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Dying at a young age after a disappointing life. Mat thought he hit the jackpot when he got reincarnated on a tropical island as a baby. Here, his dreams of exploring mysterious lands and learning magic are a concrete possibility. 

Everything changes when the outside world comes knocking. The world of Elydes is beautiful and magical, but also wild and savage.

The Guide blesses everyone and is impartial to all, people are not. Mat has the lowest starting point possible and those like him rarely go too far. 

Will he let his humble birth define his life or find the determination to realize his dreams of delving into the arcane and explore lost civilizations. 

He will have to use all his smarts and make the most of his headstart if he wants to gain the power to explore the mysteries of Elydes.

4 chapters a week Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri (10k+ words)

What to expect:

- More realistic take at reincarnated in another world.

- Weak to Strong: both power-wise, but also mentally. Our MC will have to build his strength and determination one step at a time, getting back up after each setback. 

- Slow and constant growth, with ups and downs. Don’t worry we’ll get to a smart ass-kicking MC if you are patient.  

- Not a grimdark story, but there will be a few darker elements occasionally.

- Some people have pointed out similarities with Mushoku Tensei (no harem)

- Be ready to explore the mystical world of Elydes

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It's nice to have a main character that goes through difficult stuff and does make progress but isn't some sort of robot.

I like the aspect of the whole victim of colonialism thing, and the response to it, which is basically just dealing with it and trying to maintain what one can from the memories, but there's not much one can do against a much stronger power.



0 to hero but with help along the way

Reviewed at: Chapter 25 - The Voice of the Ancestors

MC isn't a bulwark of will with extreme talent towards getting stronger, just a dude with some regrets who decided to make the most of this new life. To get there he's truly struggling both physically and mentally and leaning on his family and mentors to recover and grow. I'm eager to see how he makes up for his disadvantageous starting point with the help of the Guide and his friends.


This fic is pretty great. Personable MC, interesting characters, good world building, well written and edited correctly. Actually, I think I read through the available chapters in one long session, so it definitely held my interest, and I'm looking forward to reading more. I only have positive things to say about it and do recommend it!


The sort of story I've dreamed about writing

Reviewed at: Chapter 28 - Seventh Birthday

myself. Just better.

Some might know me as your local small-time author, some might know me from comment sections, or various discords, or not at all.

Some know that I've often times draft and work on my own reincarnation story, which is very much WIP. And honestly, I'm seriously considering not writing it. Because there is no need. All the things I've found missing in other reincarnation stories I've read are here - though we are admittedly quite early in the story.

And that's not it. This story does everything so well in addition, from character dynamics, worldbuilding, and the LitRPG system, it's borderline mindblowing.

I don't know why, but I endlessly dig the color system the system has ongoing. I've seen it rarely done, but I've enjoyed it each time, and maybe more so this time around. Something just feels very organic about the system without giving up on the aspects that usually make a system fun.

The Character interactions are just *chef's kiss*

There's not much else to say without going into spoilers, but sibling dynamics make sense - though might be a bit on the extreme end. Emotions are established well and motivations are set up and explained properly.

The Story is probably the hardest to judge, as we've had mostly set up thus far. What I can say, is the glimpses we had were enjoyable and intriguing, making me look forward to more in anticipation.

Style and Grammar are good. I don't think I've noticed any issues. The words flow well. Though it is clear that this is a YA story - which is not a bad thing.


Genuine big thanks from me Drewells for writing Elydes. I've had a blast reading it today and am gladly looking forwards to more.


Reincarnation Done Right

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

This is a reincarnation to a world of LitRPG and magic story. It is still in the beggining, but the plot appears interesting, few to none misspellings or grammatical mistakes, the system, so far, appears to be both well-thought and comprehensible, without the reader being overwhelmed by a deluge of numbers. I also liked that the author gave the protagonist a childhood, with some of the limitions and effects that being in a baby's body would physiologically imply. In all, I would recommend this fiction to all that like reincarnation stories and/or LitRPG


For being the second story on this site involving a reincarnation as a baby boy named Kai on a tropical island in a LitRPG world, the story is not half bad. Superficially, the only notable flaws are a tendency for plot threads to get dropped without resolution, for lasting character impacts to fade rather quickly, and some world building that's a bit clunky. 

