The Vespidian

by Sintress

Original HIATUS Adventure Contemporary Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Cyberpunk Female Lead Harem Magic Non-Human lead Secret Identity Slice of Life Strong Lead Super Heroes Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

One day, deprived of the internet Vesper ventures out from her parent's basement into the outside world. Only for things to go horribly awry when she is exposed to a glowing mystery goo and her life changes forever. She gains super strength, endurance, speed, and even regeneration! What could possibly go wrong? Well... everything really. Vesper mutates into a monstrous wasp creature, though her mind remains somewhat intact. She struggles to suppress her new instincts, cravings for meat, and hold onto her crumbling humanity. No longer human, Vesper joins the ranks of the other extraordinary people known collectively as Supers. The so-called Heroes and Villains.

Thus starts her adventures through the mysterious, dangerous, dark, fantastical, silly, lewd, and at times downright insane world of Supers. Will she claw her way out as the Hero Bronson City needs or will she give in to her darker half and become the Villain that makes it bleed? 


(18+ gore, sexual content though not particularly descriptive of the acts themselves, cursing, drug use, yuri, yaoi. implied rape in various forms, mental and physical, though not overly descriptive.) Erotica Chapters will be labeled as such and have a warning of the content at the start.

Updates every other Saturday or Sunday no more than 2 Chapters, unless I get a lot of stuff done. I want to keep the quality up rather than dumping chapters.  

Feedback is appreciated. If you would be so kind as to write out detailed reviews it would help a lot. I do read your replies and respond rather quickly, usually within a day or so.

