Survivor: A Crafting Isekai (AKA How I Became the Dark God of a New World)

Survivor: A Crafting Isekai (AKA How I Became the Dark God of a New World)

by WilliamMyrl

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Will got an early release from prison only to be killed by a Lovecraftian horror at his day job. The goddess responsible for this interdimensional screwup gives him a chance at a new life in another world, complete with a power set inspired by his favorite game; Minecraft. Armed with the Survivor System, life is easy, even if he does have to start naked in the wilderness, at least until the monsters start spawning. 

Will has to die a few more times before he gets a handle on his new abilities and figures out a way to survive the night. Then he can finally relax; crafting new items, building bigger and better shelters, farming and trading with a town to learn about the world and get new materials; maybe even start his own merchant guild...until the Dark Lord shows up. 

The Dark Lord has all of Will's powers along with hundreds of years of experience and an army to back him up. He wants to annex everything Will has built, enslave all his new friends, and lock him in a diamond box forever.  So...yeah. 

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Best story I've found with minecraft elements.

Reviewed at: 24-- My Sword and My Pick

It's a fun read, though a bit dark in places for my taste, but I have a good feeling about this one. The main character has a good attitude but still reacts realistically to his situation, strange as it is. The crafting system is interesting. It's not exactly like minecraft but that just means there's a sense of discovery when new materials are tested and new blueprints are unlocked.


A captivating glimpse of the mundane

Reviewed at: 8---My Third Day

Really enjoyed the first chapter. Despite the not so subtle chapter title, William's description of his job at Subway played out vividly in my mind's eye making the sudden attack by the tentacled customer very unexpected and surprising. Also, interesting twist on minecraft mechanics. Looking forward to continuing the journey in his new world. 


Block Game + Shortstacks

Reviewed at: 35-- My Mineshaft



I've seen people isekaied in a subway, but never like this. A ditzy goddess gets our man killed and hides the evidence by isekaiing him to the world where she stashes all her dirty laundry, with Minecraft powers. The world's history is lousy with isekai heroes and there's even a dark lord, named kevin.

It's an interesting visceral take on the crafting/survival genre, with a very idiosyncratic protagonist. We learn as much about him as he learns about his powers in the early chapters. 

Also, though we often forget, Minecraft is a horror game.

Also, also, shortstacks.



Crafting, Mining, and Elder things

Reviewed at: 35-- My Mineshaft

I have enjoyed the whole of the work, given how it has progressed so far I have high hopes for it's future as well. The main character is atypical as far main characters in isekais as he has a large amount of both personality and individuality, in how he interacts with the world he has been moved into as well as his thoughts. 

As for the world and setting, it is an interesting concept that can explore a bit more about how Isekais as a concept in a universe can be explored, and I am chomping at the bit to see more of it unfold, alongside the development of the MC's crafting abillity.

In total, a solid read with good character interactions that avoids the pitfalls of banality, and very worth your time.


I have enjoyed the story so far. I must admit that I have avoided fan fiction stories so far but this was worth the try. Well written with minimal grammar errors. The story has progressed every time I started to loose interest. The characters have not really developed at this stage. Definitely on my read list. 


I hope a very sweet calm life

Reviewed at: 36-- My Bow and Arrow

I hope because the novel is moving in that direction. but I hope it doesn't turn into a demon king hunt novel.

To summarize; Going to a lord of the rings-like world with a minecraft-like system. I say similar because they are not the same.

mc is an ex-con, we don't know why. but he wants a nice and comfortable life with his wife. Frankly, I liked his wife, Esmerelda. Did you force yourself? Yes. did she marry mc almost because of her religion? Yes. So is their relationship real? I think yes. Both of them have to make an effort for the relationship between them when they are old and yes they do. IF HE RETURNS TO THE HARE, MY SCORE WILL LOWER MUCH. Although mc is not after this, he is making sentences that are clearly prone to it.

do i recommend Definitely. Don't decide to leave the novel just for the uninteresting beginning of the novel.

my suggestion; don't really go to the harem. also please improve the relationship between eill and esmelda. be a real couple.I would also like you to go into a little more detail on world building.

Travis Heermann

Well written and snappy with some LOL moments

Reviewed at: My First Day (Part 1)

Just like the subject line says, some great lines, and written in a snappy way. The story really moves along. Definitely going to keep reading to see where it goes.

The references are also amusing, everything from Minecraft to movies and other games. I'm enjoying the main character's voice and discovering his new world along with him.


Not a crackfic despite all appearances

Reviewed at: 41– My Magic Knife

I was drawn to this story by the ad, I'm absolutely unashamed to admit. 
The ad was going for some kind of cringe factor and I came to this story expecting something poorly written, maybe a high schooler's first tale. What I got instead was a relatively singular novel about a guy just trying to survive without a handbook. 


I think that this story could be improved by more writing on and about interpersonal relationships, but I believe that's really just ham fisted way of saying that I like to read about that kind of content. The story is told not just competently, but well, and I look forward to seeing where it will go!