You Can't Save Sam

You Can't Save Sam

by Razzmatazz

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In the merciless urban jungle of Tarturus City, time is slipping through the fingers of a group of desperate souls. As the noxious fumes belch from the city's underbelly, they find themselves ensnared in a merciless temporal loop, each one meeting their demise in an unyielding sequence only to be reborn again afterward. Amidst the looming, neon-drenched skyscrapers that dominate this dystopian cityscape, a clandestine organization that is reminiscent of an old insurgency hunts them relentlessly, stalking them like prey to make sure they always die on time.

Saran, one of these tormented survivors, wages a tireless battle against the odds to rally his fellow captives. Their minds deteriorate with each grisly death, their sanity hanging by a thread as they suffer the agony of repeated brutal reincarnations. Defiant, Saran forges onward, driven by his unwavering resolve to shatter the digital chains that bind them to this vicious cycle.

The enigmatic organization that orchestrates this sadistic game presents them with a cryptic challenge that taunts and goads the survivors at every turn. The nonsensical message is as perplexing as it is provocative, searing into their minds and fueling their desperation to defy the insidious forces that seem to control their very existence, if only out of desperation at this point:

'You Can't Save Sam.'

In a gritty, neon-painted world where trust is scarce and hope is a fleeting luxury, their harrowing journey will test the limits of human resilience and the power of redemption. Will Saran and his allies uncover the truth behind this ominous message, and can they overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds to break free from their tormentors' grasp? Or will they be lost forever to the endless maze of the city's dark streets, rained over by flakes of rust from the skyscrapers around them? Find out in this latest, exciting novel from top-ranking author D.M. Rhodes!

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Book looks really promising, some sort of cyberpunk esq dystopia maybe? Whatever it is I really like the settings and the writing so far. Plus it’s a razzmatazz story, can’t really go bad with those. P.S (Razzmatazz please my dying baby boy please save him (respawn condition trash mob) 😭