Discord link if you interested

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Contamination, Chapter 1 ago
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Contamination, Chapter 3 Interlude Grains of Sand ago
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Contamination, Chapter 8 ago
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Contamination, Chapter 10 ago
Arc 1 Contamination, Chapter 11/12 unedditted ago
Arc 2 Me, Myself and Neon Nurse, Chapter 1 ago
Arc 2 Me, Myself and Neon Nurse, Chapter 2 ago
Arc 2 Me, Myself and Neon Nurse, Chapter 3 ago
Arc 2 Me, Myself and Neon Nurse, Chapter 4 ago
Arc 2 Me, Myself and Neon Nurse, Chapter 5 ago
Arc 2 Me, Myself and Neon Nurse, Chapter 6 ago
Arc 2 Me, Myself and Neon Nurse, Chapter 7 ago
Arc 2 Me, Myself and Neon Nurse, Chapter 8 ago
Arc 2 Me, Myself and Neon Nurse, Chapter 9 ago
Interlewd: Mind Mingling Part 1 (Mature content R18) ago
Interlewd: Mind Mingling Part 2 (Mature content R18) ago
Arc 3 Mecha Fairy and the Scrubs, Chapter 1 Think Happy Thoughts ago
Arc 3 Mecha Fairy and the Scrubs, Chapter 2 ago
Arc 3 Mecha Fairy and the Scrubs, Chapter 3 ago
Arc 3 Mecha Fairy and the Scrubs, Chapter 4 ago
Arc 3 Mecha Fairy and the Scrubs, Chapter 5 ago
Arc 3 Mecha Fairy and the Scrubs, Chapter 6 ago
Arc 3 Mecha Fairy and the Scrubs, Chapter 7 ago
Arc 3 Mecha Fairy and the Scrubs, Chapter 8 ago
Arc 3 Mecha Fairy and the Scrubs, Chapter 9 ago
Super Power Table, art/fan art and discussion thread. ago
Arc 4 Gonna Need A Hero, Chapter 1 ago
Arc 4, Gonna Need A Hero, Chapter 2 ago
Arc 4, Gonna Need A Hero, Chapter 3 ago
Arc 4, Gonna Need A Hero, Chapter 4 ago
Arc 4, Gonna Need A Hero, Chapter 5 ago
Arc 4, Gonna Need A Hero, Chapter 6 ago
Arc 4, Gonna Need A Hero, Chapter 7 ago
Arc 4, Gonna Need A Hero, Chapter 8 ago
Interlewd: Indepth Introspective (Mature Content) ago
Arc 5, The Pussycat and I, Chapter 1, Interlude Nibbles ago
Arc 5, The Pussycat and I, Chapter 2 ago
Arc 5, The Pussycat and I, Chapter 3 ago
Arc 5, The Pussycat and I, Chapter 4 ago
Arc 5, The Pussycat and I, Chapter 5 ago
Arc 5, The Pussycat and I, Chapter 6 ago
Arc 5, The Pussycat and I, Chapter 7, Interlude: Stalemate ago
Arc 5, The Pussycat and I, Chapter 8 ago
Arc 5, The Pussycat and I, Chapter 9 ago
Interlewd: Caterwauling part 1 (R18) ago
Interlewd Caterwauling part 2 (R18) ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 1 ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 2 ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 3 ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 4: Interlude Burnout ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 5 ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 6 ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 7 ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 8 Interlude: The Tiger's Tail ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 9 Interlude: Living Nightmare ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 10 Interlude: Crimson Sweeper ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 11 ago
Arc 6, To Skin A Cat, Chapter 12 Interlude: The Unseen Turnip ago
Where we are. Poll/ discussion ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 1 ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 2 ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 3 ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 4 Interlude Demon and the Apostles ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 5 ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 6 ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 7 ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 8 ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 9 ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 10 ago
Interlewd- Astrea X Vesper ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 11 Interlude: Deep Down ago
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Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 17 ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 18 Interlude: Breaking Eggs ago
Healthy Green Glow, Chapter 19 Interlude: Where the Wild Turnip Grows ago
Arc 8, Superficial, Chapter 1 ago
Thoughts and Concerns ago
Arc 8, Superficial, Chapter 2 ago
Arc 8, Superficial, Chapter 3 ago
Arc 8, Superficial, Chapter 4 ago
Superficial, Chapter 5 Interlude, Caroline ago
Superficial, Chapter 6 ago
Superficial, Chapter 7 ago
Superficial, Chapter 8 ago
Superficial, Chapter 9 ago
Superficial, Chapter 9.1 Interlude: Ichigo ago
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Superficial, Chapter 10.1 Interlude: Strings ago
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Superficial Chapter 17 Interlewd: Robo Pussy 5000 (Mature Content R18) ago
Superficial Chapter 18 ago
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Interlewd: Sugarbug (R18) ago
Interlewd: Valentine special, Ichigo on Top (Mature content R18) ago
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Twilight Chapter 7 Interlude: Into Madness ago
Twilight Chapter 8 Interlude: Stirrings ago
Twilight Chapter 9 ago
Twilight Chapter 10 Interlude: Youko part 1 ago
May Interlewd: Inseminator MKI (R18) ago
Art drop 3 and update ago
Twilight Chapter 11 Interlude: Youko part 2 ago
Twilight Chapter 12 Interlude: Husk ago
Twilight Chapter 13 ago
Monthly Interlewd: June. Vesper X Astrea (Beginning of the End) ago
Tentacle Forest Interlewd #1 The Cockpit ago
Twilight Chapter 14 ago
Twilight Chapter 15 Interlude: Omega ago
Brooding Chapter 1 ago
Brooding Chapter 2 ago
Tentacle Forest Interlewd: Sweet, Sweet Sunshine ago
Brooding Chapter 3 ago
Brooding Chapter 4 Interlewd: A Queen's Feast part 1 (R 18) ago
Brooding Chapter 4.2 Interlewd: A Queen's Feast (R 18) ago
Brooding Chapter 5 ago
Brooding Chapter 6 ago
Brooding Chapter 7 ago
Art drop 4 and update ago
Brooding Chapter 8 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 1 Interlude Transgression part 1 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 2 Interlude Transgression part 2 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 3 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 4 ago
Tentacle Forest Interlewd # 2 Fit for a Queen (R18) ago
Blood Moon Chapter 5 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 6 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 7 ago
Interlewd: Struggle Snuggle part 1 (R 18) ago
Interlewd: Struggle Snuggle Part 2 (R 18) ago
Blood Moon Chapter 8 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 9 Interlewd: Animals (R 18) ago
Blood Moon Chapter 10 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 11 Interlude: Hornet's Nest ago
Blood Moon Chapter 12 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 13 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 14 ago
Blood Moon Chapter 15 Interlude: The Box ago
Interlewd: Pampered Pet (R18) ago
Interlewd: Seedbed Log 1 (R 18) ago
Villainy 101 Chapter 1 ago
Villainy 101 Chapter 2 ago
Interlewd: Seedbed Log 2 (R 18) ago
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Interlewd: Seedbed Log 3 (R 18) ago
Interlewd: Seedbed Log 4 (R 18) ago
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There is a good story in here somewhere.

