I hate being wed in a fantasy world!

by kentusrpg

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai

Katsuragi Kenta was a gamer. He did exactly what he needed to obtain the games he wanted and the time to play them; nothing more, nothing less. When his entire class is transported to a fantasy world, Kenta is suddenly an expert on their situation and the world around them. Naturally, he sets out on his own to escape his two faced classmates.

Two months later he returns and discovers that Momokawa Kyou, formerly the most popular girl in class, was left behind by their classmates. The two strike up an uneasy alliance despite despising each other. What’s more, they may have to work together to survive a curse.

Kenta will have his hands full surviving his new fantasy world. If the monsters don't get him, Kyou just might!

Warning: Tagged 15+ for Sexual Innuendos, Strong Language and Violence.

Cover artwork made by MioChin
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume 01 - Prologue ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 1-1 – Fantasy in Reality ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 2-1 – The Chasm ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 3-1 – The Challenge ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 3-3 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 4-1 – Rise, Hero ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 4-2 ago
Volume 01 - Chapter 4-3 ago
Volume 01 - Epilogue ago
Volume 01 - Extras - Love is Gold Episode 1 & Forsaken ago
Volume 01 - Afterword ago
Volume 02 - Prologue ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 1-1 – The King, the Princess and the Quest ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 2-1 – The Heroes, the Monster and the Plan ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 3-1 – The Etna, the Fourbirds and the Separation ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 3-3 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 4-1 – The Curse, the Wife and someone else ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 4-2 ago
Volume 02 - Chapter 4-3 ago
Volume 02 - Epilogue ago
Volume 02 - Extras - Love is Gold Episode 2 & The Wish, the Reality, and the Decision ago
Volume 02 - Afterword ago
Volume 03 - Prologue ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 1-1 – How to form a party ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 2-1 – How to socialize with Elves ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 3-1 – How to become popular with girls ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 4-1 – How to fix relationship problems ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 4-2 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 4-3 ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 5-1 – How to be yourself ago
Volume 03 - Chapter 5-2 ago
Volume 03 - Epilogue ago
Volume 03 - Extras - Love is Gold Episode 3, How to celebrate Christmas in a fantasy world & How to have a great time with humans ago
Volume 03 - Afterword ago
Volume 04 - Prologue ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 1-1 – Class-up! ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 1-3 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 2-1 – Party-up! ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 3-1 – Close-up! ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 3-3 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 4-1 – Follow-up! ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 4-2 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 4-3 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 5-1 – Finish-up! ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 5-2 ago
Volume 04 - Chapter 5-3 ago
Volume 04 - Epilogue ago
Volume 04 - Extras - I hate being wed in the Pokémon World & Girls-up! ago
Volume 04 - Anniversary Extra - Grow-up! ago
Volume 04 - Afterword ago
Volume 05 - Prologue ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 1-1 – Welcome to Goldbrunn, the City of Rest ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 1-3 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 1-4 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 2-1 – Enjoy Goldbrunn, the City of Love ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 2-4 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 3-1 – Reporting from Goldbrunn, the City of Encounters ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 3-3 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 3-4 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 4-1 – Have fun in Goldbrunn, the City of Armed Maniacs ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 4-2 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 4-3 ago
Volume 05 - Chapter 4-4 ago
Volume 05 - Epilogue ago
Volume 05 - Extras - I hate being wed in the SAO-world! & Gottfried vs. The Best Of His Village ago
Volume 05 - Extras - Far away from Goldbrunn, the City of Relative Safety ago
Volume 05 - Afterword ago
Volume 05.5 - Prologue ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 1-1 – The Superfriends and the Dari ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 1-3 ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 1-4 ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 1-5 ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 1-6 ago
Volume 05.5 - Intermission 1 ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 2-1 – The Fallen Heroes and the Necropolis ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 05.5 - Intermission 2 ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 3-1 – The Teachers and the Bar ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 05.5 - Chapter 3-3 ago
Volume 05.5 - Epilogue ago
Volume 05.5 - Extras - Gottfried vs. The Monster Hunter & I hate being wed in the MIB-world ago
Volume 05.5 - Extras - The Beauty and her Knights ago
Volume 05.5 - Extras - I hate being wed in the Soundbooth Theater! ago
Volume 05.5 - Afterword ago
Volume 06 - Prologue ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 1-1 - Boggy Start ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 1-2 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 1-3 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 2-1 - Muddy Continuance ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 2-2 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 2-3 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 3-1 - Sloughy Turnaround ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 3-2 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 3-3 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 4-1 - Quaggy Setup ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 4-2 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 4-3 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 5-1 - Paludious Climax ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 5-2 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 5-3 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 5-4 ago
Volume 06 - Chapter 5-5 ago
Volume 06 - Epilogue ago
Volume 06 - Extras - Gottfried vs. Revolutionary Swordsmanship & Swampy Sequel ago
Volume 06 - Extra - Ara'ainn's Species Guide ago
Volume 06 - Afterword ago

