations of the MC's abilities are high, as his power seems to have gotten stronger than what it should have been.

Grammar seems perfect.

The characters are definitely established well. MC has to deal with his superpowered friend being hostile to him, while balancing relationships with other normal humans. Even inanimate objects show their own personalities through their actions. One core theme is the MC and his changes. He is clearly not normal with what he willingly eats.


Great read. The author does a wonderful job painting the pictures with words. Excellent job defining acronyms in the context of the story. Fun read. Cockroaches, ants, humans...Zeke has to figure out not only why his buddy sent him to sure death, but what he now must do to survive in this strange world.