Unmarked spoilers, beware. Review written as of the release of the first chapter of the 8th arc.


I'm actually quite conflicted on what to rate this story, on one hand it's a mess; filled with inconsistent characterization, a drunkenly veering plot, jarring political rants, and a multitude of whiplash inducing tone changes. On the other, I see what could be one of the better superhero web novels on the internet if the author would just sit down and figure out exactly what he actually wants to write. It's a shame that the author doesn't seem to realize that he easily has front page RR material, if he would just fix the highly visible problems that the novel has.

To broady sum up the problems with this novel; it just doesn't have any consistency. Breaking it down, I think the author needs to look at the following:


There is very little consistency in how characters are portrayed, it almost feels like there are multiple different authors each writing over each other constantly. Dr Doom has nothing on the titular vespidian, whose personality and maturity can shift almost dozens of times even in the same scene. One moment a scared victim, then a sex depraved maniac, and in the next moment throwing out Bond style one-liners. As a reader, it's almost impossible to get a read on who vespidian is, to say nothing of the motivations and personalities of the supporting cast. Molotov's motivation is a mystery, it's impossible to tell whether or not he actually cares for the MC, or is just attempting to manipulate her. Neon Nurse and Dr. Arbor also suffer from this motivational confusion. One moment they are doing everything they can for the MC out of love, the next they are cruel detached scientists who just want to dissect her on a platter. While the possibility exists that this is intentional, and we are supposed to be guessing at their true feelings, the manner in which it's executed only serves to confuse the reader. Dreamer is perhaps the worst of the lot in this regard, although she is portrayed as an antagonist for much of the series, we find out that she was actually trying to help all along, but this is in conflict with how the character was presented. Sub has similar issues, her purpose and ability changing to the demands of the plot, supposedly now trying to consume the MC, her actions and interactions with the MC are less antagonistic than they were at earlier parts of the story. The only consistent characters in the story are either one note jokes or straw men. The Metal Racist and Sunshine McDruggie-Psychopath are the best examples of this, although there are others. Don't get me wrong, I do actually like most of the cast as characters and enjoy reading about them, I just wish that the author would decide on what those characters actually are.

Story: As another reviewer had mentioned, the plot is veering all over the place, and is probably partly to blame for the inconsistency of characterization that the cast suffers from. Starting out as a "become villain" storyline, moving onto an "escape villain" plot to "escape scientists" and now having settled on "become pervy superhero," the author clearly demonstrates a lack of focus. Unlike Wildbow's Worm, the constant changes and job shifting doesn't stem from the MCs growth as a character. There is no agency on the part of the protagonist that actually determines as to where the plot goes next. She ambles along from one plot to another being push along with no real direction. When the author sticks to a single plot line, the story is quite interesting to read, but until the author decides what he actually wants to do, the story is a meandering mess.

Style: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to keep coming back to the same point, the lack of consistency, but now in tone. Much like vespidian's characterization, the tone swings wildly from one end of the scale to the other, a broken metronome ticking madly and inconsistently. One moment horror, the next comedy, then abruptly back into horror suddenly interrupted by a barrage of SEX, ALL OF THE SEX, then back to horror and comedy again. The changes are abrupt and don't mesh well. The comedy can get a little off color on occasion as well, the "moon sailors" start off as a surprising amusing spoof, but then quickly degrade in cringy awkwardness when overused. The nonsensical fight between glitter kittian and the moon sailers being one of the more out of place segments in the novel overall. I almost feel like the author is trying to capture the spirit of "Everyone likes large chests" but the way in which the sex scenes and eroge  elements are written scream more of desperation and wish fulfillment than anything else. The sheer number of people who are in to the crazy mutant wasp woman is also odd. You would think that more people would be disgusted by the prospect of sex with such a creature, but beyond the straw man Metal Racist, there are less people disgusted with her constant hyper sexual advances than you would think.

There is also the problem of the anachronisms that pop up when ever the mc quotes referential humor. The (I think annoying/cringe-y) references to Twitch plays Pokémon, among other pop culture icons seem out of place/time considering how the different tech levels and cultural differences are presented, but that's minor quibbling.

In the end, it's the same problem with the same solution, the author needs to pick a direction and stick with it. The author doesn't have to completely wipe out any variance in tone, however at the very least the transitions need to be less distracting.