What really throws me off though is the lack of escapism for such a quintesentially escapist subgenre. There's maybe half a dozen examples so far, but I'll focus on two as illustrative. 

First, the geographic, social and political setting of the story so far is basically a (ham-handed) retelling of the US conquest of Hawaii (or really any colonial power and an island colony). If I wanted to read about that, I'd go read nonfiction. And as a vehicle for teaching a lesson, this really isn't well suited. 

Second, there's a lot of philosophizing about ambition, growth and power. Which is fine, i suppose. Except that both the deductive reasoning engaged in by the protagonist, as well as the case examples presented by the side characters (not to mention my own life experiences), both strongly counsel in favor of a very different conclusion than what the protagonist reaches. Of course, that's an understandable conclusion, as anything else would stillbirth the progression plotline. Which is probably why progression protagonists tend to avoid too much philosophizing: their reasons for power tend to be shoddy. And, again, it's just a little too close to home for my personal life. 


So far so good and has potential

Reviewed at: Chapter 34 - Merfolk Merchants

Elydes is a fantasy novel that follows the story of a young man who is reincarnated as a baby in a new world. The novel has been compared to Mushoku Tensei, but the major difference is that the MC of Elydes is more normal. He is not a pervert or a super genius, but he is still intelligent and capable.


The world building in Elydes is excellent. The author has clearly put a lot of thought into the world, and it feels very realistic. The characters are also well-developed, and they are all interesting and believable.


My only gripe with Elydes is the situation with finding an overpowered master. It was a bit too cliche and convenient. It is a generic novel but so far execution has been good.


Overall, I am enjoying Elydes a lot. The MC is realistic and relatable, the world building is excellent, and the characters are very realistic. I am hopeful that the novel will continue to be excellent as it progresses.


Why the reincarnated as a baby plot in this novel is more bearable


One of the things that I find most unbearable about reincarnated as a baby plots is the mental age inconsistencies. It is often difficult to suspend disbelief when a character who is mentally an adult is acting like a child. However, in Elydes, the MC was only a teen in his first life, and he was mostly bedridden. This makes it more believable that he would enjoy his 5 year old life like a mostly normal 5 year old.


Additional thoughts


Some people might find that the family interactions are lacking and are mostly left to the imagination of the reader. However, I really enjoy that because I feel like it keeps the novel going at a good pace. Also the MC is still young, and he is still learning about the world. I think it makes sense that he would not be as close to his family as he would be if he was older when his mental and physical age are consistent. Overall, whether this becomes another run-of-the-mill reincarnation isekai or an excellent one will depend entirely on how the author develops the world and the characters. Mainly I am worried that characters other than the mc will always be what they are, irrelevant side characters that only serve as a stepping stone to mc, instead of MCs of their own world.


I have read till ch 30 and so far it's been a good ride and I have my hopes high that the author will continue to do a great job.


Great take on reincarnation

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

Very good take on reincarnation as a child in another world, its tricky thing to pull off and many authors dont manage it but this one does, it was incredibly interesting with a great system and progression cadence. The political situation and potential of the world are tantalising and i am looking forward to reading more. 


It's still early days in the story but so far it is very good.

The premise: A pretty standard reincarnation story, young guy from earth dies and reincarnates as a baby in a fantasy world with a system. Nothing groundbreaking so far, but very well excecuted. If you like stories like Soul of the Warrior or The Reincarnation of Alysara this should be right up your alley. Except the protagonist of this story doesn't start with a golden finger or any overt advantages.

The setting: So far the story takes place on a tropical archipelago and the setting  is  definitely a selling point for the story. The locations are textured and well realized with just enough mystery to promise a fascinating wider setting. The society and politics we've seen so far are well laid out and consistent. We haven't seen much of the world's magic or even system but so far it's pretty standard.

Style & Grammar: No complaints. I haven't noticed any grammar mistakes and the prose flows well. It's easy to read with nothing eggregious breaking your immersion.

Characters: It's a bit early but so far the characters are distinct and consistent and their actions seem rational.


Elydes is quite interesting story about your typical reincarnation, but without the 20 plot holes. The MC have to work for each improvement without a magical tool, a divine ability or just a goodgiven talent. 

That doesn't mean that he is going to be weak, but have to work quite hard for everything. The novel is still at the start, but the world building and writing quality a top-notch.

I'm excited about his journey!