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  • Overall Score

The MC is supposed to be an intelligent hardcore gamer right? So why would he routinely equip items with unknown effects? That's just asking to be cursed and he should've known better. It's not even explained beyond a throwaway line about getting screwed by a merchant if he doesn't identify them himself. So right off the bat the main set-up for the story is straining my suspension of disbelief but it's not a deal-breaker. The action scenes are awkward and sometimes hard to follow but readable so again not a deal-breaker. The MC and waifu are unlikable and their interactions are mostly cliche and annoying. Still somehow not a deal-breaker.


Ultimately this story seems to be the kind where the MC stumbles from one unfortunate event to the next somehow surviving despite all logic and probability saying he should've died but doesn't because Plot Armor, I guess? Up to where I've read it hasn't been explained but I get the annoying impression that it's all just the gods playing puppet master which, I think, is a terrible cop-out. I'm giving this a 2.5 (50%) because so far it has been annoying and entertaining in equal amounts.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Transmig Story - Unwanted Harem Curse

Interesting story about a terribly antisocial guy who apparently has an innate fear or dislike for women’s affections, who is sucked into a RPG-like world and subsequently finds, and is cursed/blessed with a magical wedding ring (that is harem friendly).  His “wives” hate, obsess over, and like him, but none seem to understand him much.

My first critique of the story is that it still hasn’t (as of Ch 5.5) explained why the MC is socially broken; it goes far beyond antisocial tendencies.  Lots of chubby kids have a hard time making friends, but this guy is REALLY holding grudges and treating even friendly strangers, ones with obvious childlike innocence from other worlds, as untrustworthy or burdensome.  He has been leading on one such girl so long now that he is crossing the tipping point from helplessly inconvenienced towards being a true manipulative opportunist heartless bastard.

Second, Wife #1 is unreasonably... unbearably b***hy... I’d have experimented with letting her die by now, we’re I him; she blames him for the curse, but she totally accepted the risk of running around with a cursed guy, he had no more knowledge of the cause than she did, yet she blames him for the curse affecting her that was only triggered because he saved her defenseless helpless carcass from falling into an abyss.

Finally, I thought chapter 5.5 was unnecessary and a unwelcome break from the plot/flow of the main storyline; perhaps it would be better to weave these sections in between other chapters.  

Painfully I find myself liking certain superfriend side characters more than the MC... that said, I don’t want to read about them if they aren’t going to be a major story focus, and prefer 1-track stories.  I would actually celebrate the simultaneous death of MC & Wife #1, releasing Wife #2 to marry a nice neighborly prince (instead of bastard MC), and”fixing” Wife #3; new book with superfriend niceguy MC.

Overall, worth My 5 chapters of binge, but the MC and waifu are so unlike able that it is unlikely I will wait for regular chapter releases... disappointing; I was hoping for character growth.   Otherwise, well written spin on the standard transmigration Japanese kid RPG story.

  • Overall Score

Bits of amusement but it lacks key elements

Ok, I have read up to the present.

The positives: it's competently written, with a consistent style.  The author often has plot events that subvert expectations and smugly mentions this in comments.  


The negatives: the MC doesn't really have any agency.  He's not just weak, he bounces from one life threatening encounter to another without taking any real control of the situation.  He never obtains any serious advantage from the gamer system, despite supposedly being a savvy hardcore gamer - in fact, in later chapters the author shows that all his classmates have caught up, if not surprassed him in terms of available powerups.  
And yes, he consistently will get over his head into a situation that should have killed him, and instead of finding a clever exploit to allow survival he often survives purely from plot armor.  (sometimes he survives due to his own efforts but sometimes it requires an absurdly favorable deus ex to save him)


Not only is the MC weak in terms of combat power, he persistently whines about the beautiful women he has to put up with and doesn't do what any man with an ounce of agency would do and just have sex with them.  


Finally, another big negative is the story is slow and there's a lot of filler.  Over 2 years it seems like a few months of plot have happened, and the last chapter was pure filler.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Between Kenta and Kyou, I think it's very hard to tell which of the 2 characters is more annoying. They are both so full of bullshit that it's almost unbelievable. As such, it's imposible for me to enjoy this story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

From decent to badly written

The story started out alright overall. The MC starts out as a total waste, but somehow manages to turn things into his favor. Slowly things start to look up, interesting events happen and he ends up linked to Kyou. This is where things take a turn for the worse....


