The Reader's World

by Evil Ginger

Join our young hero(?) as he is forced to begin a journey in a new world just for the whims of his creator!

Young Josh had no wants in life, but after dying, Josh now has to survive the trials and ordeals the audience has in store for him.

This story will be slow at first, since this entire world and setting shall be created by the Readers! Tags will be added in due time. Although, this will probably be MATURE with lots of foul language and adult themes!

Hope we all have fun!
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Evil Ginger

Evil Ginger

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Not new, or unique, or even all that appealing

Welcome to the writers site where, lo and behold, the writer doesn’t have any motivation to create a story himself and relies on a fluctuating scope of readers to do the work for him.


I have seen people try this before, and this is not something you can make work unless you hold a certain degree of control, something there doesn’t current;y seem to be present.


There is a difference between a flexible story that can progress while allowing the readers to feel like they are part of the creation process and a dull, confused mess concocted by a group of people who can’t agree or disagree on one thing to the next.


with 2/4 chapters and side story, with polls interrupting each, this story does not show any signs of getting anywhere, and should it manage to, it won’t be anytime soon.


additionally, looking at the chapter names from this page is utterly confusing. what is part of the story? what isn't? is it actually part of the story, but you named it differently just because it also had a poll on it?


(people can bomb the rating on this review all they want, if it’s just because I’m criticising then I could not possibly care any less than I do right now.)


I like the concept and the way you have chosen to make this story.

I personaly think that making it so that there really isn't much of a fourth-wall, or that the MC is aware of being a fictional character is good idea and adds a bit of humor and helps remove any and all major plot-holes in the future under the pretence of; "AUTHOR SAID SO" meaning that you would face little trouble with plot. Although there is the matter of lore, and the laws of the universe that you have to deal with in the future.

The fact that almost everything in the future will be influenced the the readers in a much more direct and credible fashion also intrigues me and draws me in. As a reader I want to be a part of the fiction that I am reading.

Overall there is little to comment on in regardes to grammar and characters, while style and the story so-far are pretty good and I can tell that if you invested yourself this could make it far, though I understand the need to take care of your own personal life and all the neccesitys before something like this.

I really want to see where this could go and if you have really made the correct decisions with this, I will totaly follow this for a long time to come.