Political Soapboxing: Please stop it. This isn't the fountainhead, the novel suffers for its inclusion, and you can write better than Rand (not that it's particularly difficult to do so). Your political leanings show through into the novel - and while that isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's really jarring when the MC suddenly goes on a rant for a chapter and a half about some random politically charged tangent. Beating up on a straw man argument for raising the minimum wage and presenting that as proof for the corruption and degradation of higher learning institutions as a part of a globalist conspiracy really doesn't do the novel any favors. Furthermore, the occasional insertion of  "libtard" and other out of place political attacks really don't help any point you are trying to make, unless you're trying to preach to the choir. The parts regarding Germany overthrowing its government in response to a Muslim immigrant rape epidemic also read as a kind of messed up wish fulfillment fantasy. I'm not saying that your novel HAS be apolitical, or that you should scrub out any of your personal beliefs on the matter, but it's a jarring distraction as it is right now. If I was paranoid, I would also point at the way that news media is presented in the novel, but honestly it's so over the top that I can't take it seriously.


Conclusion: While it may seem that I'm being super harsh on both the author and the novel, I want to make it clear that I actually did enjoy it to some degree as I read through everything available. I just can't in good conscience recommend it to anyone with the problems it has now, and I point out its problems specifically because I think they can be fixed, and I want the novel to be as good as it could be. If nothing else, at least consider getting an editor, I'd hate to see it continue to meander as it is now, especially when it's obvious that there are flashes of quality fiction in there - I meant it when I said that this novel is potentially front page material, it just has to fix itself to get there.


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My favorite novel all time

for 5 months I have had a stupid cheesy review that said--- Da. Story is solid just like turnip. He makes English his bitch and fuck it all night.


However, I will change that now.I feel like I just didn't give the novel the credit it deserved.

Six months ago Among the sand and dull  clam shells I found this one shining pearl . One light in between RE: stories, and Boring VR fantasies, and supersaturated summoning stories. Never before have I been so enticed by an OEL on RR that I actually drew fan art.The last time I drew fan art was when I was reading Overlord!!!!


I will say this once and I will say this clearly. This novel is the best novel on this website.


There is almost nothing like it out there. The closest thing I could find to this fiction was Lazy Ash But that cant even come close to this master piece. Its just soo well written the characters, the lore, the world, everything is compelling to me. and to top it all of its in a very unique genre that we barley get in Japanese or  other web novels, The super hero genre. This novel takes all of my favorite parts from things like marvel and DC super heroes and adds in a grit and realism that even batman cant handle. I don't know but everything in this novel just seems.... real.


There is only one reason why I would say I don't like this novel and that would be because I want to read more in this superhero genre and obviously there is almost nothing there. 


Sinstress I hope you continue writing this until your fingers bleed because I will continue to read until my eyes dry out and I start to sweat salt. (obviously exaggerated for effect)


Yeah but anyway keep up the good work I hope this fiction can keep all of the VR fics at bay.

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Fun to read, but not always funny

This is very good and interesting story. I really like the setup and the background.

I am especially fond of Vesper and her development and funny thoughts. It feels like batshit crazy is the new normal. One could argue that the darker tone of the story and the comedy don't flow togerher well. But for me it is just right and feels quite balanced. This way it's not too depressing.

And not only the mc but the other characters feel believeable as well. It is good to see not the standard shallow RRL characters.


The story seem thought through with only few things to improve, like the oversimplified world. The grammar is mostly ok and does not distract from reading. There was only one chapter that annoyed me. Ice cream in a cup, glass  or whatever with topping is not called "Sunday" but "Sundae". How often the girls ate a weekday in this chapter... Yeah, it derived from sunday, but it is a SUNDAE! I felt agitated.... ;-)


While I like most things in this novel there is one part, which is... ah well... In some chapters there are rants about society and polical and economical issues and they feel like I have to listen to some Trump supporter somewhere in North Carolina or to someone else who never left the country and has quite the narrow view on the world. There is not much use talking about such opinions. 

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A solid story like turnip

I absolutely adore this. (Really small spoiler... Maybe?)


Style... might not be for everyone but that's just how Vesper is and I love it.

Story... I enjoy that too but sometimes the story will be a little too much about how Vesper will get laid with the next person. (i.m.o)

Grammer... mistakes what are they are they tasty?

Character... I just love Vesper and Glitter Kitten (there were some others here but r.i.p?)