Kyou's character is so badly written and flawed it cant help but make you cringe. She has no character and there is no characterbuilding . All she does troughout the story is bitch and moan. Yet for some reason, Kenta is seen as an antisocial asshole for taking decisive and realistic actions. After 3 vorlumes hardly anything has changed at all. 

The author is trying to forcefully add humor to the story by constantly chastising the MC with abuse and insults. He is simply too passive and Kyou literally gets away with anything. It is so over the top it's not funny at all. The interaction between the characters are awkward, cringeworthy and annoying.

There are many more flaws which i am not going to state, since other people have already mentioned those. I really hoped that over time the story would improve, but it simply has not. Even with all the feedback.



The MC is unlikable, Kyou is just a terrible written character, and Rin is so-so.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Frustrating beyond belief

Remember that grouchy old neighbor you had as a kid? The one who was never happy and felt that you shouldn't be as well?

So both of the lead characters are that guy, except they are teenagers. This novel seems to take the absolute WORSE part of Japanese light novels and uses it heavily. Specifically the un-changing characters (who seem to match an unrelatable genre trope) and repeateded gags/bits.

WHERE is the character growth? Everyone is just as much of an asshole as ever. I started reading this because I thought there would be some actual romance but instead I am left frustrated with shallow characters who resemble the back side of a donkey more than they do real people.

Any appearent romance feels forced due to the WP system and any character growth is quickly torn to pieces by repeated gags/bits. Any appearent attempts at real romance (NOT initiated by the two main characters of course) are quickly shot down by their horrible personalities.

It looks like it may be slowly getting better but I really don't see why one would want to sit through what looks like will end up being 5-6 volumes of frankly ugly characters (personality wise) before they start to actual grow up.

On the positive side the writing is quite good so if you are okay with hating the main charactesr at least the story has that going for it. 1/5 because even though the writing was good I just got angrier the more I read.


  • Overall Score

Obviously non-native English speaker

Proofread but written by non-native English speaker

At least the author uses proofreaders, kudos to him for doing that, unfortunately they aren't helping him enough with the more subtle things such as the many awkwardly phrased sentences and outright syntax errors, not to mention synonyms that doesn't fit the context.
It reads like a clumsy anime dub with a lot of sentences worded in ways native English speakers simply wouldn't.

That aside, the story simply isn't particularly engaging, there's little to draw the reader in. The characters aren't particularly interesting or fleshed out, and there's a lack immersion because the author doesn't use much descriptive text.
If he wants to work on that he needs make the world come alive through the five senses, describe what the protagonist sees, and not just telling the reader what he sees, flesh out the surrounding and the people and monsters, what are the people wearing and how do they look, go into visceral detail when up against fearsome, and not so fearsome monsters.
Also remember the other senses, sound, smells, touch and taste.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Welcome to "How to Tame your MC"

This story is a manual for those males who like being OVERLY PASSIVE, in their relations, everyone who has at least a bit of experience with the opposite gender know that if you let a woman shape a man to her likes, she will eventually grow bored and leave him and find another one to re-shape.


Style 3.5/5 


good style, one of the fortes of this fic indeed but sometimes switching from 3rd PoV to MC PoV can be something tricky.


Story 1.5/5


Well if you have seen your share of animes you will find that its not the first time where you get an MC forced into a relation with another female, sadly its not the best way to make a relation but if worked with good head on the shoulders it can actually become a pretty good end game story

Sadly so far this review is after ending Vol.1.


Grammar 4/5


Another forte of this fan fic, you will find little to no grammar mistakes in this story and its actually good if you can bear with the main troupé interactions.


Character 1/5


In the beggining i was thinking that the Male lead would be great as it was depicted as the "trust issues gamer otaku" but as the story develops you will find him becoming a tamed dog by our mystical and overpowered female lead.


why do i call her OP? well this is your common rpg-stats-world like  setting meaning there is stats in equips and your current classes, and yet our Priest/Cleric Female lead one shots a mob way over her lvl with a knife, that had pretty good stats but...its just not easy to believe.


all in all its a good time killer story but not of the best due to our mc being lead by the nose by our all powerfull Female Lead pseudo priest/cleric.




  • Overall Score

Pretty much all I can say, though the pacing in terms of development to their personalities is slow.  We're 2 volumes in, still no character development or whatsoever.  It felt like there was no increased intimacy or friendliness on volume 1, volume 2 starts with the two bickering, then when they separated, Kyou wanted Kenta dead, like there was no interaction in the previous volume.  Now we add a new character that's the complete opposite of Kyou, I'm interested, but at the same time fed up with Kyou and Kenta's relationship interactions as they start to get linear with their conversation.

  • Overall Score

I like at first but...

Seriously make ken a man and make kyou disappear and it will be a good story. 


Ps. Goddamn kyou was so annoying