My conclusion... This story is like turnip beautiful and ruthless.

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This is one of the most original stories I have read recently. I really enjoy it and can’t wait to read more.

The grammar is good, the characters aren’t just compilations of tropes, and  it is one of the best fictions on this site. I have nothing bad to say about this story.  

I don't really know what to say about the style, but I really enjoy it.

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Let me start off by saying that I feel like this story deserves a lot more than a simple review and some colored stars, however they always help in receiving the attention it is entitled to. I could go on and on about the ingenuity and the creativity I have witnessed in this story, but I'll try to stick to the format and not bore you with my enthusiastic ramblings.


The style is the least impressive part of this story and that says a great deal, due to the fact that I still regard it as such quality. There are no real storytelling-related errors or annoyances, which results in this being an easy and pleasant read. Not much else to say other than simply a simple note of approval.


The story is the essence of this stories popularity, as the rest only support what is basically an innovative idea. With no real competition, the concept swept as a cool breeze in summer through the masses of similarities and lack of artistry.  A (fairly) realistic depiction of human emotion and a long and hard look at what it means to be human, really made me appreciate both the skill and feeling the author managed to implement. 


Besides all these qualities, for me the most important part that this story is able to convey, is emotion. A volatile concept, the ability to actually share emotions is quite hard to come across. Having said that, I could actually relate to some characters, who should be nothing more than words on paper, but in reality showed more emotion than many people in real life do. I wept and I laughed with them, as the characters progressed both physically, but most of all, mentally.


Grammar is definitely another plus, as so many stories seem to be obliterated by the failure of the author to use correct grammar. You will find none of that in this story, since it sports an excellent vocabulary and aptitude for language. No hindering language, just enjoyment of the smooth continuation of language.


The characters are mostly portrayed as more than simple 2 dimensional words, as more of than not they have some depth, that so many stories seem to miss. Believable and interesting history behind their intentions create a feeling of genuineness. One moment they're relatable, the other they are completely cut off from reality, resulting in interesting dialogue and actions.


In conclusion, if you enjoy an unique cast of characters that feel as though they could have existed, I would definitely recommend this story. If you can appreciate an alluring sea of language, a mountain of vocabulary and fields of emotion, this story is for you. The story possesses a certain amount of quality and I feel like it will only increase over time, which is almost unthinkable due to the fact that it already has achieved such a standard.


You will not like this story if you are either someone who enjoys awful writing or if you're just bigoted.


I would strongly suggest that if you enjoy this story, that you'll leave a good score or even a review. This will help the story reach the heights it deserves to reside in. 

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This story is amazing. 

when i read all the tags i thought, what a weird combination. but they are all true. and for those of you who are reeling away from the gender bender tag, don't. you'll seriously miss out if that will stop you from reading. you'll thank me later.

also this story will adhere to the part in the synopsis that says.

''this is a roller coaster ride with the orbiting highs of a bipolar and the crushing downs of reality.''

the writing style is amazing, the first chapter alone was written in a way that it got it's hooks in and and dragged me in, i read everything in a single day because i couldn't stop myself.

the story and it's characters can make you laugh out loud only to have you shed very VERY manly eye sweat a moment later from the rigorous reading workout ( definitely not because you feel and care  a whole lot for the protagonist... *sniff* damned  manly eye sweat ) but all the characters not just the protagonist are really well written and they accomplish what they are meant to do in their parts in the story.

and the least important one (imo) grammar, it's just good. i think i only spotted 2 typos since i've started reading this.


give this a shot you won't regret it

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This remindes me of something...

This seems like a darker, more realistic version of Spinnerette(Link below). I'm really loving it though.

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I have to say just picked up this story yesterday and couldn't stop. Who doesn't like a crazy, mutated, and horny bug lady with a host of "almost" friends that want to dissect her??? Love the diverse characters, their views, and how the MC isn't just some uber badass that rapes men and some how beats all those that are better than her by some fluke plot armor.

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where did this come from

This story is absolutely incredible to read. Its brilliantly written and also incredibly thought out. The characters are fantastic with all of them being wonderfully dynamic and expressive. The Story just sucks you in with how unique the world is and can easily have you being dragged into it. This is by far one of the better written and engaging stories I’ve read on the site and I absolutely recommend anyone to read this story. But guaranteed this story would not be nearly as amazing if the characters weren’t so unique. Vesper and Molotov alone make this story worth reading.